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Who We Are

As organizations and individuals working for the environment and environmental justice, we raised our voices in opposition to the US war on Iraq and domestic attacks on immigrants and our civil liberties. We are continuing to find new ways to save the planet by working for peace and against militarism. We invite you to join us.

Through this web site we are disseminating information on the disastrous human and environmental consequences of war and militarism. Please share this information with your friends and colleagues.

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For more information about Environmentalists Against War contact us at:
info@envirosagainstwar.org or PO Box 27, Berkeley, CA 94701


Editorial Committee

This website is published by an Editorial Committee consisting of:

Peter Drekmeier: An environmental activist for 15 years, Peter was a co-founder of Bay Area Action. He has worked on Earth Day 1990 and 2000 as well as state-wide initiatives and local campaigns.

Josh Karliner: Josh is founder and former Executive Director of CorpWatch. He is author of two books on globalization and the environment, and is currently writing a third on climate change.

China Brotsky, Production Coordinator: Co-author of the 1991 report “War in the Gulf: An Environmental Perspective”. China is V.P., Special Projects at Tides and on the board of Global Greengrants Fund and CorpWatch.

Gar Smith, Editor: Gar is former editor of the award-winning Earth Island Journal and currently editor of weekly online ecozine The Edge.

Please send us feedback or suggestions of materials to add to the site at editor@envirosagainstwar.org

Environmentalists Against War Steering Committee

Celia Alario, PR and Media Strategist, PR for People and the Planet
Martin Bourque, Executive Director, Ecology Center
China Brotsky, VP of Special Projects, Tides Foundation
Mike Brune, Campaigns Director, Rainforest Action Network
Michelle Chan-Fishel, International Policy Analyst, Friends of the Earth
Gopal Dayaneni, Former Oil Campaign Coordinator, Project Underground
Krikor Didonian, Office Manager, Greenpeace
Peter Drekmeier, Coordinator, Environmentalists Against War
Jason Fults, National Council Coordinator, Student Environmental Action Coalition
John Gibler, Global Exchange
Ernie Goitein, Director, People for Livable and Affordable Neighborhoods
Claire Greensfelder, Plutonium Free Future
Josh Karliner, Founder, CorpWatch
Marylia Kelly, Executive Director, Tri-Valley CAREs
Phil Klasky, Co-Director, Bay Area Nuclear Waste Coalition
Steve Kretzmann, Oil Industry Analyst, Insitute for Policy Studies
Jeremy Madsen, Field Director, Greenbelt Alliance
Ed Mainland, Sierra Club
Juliette Majot, Executive Director, International Rivers Network
Ross Mirkarimi, Environmental Analyst
Evan Paul, Field Director, Environment California
Mary Rose Kaczorowski, Founder, Plight of the Redwoods Campaign
Gar Smith, Editor, The Edge
Bill Walker, Vice President/West Coast, Environmental Working Group

*Organizations are for identification purposes only.




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