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April 4, 2003
March 31, 2003
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US, Trump, Raytheon Complicit in Child Slaughter in Yemen
(Katy Kelly / AntiWar.com & Jason Ditz / AntiWar.com & Helene Cooper / The New York Times)

Why is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia spending $200 million per day to bomb Yemen? Many believe the goal is to seize control over "a gold mine" of oil reserves, natural gas, minerals, and a strategic location. The US has provided the Saudis with 6,700 Raytheon missiles -- like the one used in the mass slaughter of 40 Yemeni children in a school bus. Donald Trump claims the right to ignore Congressional requirements that he address Saudi war crimes committed with US funds and bombs.

Polls Show Millennials Are More Skeptical of Foreign Wars
(Sophia Larson / The National Interest)

A June 2018 Chicago Council on Global Affairs study found that each new generation is less in favor of military intervention than their parent's generation, while support for international cooperation remains high across generational lines. So while nothing is guaranteed in American politics, those in favor of peace and non-interventionism should be cautiously optimistic about the future of US foreign policy. Still, some worry that Millennials may not vote. Only 46 percent of Millennials voted in 2012.

The Slow Violence of Pollution in Afghanistan: Deadlier than War
(Doug Weir / The Conflict and Environment Observatory)

The Health Effects Institute's State of Global Air project has found that Afghanistan has one of the highest per-capita rates of deaths from air pollution. Pollution kills more people in Afghanistan each year than armed violence. Addressing the health and environmental threats posed by pollution in the face of insecurity, high levels of corruption and with limited financial resources remains an enormous challenge.

The US and Napalm: The Burning of Cities; The Incineration of Civilians
(Robert Barsocchini / AntiWar.com & Robert M. Neer / Napalm: An American Biography)

Fire-weapons have been used from ancient times. Napalm-like weapons were used by and against the Romans and Greeks. One term used for them was "wildfire"; another was "Greek fire", as incendiaries were widely used by the Greeks. In Vietnam, images of children horrifically burnt or incinerated by napalm triggered public opposition to the weapon and corporations (particularly Dow Chemical) that produced it. The flaming gel became regarded as a "worldwide synonym for American brutality."

Trump Overrides Defense Budget Restrictions; Claims He Is Above the Law
(Jason Ditz / AntiWar.com & Donald J. Trump / The White House)

In a 15-page signing statement, Donald Trump revealed that he intends to ignore many of the provisions and congressional restrictions imposed on the $716 billion military spending bill. Trump vowed to ignore any limitations on the Yemen War and any investigation of war crimes. He rejected demands to account for civilian casualties in America's overseas wars. Finally, Trump declared he would void penalties aimed at Russia and would reject any calls to investigate Russia's meddling in the 2016 election.

67 Years After America's Atomic Holocaust, Japan's Survivors Still Suffer
(David Swanson / David Swanson.org)

Americans need to acknowledge the holocaust their leaders unleashed on Japan's civilian population. "Some walked or crawled. Some made it to hospitals where others could hear their exposed bones clacking on the floor like high heels. The dead sounded metallic when thrown into trashcans and trucks, sometimes with their children crying and moaning for them nearby. The black rain fell for days, raining death and horror. Those who drank water died instantly. Those who thirsted dared not drink."

ACTION ALERT: Yemeni Children Matter but Does Raytheon Care?
(CODE PINK & David Swanson.org & Common Dreams & George Galloway & CNN)

We've been given a rare opportunity. While the US military has slaughtered innocents by the hundreds of thousands in the Middle East over the past couple of decades, almost never have US television viewers seen images of the victims, in particular images of them alive just moments before death rained down on them. Now we have video footage of dozens of little boys on a bus less than an hour before US-made Raytheon bombs murdered many of them, wounded others, and traumatized survivors.

The US Needs to Face Up to Its Long History of Election Meddling
(Peter Beinart / The Atlantic)

During the Cold War, America's leaders saw nothing wrong with electoral interference, so long as the United States was conducting it. Dov Levin, a postdoctoral fellow at the Institute for Politics and Strategy at Carnegie Mellon University, has identified 62 American interventions in foreign elections between 1946 and 1989. The large majority -- like Russia's in 2016 -- were conducted in secret. But now, the US turns these covert capers into Hollywood movies and no one blinks twice.

Instead of Profiting from Peace, Trump Pushes for a Costly Attack on Iran
(Eric Margolis / EricMargolis.com & Muhammad Sahimi / AntiWar.com)

So intense is the Trump administration's hatred for Islamic Iran that it decided to sabotage a multinational nuclear deal that would have meant a bonanza for US and European companies that included a $40-50 billion sale of 210 US and EU jet airliners to Iran. Trump has imposed added sanctions on the Iranian economy -- the latest of a long string of US assaults that have targeted Iran with the overthrow of a democratically elected government, and attacks on Iran's navy, oil platforms in the Gulf and a civilian jetliner.

Profiting from Trump's War on Children
(Will Evans, Lance Williams, Matt Smith and Aura Bogado / Reveal @ The Center for Investigative Reporting)

By the time Washington started sending immigrant children to Shiloh Treatment Center in 2009, the warning flags were waving red. Three children died after being physically restrained at the US-sponsored detention facility. Children reported being slapped, punched and kicked while in custody. Others testified that they were forcibly injected with psychiatric drugs. There were reports of sexual abuse. And still, the US continued to pay more than $33 million the Shiloh's operator, Clay Dean Hill.

Wildfires Increasing Threat to Planet: Trump Won't Act but California's Governor Just Might
(Amy Goodman, Michael Mann and Michael Brune / Democracy Now! & Michael Brune / Medium.com & )

Even as we deal with the Trump administration's cascade of corruption, the climate-change clock keeps ticking. The math is merciless: If we don't accelerate a phaseout of fossil fuels, today's wildfires, droughts, and extreme weather will seem mild compared to what's coming. We can't count on Washington to tackle this problem. The solution? Take the challenge to the one state that's got the political, moral, and environmental clout to challenge Trump's devastating denial of a visible, existential danger.

