ACTION ALERT: We Need Diplomacy, NOT a Military Buildup! 

January 27th, 2022 - by Brooklyn for Peace

Brooklyn for Peace

 (January 26, 2022) — As the tensions over the Russian-Ukraine conflict ratchet up, US policy grows more dangerous. The possibility of a “hot war” between the US and Russia, both armed with nuclear weapons, is very alarming. The time to speak out is now! 

Unfortunately, Democratic leaders in the House and Senate (Representative Meeks and Senator Menendez) are working on legislation to expedite the shipment of $500 million in weapons to Ukraine and require punishing sanctions on Russia, which would only hurt civilians. This will make the existing crisis even more dangerous.

Call your Congressional Representative and Senators TODAY. Let them know you favor serious diplomacy which lowers tension and that you oppose more military threats by the US and NATO. Ask them NOT to co-sponsor the “Defending Ukraine Sovereignty Act”. (Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer is already a co-sponsor. Ask him to remove his name.) 
Congressional Switchboard: 202-224-3121

Be Informed — Check out these recent articles on our website, and this emergency webinar with CodePink’s Medea Benjamin and Lawrence Wilkerson.
But don’t delay! President Biden has just ordered 8,500 US troops to be on heightened alert for possible deployment to Eastern Europe, as the dangerous escalation at the Russian/Ukrainian border standoff intensifies. Biden is also considering sending more warships and aircraft, and has already delivered more “lethal aid” to Ukraine.

ACTION:  The $500 million Congress is set to authorize is on a fast-track to a vote. We need to do everything possible to stop it!

As the tensions over the Russian-Ukraine conflict ratchet up, US policy grows more dangerous. Some helpful articles:

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(January 18, 2022) — United States tensions with both China and Russia have become increasingly prominent and dangerous. It is no surprise that conflict with these two countries is once again providing a rationale for extravagant military spending. Earlier this month, both Houses of Congress passed a 2022 National Defense Authorization Bill for $770 billion.  Here are some useful articles offering a critical perspective:

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