ACTION ALERT: 42 Civilians are Killed and the US Can’t Explain Why

June 22nd, 2013 - by admin

Robert Greenwald / Brave New Foundation – 2013-06-22 02:31:34

42 Civilians are Killed and the US Can’t Explain Why

Robert Greenwald / Brave New Foundation

(June 20,2013) — “The entire leadership of our tribe was wiped out, over 40 civilians killed by your drones. Why would you kill our elders who were meeting peacefully?” This is only one example of the questions I was asked during my time in Pakistan while collecting interviews for our upcoming War Costs film and investigation on drones.

Each person with a different perspective — some were badly injured, some had relatives killed, some whose friends were obliterated. But they all came together to tell the same story: a community wiped out and destroyed by drones.

How did this happen? WHY did this happen? See Brave New Foundation’s latest investigative video with exclusive interviews and footage directly from the tribal area. And remember the words ‘signature strike’ as you watch this investigative video.

When talking with Tribal leader Jalal Manzar Khail to uncover the truth about Datta Khel, Jalal remembers seeing the drones hovering in the sky that entire morning- sizing up their target. Minutes into the discussion, drone strikes rained down on the gathering killing over 40 members of their families and community.

If you think having your cell phones and emails monitored is invasive, try having an armed drone circle your neighborhood 24/7. With the ability to kill or maim you, your neighbors, and your loved ones at any moment.

A majority of the public currently support drone strikes but are unaware of their consequences and that we are killing civilians. We must join together to change the narrative — just like we did with the war in Afghanistan and in Iraq.

ACTION:Sign this petition today asking Congress to end signature strikes.

If we get enough signatures, we will use the petition to get a Member of Congress to introduce legislation ending signature strikes that kill innocent civilians.

 We have worked together on other important battles in the past but it’s time for us to stand together again and demand action.

Take a moment to send the video to your friends and family and help us get 10,000 people to sign this petition so that we can tip the balance in this campaign and show elected officials that the public demands change.

Thank you for your support,
Robert Greenwald and the War Costs team

Petition Background

Individuals who are not clearly participating in armed combat are entitled by international law to a presumption of civilian status, which signature strikes effectively deny by classifying unknown people as “militants” and therefore “targetable” based on secret intelligence, of unknown accuracy, that their behavior or appearance is judged to be “typical of militants.”

Signature strikes have led to a high proportion of civilian casualties, which violates international law. US refusal to acknowledge the potential harm to civilians can increase blowback from impacted communities and denies victims the justice they deserve.

‘Signature’ drone strikes pose the greatest risk of killing civilians, are the most dubious legally, and create tremendous blowback against America.

Tell Congress to move now to end these signature strikes, save innocent lives, protect America from the blowback of killing innocent civilians, and restore the rule of law.

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