Should Al Qaeda Be Made America's 51st State?
(David Swanson / DavidSwanson.org & Khaleda Rahman and Anthony Harwood / Daily Mail Online)

Commentary: "Without Al Qaeda the US would not be whole. With it, all is in perfect balance. If there were no Al Qaeda we'd have to invent one. Pretending there's been a major Al Qaeda presence in Afghanistan has worked wonders . . . paying off members of Al Qaeda or related groups in Afghanistan has been a gold mine . . . . Having successfully gotten a major war going, and created the worst human catastrophe on earth, The US-Saudi alliance now passes millions of dollars to Al Qaeda fighters in Yemen."

Child Separation and the Practice of Genocide: In Canada and the US
(David Swanson / David Swanson.org & World BEYOND War)

Commentary: "While the US removal of immigrant children from their families has been in the news of late, it's not been newly invented. Both settler-colonist Canada and Nazi Germany learned from the US practice of removing Indigenous children from their families in order to "educate" them into another culture."

New Report: US-backed Saudis in Yemen Are Allied with Al Qaeda
(Win Without War & the Associated Press)

For three years, the Saudi-UAE coalition in Yemen has been using US military support to bomb and starve civilians. But the US has been flat-out ignoring these atrocities because our government believes Saudi Arabia and the UAE are our critical "allies" against Al Qaeda. Turns out, both Saudi Arabia and UAE have been secretly paying off Al Qaeda operatives in Yemen, even recruiting them to join their ranks -- making the US Al Qaeda's de facto air force!

Trump's "Space Force" No Match for Meteor that Crashed Near US Base in July
(Ellen Mitchell / The Hill & News.com.au)

Defense Secretary James Mattis, who originally opposed plans for a military "space force" now states that he "absolutely" supports the creation of a new space branch for the military. But the proposal for an expanded US military designed to "dominate" the Earth would have been helpless against a meteor-strike like the 2.1 kiloton impact that nearly hit a US military base in Greenland in July. Maybe that explains why the Pentagon has made no mention of the near-miss.

'By the Youth, For the Youth': A Manifesto for Tomorrow's Activists
(The International Congress of Youth Voices / The Guardian)

'Our vision is to create a global system', says a global coalition of youth activists after gathering for the first International Congress of Youth Voices in San Francisco. After three days of deliberation, the delegates wrote a group manifesto, which has been translated and published in several languages.

The Secret Agreement that Requires the US to Keep Lying About Israel's Nukes
(Grant Smith / AntiWar.com)

Why does the US give away the lion's share of the foreign aid to a country long known to have a disqualifying secret nuclear weapons program? The last four US presidents have signed a secret "gag order" preventing mention of Israel's nuclear weapons or the US role in creating them. The letter is said to be central for Israel's leader Benjamin Netanyahu because the nuclear arsenal fuels his "sense of impunity, sense of Israel being so powerful, that it can dictate its own terms in the region and beyond."

How Trump and Three Other US Presidents Protected Israel's Worst-Kept Secret: Its Nuclear Arsenal
(Adam Entous / The New Yorker)

When a delegation of senior Israeli officials visited the Trump White House on February 13, 2017, they wanted to discuss several critical issues. Topping the list was a secret letter concerning a subject the Israelis had promised the Americans never to discuss publicly -- Israel's undeclared nuclear arsenal. The very existence of the letters have been a closely held secret -- unknown even to incoming presidents. The letter pledges that no future US nuclear arms reduction treaty will address Israel's secret nuclear arsenal.

Charlottesville Remembered: 'A Battle for the Soul of America'
(Joel Gunter & Roland Hughes / BBC News )

On 12 August, Charlottesville, Virginia will mark the anniversary of a deadly white nationalist rally that shocked the nation. The violence that day cost the life of a young counter-protester and scarred Charlottesville. In the year since, some residents have attempted to reckon with the legacy of that weekend and the racial inequality that persists in the city. Here, in their own words, some of those closest to the events tell the story of what happened, why it happened, and what it meant to a city and a nation.

The White-right Fighters Who Struck Charlottesville and their Ties to the US Military and Weapons Contractors
(Amy Goodman and A. C. Thompson / Democracy Now!)

This week marks one year since white supremacists and neo-Nazis descended on Charlottesville, Virginia, in the deadly "Unite the Right" rally to protest the city's decision to remove a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee from a downtown park. It became the biggest and deadliest white supremacist rally in the US in decades.

Saudis Vow to Investigate Mass-murder of Yemeni Children: UN Demands an Independent Investigation
(AntiWar.com & Reuters & The Daily Star & Lena Masri / ABC News)

At least 40 children have been killed a US-backed Saudi airstrike on a bus in northern Yemen. The Arab states initially said the attack on the bus was a "legitimate military action" against missile launchers, carried out in accordance with international humanitarian law. The Saudis have promised to investigate but outraged human rights groups and UN officials are demanding an independent inquiry.

Portland Police Protect Right-wing Activists; Maim Citizens with Wanton Gunfire
(Arun Gupta / The Daily Beast & The Real News)

Demonstrators injured by a barrage of police stun grenades and other less-lethal weapons in Portland recall how their city became a terrifying war zone. At least five people sought emergency medical care after the August 4 police onslaught -- a group that includes this reporter's partner (who ended up with third-degree burns), Anthony who was diagnosed with a minor brain hemorrhage after being shot in the head, and a 29-year-old man who had his arm ripped apart.

Caribbean Nations Blame Trump for Weather War
(Oliver Milman / The Guardian)

As warming temperatures caused by climate change is strengthening hurricanes, leaders in the Caribbean are pleading with Donald Trump to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord. Caribbean states and territories have criticized the Trump administration for dismantling the US' response to climate change, warning that greenhouse gas emissions must be sharply cut to avoid hurricanes and sea level rise threatening the future of island nations.

ACTION ALERT: The World Is Disappearing in Flames: Can We Protect Half to Save the Planet?
(Jeff Goodell / Rolling Stone & Avaaz: The World in Action)

"Our future," James Lovelock observed, "is like that of the passengers on a small pleasure boat sailing quietly above the Niagara Falls, not knowing that the engines are about to fail." By 2020, two-thirds of wild animals will be gone. Life is being extinguished as fast as when the dinosaurs disappeared because humanity is taking a chainsaw to the tree of life. Our best chance to save our ecosystems and 80-90% of all species is giving them enough safe space to thrive -- by keeping half the Earth intact.

