US Has Brought World To °•Brink Of Disaster°¶ Warns Putin

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Sorcha Faal, as reported to her Western Subscribers – 2007-06-11 21:45:10

HEILIGENDAMM, Germany (June 12, 2007) — In a far reaching press conference given to the Western media, prior to his leaving the G-8 Summit and ordering Russia°¶s Military to °•Full Alert,°¶ Russian President Putin warned that the United States has brought the World to the °•Brink of Disaster°¶.

Putin°¶s warning came in response to questions relating to the present threat the United States is posing to Russia, and wherein he stated:

“We did not initiate the withdrawal from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty. But what response did we give when we discussed this issue with our American partners? We said that we do not have the resources and desire to establish such a system.

But as professionals we both understand that a missile defense system for one side and no such a system for the other creates an illusion of security and increases the possibility of a nuclear conflict.

The [US] defense system WILL DESTROY THE STRATEGIC EQUILIBRIUM IN THE WORLD. In order to restore that balance without setting up a missile defense system we will have to create a system to overcome missile defense, which is what we are doing now.

AN ARMS RACE IS UNFOLDING. Was it we who withdrew from the ABM Treaty? We must react to what our partners do. We already told them two years ago, “don°¶t do this, you don°¶t need to do this.


You must understand that you are forcing us to take retaliatory steps.” ˇwe warned them. No, they did not listen to us. Then we heard about them developing low-yield nuclear weapons and they are continuing to develop these weapons.” We told them that “it would be better to look for other ways to fight terrorism than create low-yield nuclear weapons and lower the threshold for using nuclear weapons, and thereby put humankind on the brink of nuclear catastrophe. But they don°¶t listen to us. They are not looking for compromise. Their entire point of view can be summed-up in one sentence: ‘Whoever is not with us is against us.°¶”

So what should we do? The present predicament has brought us “the brink of disaster.”

Once the missile defense system is put in place IT WILL WORK AUTOMATICALLY WITH THE ENTIRE NUCLEAR CAPABILITY OF THE UNITED STATES. It will be an integral part of the US nuclear capability.

For the first time in history — and I want to emphasize this — there are elements of the US nuclear capability on the European continent. It simply changes the whole configuration of international securityˇ. Of course, we have to respond to that.”

Putin’s Warning Goes Unreported in the US
Sadly, for the American people, President Putin°¶s entire words of warning to the World have been censored from them by their propaganda media organs under orders from their War Leaders in Washington.

But, to the small, but apparently growing, chorus of American writers protesting their War Leaders actions we can see daily, such as the past Republican Presidential Candidate in the United States, Patrick J. Buchanan, who has written:

“We say the missile defense system is directed at Iran. Russians see it as of a piece with the move eastward of NATO and targeted at them. Can we blame them for so thinking, when we responded to their pullout of troops from Central and Eastern Europe by bringing Central and Eastern Europe into a US-led alliance?

If the Russia-baiters in this capital have their way, Ukraine and Georgia will also be brought into NATO. That would commit us to go to war with Russia over control of the Crimean peninsula and the Russian-speaking Donbass of eastern Ukraine, and over the birthplace of Stalin and who should control South Ossetia and Abkhazia.”

America’s Coming Fiscal Collapse
To the truest issue, however, of the growing wrath of the United States War Leaders against Russia it lies not in any danger Russia poses to them militarily, but lies, instead, with the growing insecurity in the corridors of power in Washington as to their Nations staggering debt [$59 Trillion], both government and personal, and which, according to Russian economists, will collapse their entire economy before this year sees its end.

In response to the coming collapse of the United States economy, Putin declared this past week that World must now seek a °•New Economic Order°¶ as we can read as reported by The Scotsman News Service:

“Russian President Vladimir Putin called on Sunday for the creation of a new world economic order that gives greater clout to fast-growing emerging nations.

Days after attending a Group of Eight summit in Germany, Putin suggested that club was outdated and failed to reflect a shift in economic power away from the industrialised West to countries like his own.

“If 50 years ago, 60 pct of the world’s gross domestic product came from the G7, now it’s the other way round, and 60 percent of the world’s GDP is produced outside,” Putin said in a speech to a major economic conference.

He also took aim at financial organisations such as the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, saying they were created in “a completely different reality” and had lost relevance in the fast-changing global economy.”

The Measure of a Moral Nation
As the American people continue their headlong rush towards the abyss, in blindingly following the horrific whims of their War Leaders, and as more of the World begins to burn around them, they should, perhaps, take the full measure of Putin°¶s words when he said of them:

“Am I a ‘pure democrat°¶? Of course I am, absolutely. The problem is that I°¶m all alone — the only one of my kind in the whole wide world. Just look at what°¶s happening in North America, it°¶s simply awful — torture, homeless people, Guantanamo, people detained without trial and investigation.

Just look at what°¶s happening in Europe — harsh treatment of demonstrators, rubber bullets and tear gas used first in one capital then in another, demonstrators killed on the streetsˇ. I have no one to talk to since Mahatma Gandhi died.”

But, to the truest measure of a Nation, which is those Nations it chooses as allies, we can see how far the American people have allowed themselves to be destroyed as a °•moral°¶ country; for to claim as °•free°¶ and °•democratic°¶ such allies as:
• Egypt, whose ruler is a °•President for Life°¶ brutally suppressing his people;
• Pakistan, ruled by a Military Dictator who overthrew the elected government to gain his power;
• Saudi Arabia, ruled by a sadistic royal family kept in power only by the fear they are able to instill in their citizens; and
• more despotic totalitarian regimes than any other Nation in the entire World recognizes.

As the brutal flames of Total World War edge closer to the United States, by the hour, one can only look on in amazement at how truly far these people have fallen.

From their once-vaunted position as the °•leader°¶ of the °•free°¶ World, these people have become the most feared and hated the World over, and they have no shame about this being so.

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