ACTION ALERT: Today the Saudis Dropped US Bombs on a School Bus Filled with Children!
(CODEPINK & Associated Press & Win Without War & The Hill)

Wounded children, their clothes and schoolbags covered with blood, lay on hospital stretchers. The International Committee of the Red Cross said the hospital in Saada received the bodies of 29 children, all under 15 years old. It also received 48 wounded people, including 30 children. The bombs that killed these children were made in the USA. Their blood is on our hands.

Trump Demands War in Space to "Dominate" the World
(Popular Mechanics)

The US was the first country to militarize space. In 1959, the Pentagon revealed plans for a military base on the moon. In 1985, the US was the first nation to destroy a satellite in orbit. China has 57 military satellites in orbit. Russia has 83. The US has 157. In January 2018, the US refused to join China and Russia in signing a treaty to assure the "Prevention of an Arms Race in Outer Space." Peaceful, freedom-loving nations do not wish to "dominate." That is the core verb used by totalitarian military dictatorships.

NATO Nuclear Sharing: Handing Out Nuclear Bombs to Our Allies
(Tim Street / Oxford Research Group & Center for Security Studies Blog Network)

This primer explains the role US-owned B61 tactical nuclear weapons play in Europe as part of NATO's nuclear sharing arrangements. The US currently deploys some 180 'tactical' nuclear weapons (B61 gravity bombs) across six bases in five European NATO member states -- Belgium, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, and Turkey. The fragility of Turkey-NATO relations, have raised questions about the costs, benefits, and security of NATO's nuclear sharing programs.

Trump Plan to Dump Immigrant Families at Toxic Waste Sites
(E.A. Crunden / ThinkProgress)

Environmental and health advocates want more information about the Trump administration's plans to house detained immigrants, including children, at two Texas military posts with a history of toxic contamination. Under Trump's plan, detained immigrants would be kept near or on toxic waste sites currently slated for government cleanup.

When It Comes to War, Words Matter
(ayle Morrow and Greta Zarro / The Progressive)

An unheralded word change to Trump's Department of Defense mission statement is unsettling -- to say the least. While the newly stated DoD mission is not surprising to those familiar with the history of US foreign policy, it is foreboding in its explicitness. The statement saying the department's mission is to "deter war" has been replaced by to "provide a lethal Joint Force to defend the security of our country and sustain American influence abroad."

Why We Are Organizing to Stop Trump's Military Parade
(No Trump Parade & Courtney Kube / NBC News)

At a time when the US military budget is growing, now constituting 57% of our federal discretionary spending, programs for domestic needs such as food, education, housing and health care are being cut and US militarization is infecting most of the countries of the world, our schools and our communities, Donald Trump plans to spend more than $30 million dollars to parade tanks and weapons through the streets of Washington, DC.

ACTION ALERT: Tell the IRC: No Award for BlackRock CEO

Every 10 minutes a child in Yemen dies from war-related hunger and disease -- a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions. Meanwhile, US weapons companies, and the financial firms like BlackRock that invest in them, make billions of dollars from this war. So why is the International Rescue Committee, a group that works to save the lives of suffering Yemeni children, giving their annual humanitarian award to Larry Fink, the CEO of BlackRock and a man who profits from that very same war?

ACTION ALERT: Why I'm Running as a Green and Not as a Democrat
(Pat Elder / Elder for Congress)

Commentary: "People ask why I'm running as a Green rather than running as a Democrat. They're skeptical of any political party outside the box and they're concerned I'll help a Republican get elected. They're also fearful of a left-leaning democratic socialist agenda. Here's my response."

ACTION ALERT: As Wildfires Rage Worldwide, Activists Plan March at September Climate Action Summit
( & Nina Chestney / Reuters)

Real climate leadership rises from the grassroots up. Thousands of people from around the world are getting ready to Rise for climate, jobs, and justice on September 8th. In September, world leaders are meeting at the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco. On Sept. 8th, let's show them we need bold action. Join thousands of people from across the world for a global day of action to demand a just transition to 100% clean energy.

Climate Change and War: Why a Waring Planet Is a Warming Planet
(Stacy Bannerman / Common Dreams)

Commentary: The big environmental organizations seem to have tacitly agreed that the US military is the one entity we won't mention when we talk about the biggest contributors to climate change. Yet the Pentagon uses more petroleum per day than 175 of the world's 210 nations and generates more than 70% of total US greenhouse gas emissions. We cannot cure this man-made cancer on the climate without addressing the socially sanctioned, institutionalized violence perpetrated by US foreign policy.

Millions Flow to Pentagon's Banned Contractors Via a Back Door
(Sam Skolnik / Bloomberg Government)

Some of the world's largest companies have benefited from a little-known law that lets the Defense Department override decisions barring contractors accused or convicted of bribery, fraud, theft, and other crimes from doing business with the government. Companies receiving waivers included some accused or convicted of major fraud, wire fraud, conspiracy, ethical bidding violations, and in the case of fuel-seller BP, an overall "lack of business integrity."

If Julian Assange Leaves the Ecuadorian Embassy, What Next?
(Hilary Hurd / Lawfare)

WikiLeaks founder and CEO Julian Assange might be nearing his final days in Ecuador's London embassy, where he's lived and worked since 2012 to avoid extradition to Sweden for rape charges or, potentially, to the United States. The Intercept reported that Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno recently met with British officials to finalize plans to expel Assange from the embassy. The release might occur in the coming weeks, or even days.

The Real Reason NATO Exists: It Is a Goldmine for the Military Industrial Complex
(Brian Cloughley / AntiWar.com & NATOWatch)

Donald Trump has ordered members of NATO's military alliance to double spending on weapons, but his reasons have nothing to do with any defense. NATO's members already spend 12 times more on military preparedness than Russia. Russia is a pretext for a spending spree designed to benefit the global weapons industry. Meanwhile, if Trump reduced NATO spending to 2 percent of the US GDP, this could generate a $159 billion peace to meet US health, housing, and infrastructure needs.

What If Russia Could Really Be Our Friend?
(David Swanson / David Swanson.org)

Commentary: There is a case to made that "Russia is our friend." The threat of the communists taking wealth away from the rich was a driving force in US foreign affairs from 1920 and long after World War II. Attacking Russian sooner rather than later was a view advocated by Gen. George Patton, Hitler's replacement Admiral Karl Donitz, Allen Dulles, and the OSS. Lies about overblown Soviet threats -- nonexistent missile gaps and a global communist conspiracy -- became profit makers for US weapons companies.

Russiagate and the New McCarthyism: How Democrats and Corporate Media Are Attacking Progressive Movements
(Alan Macleod / Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting)

Russiagate allows the Democrats to ignore calls for change and ignore why they lost to the most unpopular presidential candidate in history. If Russia hacked the election, there's no need for introspection, no need to address the Sanders wing of the party, no need to heed progressive challenges from the left. Meanwhile, small, independent news sources that challenge the establishment can be censored, defunded or deranked by corporate media giants citing "Russiagate" as an excuse to stifle criticism and competition.

'Never Again' Is Now: The US Revives the Specter of Ethnic Concentration Camps
(Nancy Ukai / San Francisco Chronicle)

Paul Tomita, 79, was only 4 years old when he departed the Minidoka prison camp for American Japanese in southern Idaho, one of 10 concentration camps in remote places in Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Idaho, Utah and Wyoming. It was 1943 and his parents had passed a lengthy clearance process to re-enter society. Not charged with a crime, they were nonetheless banned from returning to their Seattle home on the West Coast, which had been designated a military zone.

Hiroshima Marks 73rd Anniversary of US Atomic Bombing in WWII
(Mari Yamaguchi / Associated Press)

Hiroshima marked the anniversary of the Aug. 6, 1945, atomic bombing with a somber ceremony Monday to remember the people killed and injured and a call to eliminate nuclear weapons amid hopes of denuclearizing North Korea. Mayor Kazumi Matsui opened his peace address by describing the hellish scene of the blast that morning 73 years ago and the agony of the victims, telling the audience to listen "as if you and your loved ones were there."

US Wants Nicaragua to Fall Because It Poses the Threat of a Good Example
(Roger D. Harris / Mint Press & The Task Force on the Americas)

The US has targeted Nicaragua for regime change. Some former supporters of the Sandinista party echo the US talking points: President Daniel Ortega's government has been, "in essence, neoliberal. Then it becomes authoritarian, repressive." But, in Noam Chomsky's words, Nicaragua has been targeted because it poses "the threat of a good example" to the US empire. Since Ortega's return election victory in 2006, Nicaragua had achieved remarkable success in health, education, and economic equality.

Open Letter to Amnesty International on Nicaragua From a Former Amnesty International Prisoner of Conscience
(Camilo Mejia / CounterPunch & Camilo Mejia vs. Julio Martinez Ellsberg / Democracy Now!)

Commentary: "Through this letter I express my unequivocal condemnation of Amnesty International with regards to the destabilizing role it has played in Nicaragua, my country of birth." AI's report, "Shoot to Kill: Nicaragua's Strategy to Repress Protest," could be dismantled point by point, but that requires time that the Nicaraguan people don't have, therefore I will concentrate on two main points: The report completely lacks neutrality and AI is contributing to the chaos in which the nation now finds itself.

Pentagon Expected to Ignore New Call for Accountability for Civilian Deaths
(Jason Ditz / AntiWar.com & Rita Siemion / Just Security)

The 2019 National Defense Authorization Act includes two provisions dealing with civilian casualties in America's assorted wars. The language requires the Pentagon to create a high-ranking civilian post that would be in charge of establishing uniform processes on recording strikes, investigating casualties, reducing risks to civilians, and establishing uniform standards for accepting responsibility and offering payments for the families of victims. The problem is that the Pentagon may just ignore the language.

ACTION ALERT: Remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki; Global Actions to Abolish Nuclear Arms
(Abolition 2000 & The Global Coalition to Abolish Nuclear Weapons & The Basel Peace Office)

The risk of a nuclear war by accident, miscalculation or intent has risen due to unstable leaders and unresolved tensions. August 6 and 9 are the 73rd anniversaries of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. According to the 'Doomsday Clock' the world is just '2 Minutes to Midnight', the closest we have been to nuclear war since the height of the Cold War. Global gatherings will remember the holocausts of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Please raise your voice and make a difference by abolishing nuclear weapons.

ACTION ALERT: The Appeal of the Hibakusha, Japan's A-bomb Survivors
(Japan Confederation of A-and H-Bomb Sufferers Organizations)

The Hibakusha Appeal is a signature campaign calling for an international treaty to ban and eliminate nuclear weapons. The average age of the Hibakusha is now over 80 years old, yet the threat of a global nuclear war seems to be growing larger each day. The horrors of "Hell on Earth" that the Hibakusha have experienced should never be repeated again. Signatures will be collected until 2020, or until such a treaty is realized.

The Real Face of Climate Change!
(Kyla Mandel / ThinkProgress & Damian Carrington /The Guardian)

This summer, much of the world has endured record-breaking heat -- the type of which science tells us is what we can expect from climate change. Unrelenting extreme weather is leading to some unprecedented and shocking events, including record temperatures in Europe, tornadoes in Virginia and Massachusetts, the hottest rainfall on Earth and what many are calling a "fire tornado" with an unprecedented 143 mile-per-hour windspeed.

"S---hole America" -- How Trump Misled the Public on US Poverty
(Foreign Policy & Reader Supported News)

After a UN agency issued a report on the soaring state of poverty in the US -- concluding that 40 million Americans are poor and more than 5 million live in "Third World conditions" -- the Trump administration ridiculed the findings as "inaccurate, inflammatory and irresponsible" and cited its own data in rebuttal. But key economists are questioning the accuracy of the data the administration chose to cite and claiming their research findings were altered or ignored to paint an "an overly optimistic picture."

US-Backed Saudi Airstrike on Family With Nine Children Shows "Clear Violations" of the Laws of War
(Iona Craig and Shuaib Almosawa / The Intercept)

On May 14, a 500-pound, US-made bomb was dropped near a tent in Yemen. Instead, was a nomadic family including 9 sleeping children. Once again, the Saudi-led bombing campaign in Yemen demonstrated how officers in charge of daily air raids were ignoring their own procedures aimed at minimizing civilian casualties. Specialists in international humanitarian law say the incident described in the document shows "clear violations" of the laws of war.

More War Memorials? Are We at Peace with That?
(David Montgomery / The Washington Post)

In addition to calling for a costly and divisive military parade, Donald Trump has also signed legislation approving a costly new war monument n the nation's capitol -- the National Desert Storm and Desert Shield Memorial. This is one of five new projects designed to celebrate Washington's burgeoning militarism. One of the proposed monuments would celebrate George W. Bush's ongoing Global War on Terror, now in its 17th year. The only question now is where to place them.

ACTION ALERT: We Don't Need More War Monuments or Military Parades: We Need Peace!
(David Swanson / World BEYOND War)

Washington, DC is already brimming with monuments to wars and warriors, but the government is now planning to spend millions of additional taxpayer dollars erecting five new battle monuments to: World War I, the Gulf War, Native American fighters, African Americans who fought in the US War for Independence, and the (still unfinished) War on Terrorism. There also is to be a memorial to Dwight Eisenhower (that's "Ike the Warrior," not the president who warned of the dangers of the military-industrial complex.

US Continues Preparations for War in the Arctic
(Matthew Cox / Military.com & Todd South / The Army Times)

As Russia makes moves in the Arctic, some say the Army needs to put more resources into the cold weather fight. Lawmakers want the Pentagon to submit a report to Congress on whether the US military services have the equipment and training they need to survive in cold-weather combat. Conferees want the report presented to the congressional defense committees "not later than 180 days after the date of enactment of this Act on current cold weather capabilities and readiness of the Armed Forces."

Intelligence Vets Warn: A Trumped-up War on Iran Could Be Catastrophic
(Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity / Consortium News)

Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity warned that George W Bush's justification for attacking Iraq was based on lies. Now, VIPS is warning Donald Trump that the Iranian "threat" is overblown and "that you are being played by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu" whose claims about Iran are "based on intelligence exposed as fraudulent several years ago." These intelligence professionals are warning that plans for an illegal and unjustified US attack on Iran could prove to be "all-caps CATASTROPHIC."

Foolish Wars Have Consequences
(James J. Zogby / Lobe Log)

Commentary: "Fifteen years ago, we were still in the early stages of the US invasion and occupation of Iraq, "the war that would change everything." Looking at the Middle East today, I feel an overwhelming sadness as I consider the far-reaching and devastating impact that the Iraq war has had on my country and the region and its peoples."

America Spends Over $20 Billion Per Year on Fossil Fuel Subsidies. Abolish Them!
(Dana Nuccitelli / The Guardian)

In the 2015-2016 election cycle oil, gas, and coal companies spent $354 million in campaign contributions and lobbying and received $29.4 billion in federal subsidies in total over those same years -- an 8,200% return on investment. Some 88% of Big Carbon's lobbying funds went to Republicans, 97% of whom the voted against taxing carbon pollution. Meanwhile, Donald Trump continues to prop up the dying coal industry. The GOP might as well rebrand itself as the "Grand Oil Party."

Big Oil Defeats Big Wind as Trump's Uranium Fuel Policies Disintegrate
(Dan Gearino / Inside Climate News & Stephen Lee / BNA News)

Wind Catcher, a 2,000 megawatt wind-power farm planned in Oklahoma, needed clearance from four states but oil and gas industry-connected groups campaigned to stop it. Meanwhile, the nuclear industry says Donald Trump's uranium policies are affecting purchasing decisions. Cameco, world's biggest uranium miner, says prices already too low to make economic sense.

The Survival of Organized Human Life Is At Risk Due to Climate Change & Nuclear Weapons
(Amy Goodman and Noam Chomsky / Democracy Now!)

We're destroying the environment. We're threatening a terminal disaster with nuclear weapons. For the first time in history, human beings need to ask: "Will human life survive?" And yet, we are focusing on issues of minor importance instead of problems of enormous importance. Questions of how to deal with immigration or the challenge of survival of organized human life on Earth. Those are the topics we should be thinking about, not whether Trump tweeted an insult or misbehaved in a press conference.

UN 'Running Out of Cash' and Facing Urgent Cuts: Retiring Just One Nuclear Missile Could Save the UN's Mission
(The Guardian & The Basel Peace Office & Union of Concerned Scientists)

The UN is facing an unprecedented shortage of funding for its core budget. 112 out of 193 member states have paid their share; the US, Argentina, Syria, Venezuela and Belarus have not. If the US retired just one Trident missile, the money saved could cover the UN deficit. Better yet, if all the nuclear armed States abandoned plans to upgrade their nuclear weapons, the nearly $100 billion saved could be re-directed into job creation, climate protection, education, health, peace, diplomacy and sustainable security.

Blistering UN Report: Trump's Policies Worseing Poverty & Inequality
(Amy Goodman and Philip Alston / Democracy Now!)

The UN has reported 40 million Americans are living in poverty with 18.5 million in "extreme poverty." When the General Assembly condemned the Israeli military's attacks on nonviolent protesters in Gaza (Since March 30th, more than 120 Palestinians have been killed and more than 13,000 injured by Israeli bullets) only eight countries failed to criticize Israel: "The US, Australia and six other very small countries." On June 19, the Trump administration withdrew the US from the UN Human Rights Council.

Kids and Lawyers vs. Big Oil: Climate Suits Dismissed and Sustained
(Lawrence Hurley / Reuters & Nicholas Kusnetz and David Hasemyer / InsideClimate News)

The US Supreme Court has rejected a bid by the Trump' administration to halt a lawsuit filed by 21 young activists who have accused Washington of ignoring the perils of climate change. Meanwhile New York City has lost a bid to hold the oil industry responsible for the costs of adapting to sea-level rise triggered by increasing heat. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has vowed to appeal the ruling.

Daniel Ellsberg Unmasks the Existential Danger of the Nuclear Doomsday Machine
(Paul W. Rea / Environmentalists Against War)

Researcher, writer, and activist Daniel Ellsberg is internationally recognized for blowing the whistle on the outrageous violence in Vietnam. But late in 2017, Ellsberg delivered another disturbing expose -- one that reveals the persistent and growing danger of nuclear weapons. "The Doomsday Machine" emerges from Ellsberg's insider knowledge that atomic weapons on hair-trigger alert for over 60 years ca still -- in less than a half hour, by intent, mistake or a simple error -- bring an end to nearly all life on Earth.

Israel Stops Ship with Humanitarian Aid for Gaza; Beats; Jails Crew, Including American Naval Vet
(Joe Lauria / Special to Consortium News & April Watters / Peoples Internet Radio)

Israeli forces have violently boarded a ship that was headed to Gaza bringing humanitarian aid. The ship reportedly was boarded in international waters. Joe Meadors, a US Navy veteran and a survivor of the deadly 1967 Israeli attack on the USS Liberty is one of the detainees now in Israeli custody.

Iran: Another Illegal US War of Aggression?
(Jacob G. Hornberger / The Future of Freedom Foundation)

Commentary: I am getting that Iraq deja vu feeling again, only this time it's about Iran. Remember the build-up to the US war of aggression against Iraq: WMDs. Mushroom clouds. Charts and graphs. Preventive war. The propaganda from US officials was overwhelming, so much so that many Americans completely accepted the notion that the US was an innocent victim about to come under nuclear attack -- rather than the aggressor. As some observers put it: We were "lied into war."

Stop Weapons Testing on the Potomac! A Long Shot vs. the Big Shots
(Pat Elder / Pat Elder for Congress & The Naval Sea Systems Command Warfare Centers)

Commentary: The MK-46 30 mm gun is tested in the Potomac River, not far from my house. The crabs and fish hate it and so do I. Six miles of the river will be shut down for testing on Wednesday, August 1, from Dahlgren down to Swan Point on the Maryland side, and Colonial Beach on the Virginia side. It's loud, it's dangerous, it's poisonous, and it's unnecessary. I'm running for Congress as a Green against Steny Hoyer because issues like this are never addressed by the Democrats or Republicans.

US Sends Mixed Signals on Plans for Illegal Act of Aggression Targeting Iran
(Jason Ditz / AntiWar.com & Phil Stewart / Reuters)

Is the United States preparing the public for another illegal act of Pentagon aggression? In this case, an unprovoked attack on Iran? On one hand, Defense Secretary James Mattis dismisses the idea as "fiction," but other US officials (and sources in the Australian military) have since gone on record as saying the attack is still being considered. The pretext for this war appears to be Saudi Arabia's ongoing Yemen War. The Saudis have previously alleged the Houthis are "tied" to Iran. The Saudi war is backed by the US.

Ron Dellums, Presente! Remembering the Marine Vet Who became an Antiwar Congressman
(Rachel Swan / The San Francisco Chronicle & Hon. Barbara Lee / US House of Representatives)

As a congressman, Ron Dellums is best remembered for his uncompromising opposition to the Vietnam War and compelling speeches on the House Floor. Some elected officials saw the fiery, Oakland-raised peacenik as a political outlier -- and even as an agitator but, as one of Dellums' aides recalled: "He would go to the floor and challenge his colleagues, and they would challenge him back. And that's how he learned to work with them rather than just name-calling."

US Secret Wars in Africa Rage on Despite Talk of Downsizing
(Nick Turse /The Intercept)

Last October, four US soldiers were killed in an ambush in Niger. Since then, talk of US special operations in Africa has centered on missions being curtailed and troop levels cut. Analysts have already stepped forward to question or criticize the proposed cuts. According to figures provided by US Special Operations Command, 16.5 percent of commandos overseas are deployed in Africa. More US commandos are deployed to Africa than any other region of the world except the Middle East.

ACTION ALERT: Tell the IRC Not to Honor Blackrock's War-supporting CEO

The two leading contributors to the current global refugee crisis are climate change and war. It is through the work of the IRC that refugees are able to gain a foothold in their host countries. Honoring Mr. Larry Fink with a humanitarian award directly contradicts the mission and vision of the International Rescue Committee. BlackRock maintains significant stakes in weapons companies such as General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Raytheon.

Wildfires Raging Worldwide Detonate WWII Bombs in Germany
(Deutsche Welle)

The EU says that it is currently involved in the biggest joint mission to fight wildfires in the bloc's history -- with fires raging in Sweden, Greece, England, Germany and Latvia. Meanwhile, a rare forest fire near Potsdam, outside Berlin, has caused some World War II munitions to explode, hampering firefighters. The fire is now reported to be under control.'

NATO: The Unexamined Alliance
(Conn Hallinan / Dispatches from the Edge & The European Leadership Network)

Commentary: The outcome of the July11-12 NATO meeting in Brussels got lost amid the media's obsession with President Donald Trump's bombast, but the "Summit Declaration" makes for sober reading. The 28-page document "upgraded military readiness" and was "harshly critical of Russia," but there was not much detail beyond that. But details matter, because that is where the Devil hides.

War No Longer Works: Except for Military Profiteering
(Tom Streithorst / The American Conservative & George D. O'Neill, Jr. / The American Conservative)

Commentary: The US spends more on its military than all its enemies put together yet it still can't win wars. Failed adventures in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan have drained America's power and diminished its prestige. Bloated Pentagon budgets actually make us weaker. Here's the weird bit: nobody seems to care. If any other government department spent as much and accomplished as little, the populace would be in arms. Instead we mumble "Thank you for your service" and increase defense appropriations.

Weaponized Keynesianism in Washington
(Tom Engelhardt / TomDispatch & William Hartung / TomDispatch )

Commentary: The notion that the Pentagon can play a primary role in boosting employment to any significant degree is largely a myth that serves the needs of the military-industrial complex, not S workers or Donald Trump's base. Until the political gridlock in Washington that prevents large-scale new civilian investments of just about any sort is broken, however, the Pentagon will continue to seem like the only game in town. And we will all pay a price for those skewed priorities, in both blood and treasure.

New War Budget Bans Troop Drawdowns: 10 Senators, 68 Reps Vote "No" on NDAA
(Yonhap News Agency & Office of Rep. Mark DeSaulnier & GovTrack.us)

Congress has passed a defense authorization bill that restricts any drawdown of 28,500 US troops currently stationed in South Korea. The legislation specifically notes that any reduction of forces as "a non-negotiable item as it relates to the complete, verifiable, and irreversible denuclearization" of North Korea." The budget bill would give an additional $717 billion to the Pentagon. Some politicians are demanding an audit of Pentagon waste (Current estimate: at least $125 billion) before approving a new budget.

Questioning the Pentagon's $717 Billion Budget
(Republican Policy Committee Summary / GovTrack)

Despite fact that the Pentagon Budget is one of the government's largest and most consequential pieces of legislation, the news media pays little attention to the document's contents or the process that channels billions of tax dollars into programs and operations that are wasteful, lethal, polluting and damaging to America's reputation and standing in the world.

"Warflation" and the Cost of Military Exercises
(The Wall Street Journal & CNBC)

Call it "Warflation." The military's $700 billion FY 2019 budget marks an increase of 15.5% over FY 2018. At the Singapore summit, Donald Trump vowed to cancel joint US/South Korea military exercises because they were provocative to North Korea and "tremendously expensive." The cost? According to a Pentagon analysis, the military exercises known as Freedom Guardian, (set to begin in August) would have set the US military back $14 million -- less than the cost of a single new fighter jet.

The 24 Moral Questions Americans Dare Not Ask
(Nick Turse / TomDispatch & Andrew J. Bacevich / TomDispatch)

Commentary: Since the late eighteenth century, the United States has been involved in an almost ceaseless string of wars, interventions, punitive expeditions, and other types of military ventures abroad. The country has formally declared war 11 times and engaged in undeclared conflicts (many of which are still on-going). The media's current obsession with Donald Trump's every tweet serve as a distraction from critical national security issues that presently receive short shrift or are ignored altogether.

Which Is More Occupied, Crimea or Afghanistan?
(David Swanson / David Swanson.org)

Commentary: In 2014, the people of Crimea voted to re-join Russia. The vote followed a US-backed coup in Kiev, meaning that Crimea was voting to secede from an undemocratic government. The US has supported the secessions of Kosovo from Serbia, Slovakia from Czechoslovakia, and South Sudan from Sudan. One example of an occupation that Washington is not condemning, however, is the US/NATO occupation of Afghanistan where an occupation force of 41,000 remains in place after 16 years.

US Supports Saudi-UAE War Crimes in Yemen
(Kathy Kelly / AntiWar.com)

In July of 2018, an Amnesty International report entitled "God Knows If He's Alive," documented the plight of dozens of families in southern Yemen whose loved ones have been tortured, killed, or forcibly disappeared by Yemeni security forces reporting to the United Arab Emirates. The UAE is part of a US-backed coalition that has been bombarding and blockading Yemen for three brutal years. The on-going disappearances, and torture, can sadly be laid at the doorstep of the United States.

Soldiers Say Order to Turn Military Bases into Concentration Camps 'Smacks of Totalitarianism'
(Courage to Resist & The Daily Beast)

In a policy that echoes the infamous detention of Japanese-Americans during World War II and the forcible separation of children of native nations after Wounded Knee, the Pentagon has been ordered to create concentration camps for immigrant detainees at military bases across the US. "It smacks of totalitarianism," said Steve Kleinman, a retired Air Force colonel and military intelligence officer.

The Left's Missing Foreign Policy
(Aziz Rana / N-Plus-One Magazine)

Analysis: On the 15th anniversary of Washington's "shock and awe" attack on Iraq, few have paid attention to just why so many Democrats were swept along by the drift to war. Figuring this out is all the more pressing because the same figures who supported the war continue to direct the foreign policy framework of the Democratic Party.

'War Games' Trump Said Were Too Expensive Cost Less Than a Fighter Jet
(Nancy A. Youssef and Gordon Lubold / The Wall Street Journal)

Call it "Warflation." The military's $700 billion FY 2019 budget marks an increase of 15.5% over FY 2018. At the Singapore summit, Donald Trump vowed to cancel joint US/South Korea military exercises because they were provocative to North Korea and "tremendously expensive." The cost? According to a Pentagon analysis, the military exercises known as Freedom Guardian, (set to begin in August) would have set the US military back $14 million -- less than the cost of a single new fighter jet.

Big-Oil GOP Decrees Which Animals Must Perish to Protect Polluters' Profits
(Jake Bullinger / Guardian UK)

Republicans have been trying to whittle away the Endangered Species Act since Donald Trump took office. Under new proposals, wildlife managers would limit protections for threatened species, consider the economic costs of protecting a species, and de-emphasize long-term threats such as climate change. These Republican-led changes to the Endangered Species Act would put plants and animals across America at risk. Here are the ones you should be most concerned about.

Pentagon Shrugs Off Video of US-backed Troops Executing Women, Children
(Nick Turse / The Intercept)

The US has a long tradition of working with unsavory regimes -- from Chile's brutal dictatorship under Augusto Pinochet to Indonesia's military dictatorship under Suharto -- and training "partner-nation" security forces implicated in war crimes. If the response of the Pentagon to the Salak disclosures is any indication, the latest evidence of videotaped executions by US-backed troops in Cameroon will not fundamentally alter America's relationship with the West African nation.

ACTION ALERT: How You Can Divest from War
(World BEYOND War)

When we pay taxes, donate money to a local church, pay for college tuition, contribute to our 401(k), or renew union dues, we may be unwittingly contributing to the war economy. Many institutions -- corporations, universities, faith groups and municipalities -- invest their holdings in asset management firms, like Vanguard, BlackRock, and Fidelity, which in turn reinvest in weapons manufacturers and military contractors. Check if you're unknowingly financing war with our new searchable database.

$15 Billion Wasted on Afghan War; Bill Would Ban US Arms to Terrorists
(NBC News & AntiWar.com & Roll Call )

Asked to assess the cost of the unending Afghan War, the Special Inspector General calculated more than $15 billion -- but cautioned this may only be "a portion" of the waste. Meanwhile, language championed by Rep. Tulsi Gabbard and others has landed in the defense authorization bill -- if accepted, it would prohibit the Pentagon from arming known terror groups.

Profits over Planet Trump Ramps Up Attacks on Land, Air, Rivers, Oceans, Climate
(McClatchy News & E&E News & The Hill)

California and like-minded states are girding for a legal battle with the Trump administration on whether those states have gone too far in controlling greenhouse gases from automobiles, a prospective case that is sure to reach the US Supreme Court. Meanwhile, Trump's team continues to target protected wilderness and ocean sanctuaries, which are being opened to drilling and mining operations. At the same time, farmers are being encouraged to expand activities that pollute land, air, and water.

New Openness at EPA but Same Policies: New Obstacles at Interior
(The Society of Environmental Journalists)

Now that Andrew Wheeler has started settling into office at the EPA, many are asking what his new regime means. On the one hand, he may be easier on journalists than departed head Scott Pruitt, whose tenure was marked by exclusion and secrecy. On the other hand, he is expected to continue Trump's anti-environmental agenda. Meanwhile, journalists have written Interior Secretary Zinke urging him to drop plans to interpose political appointees between reporters and the scientists they need to interview.

It's Time For a Little Perspective On Russia
(Lyle Jeremy Rubin / Current Affairs)

Commentary: "I was trained at NSA headquarters as a signals intelligence officer in the Marines. I think we are due for a little perspective on Russia." Trump recently signed a $700 billion gift to the Pentagon. The budget increase alone ($61 billion) exceeds Russia's entire annual expenditure ($46 billion). The Pentagon budget now equals more than the combined budgets of China, Russia, Britain, Japan, Saudi Arabia, India, and France. It's 14 times larger than the Kremlin's budget. Russia's not an existential threat.

Is Putin's Russia an 'Evil Empire'?
(Patrick J. Buchanan / AntiWar.com)

Commentary: To those of us raised in the Truman era, when the Red Army was imposing its bloody Bolshevik rule on half of Europe, and NATO was needed to keep Stalin's armies from the Channel, the threat seemed infinitely more serious. Is Putin's Russia really a reincarnation of Stalin's Soviet Union? Is Russia today a threat of similar magnitude? Today, the Soviet Union is history, having splintered into 15 nations. Russia is smaller than it was in the 19th century, with two-thirds the population of the USSR.

The Impacts of Militarism on Climate Change
(Florian Polsterer / University of Luxembourg & the Global Campus Open Knowledge Repository )

The Military-Industrial-Media and Entertainment Complex, is possibly the world's biggest producer of greenhouse gases and ecological degradation. Regardless of whether it is during war or peacetime, the world's armed forces consume enormous amounts of fossil fuels and produce immense quantities of toxic waste. According to the Treadmill of Destruction Theory, war is waged mainly to secure the natural resources needed to fight wars -- thereby creating a self-perpetuating cycle of destruction.

Will Trump Revert to Gunboat Diplomacy in Latin America?
(Ted Galen Carpenter / The National Interest (Online) & The Cato Institute)

News media outlets are abuzz with reports that President Trump told aides in August 2017 to prepare a contingency plan for US military intervention in Venezuela. The president apparently indicated considerable interest in that option. His security advisers reportedly pushed back firmly, arguing that resorting to military force would have significant adverse repercussions -- including a surge of anti-US sentiment throughout the Western Hemisphere.

Final Defense Bill Would Limit US Support to Saudi Campaign in Yemen
(Rebecca Kheel / The Hill)

The final version of this year's defense policy bill -- the National Defense Authorization Act -- would put conditions on the US refueling of Saudi Arabian and Emirati planes bombing Yemen. A Saudi-led coalition has been fighting Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen since 2015. The US has supported the Saudis with billions of dollars in arms sales, intelligence sharing and logistics like air refueling. But Capitol Hill has grown increasingly frustrated as the civilian death toll rises, mostly caused by Saudi airstrikes.

Iran's Destabilization Is Not in US Interest
(Shahed Ghoreishi / Lobe Log)

On July 3, 1988, the US Navy, on patrol in the Persian Gulf, shot down Iran Air Flight 665 in Iranian territorial waters, killing all 290 passengers on board including 66 children. The US agreed to a $131.8 million settlement for this horrific war crime, but refused to apologize. President Ronald Reagan's egregious decision to award the commander of the Navy ship the Legion of Merit for actions that claimed the lives of hundreds of innocent Iranian civilians continues to haunt US-Iran relations.

From Demented Tweets to Covert Action, Trump Plots to Overthrow Iran's Elected Government
(Imran Khan / Al Jazeera & AntiWar.com)

Riots have erupted in southern Iraq after Iran stopped supplying electricity to the region because it is owed $1.5 billion in unpaid bills. Al Jazeera has been told, off the record, that the US put pressure on Iraq not to pay the Iranians to destabilize Tehran. Meanwhile, the Trump Administration has formally launched an "offensive" campaign to erode support for Iran's elected government and to foment pressure against Iran's leaders. But Trump's latest Twitter tirade takes bellicosity to new extremes.

The GOP Stands by as Trump Up-ends American Security
(Evan Osnos / The New Yorker & Reader Supported News)

Commentary: Fifty years ago, America was in agony. Its unity at home, and its standing abroad, were deteriorating. Today, the country again faces a profound political crisis, and the summer of 1968 is instructive. But this crisis differs in a fundamental way: fifty years ago, the President’s party had the will to respond. In the aftermath of Donald Trump's performance at the Helsinki summit, there has been outcry, but no real action, from the Republican establishment.

Global Report: There are 400,000 Slaves in the "Land of the Free"
(Edward Helmore / The Guardian & Anne T. Gallagher / The Anti-Trafficking Review)

More than 400,000 people could be living in "modern slavery" in the US, a condition of servitude broadly defined in a new study as forced and state-imposed labor, sexual servitude and forced marriage. The Walk Free Foundation describes modern slavery as an often hidden crime that crosses borders and jurisdictions. "The United States is one of the most advanced countries in the world, yet has more than 400,000 modern slaves working under forced labor conditions. This is a truly staggering statistic."

ACTION ALERT: War on Planet and Health: Stop Trumps NAFTA
(Friends of the Earth)

Donald Trump is renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement with Canada and Mexico. Trump's NAFTA 2.0 would lock in his rollback of essential environmental, public health, and consumer regulations while blocking new safeguards for food, chemicals, pesticides, and GMOs. Trump's NAFTA is nothing more than a giveaway to giant corporations, including the pesticide industry and other polluters. Congress can stop this attack on protections for people and the planet.

Iran's Destabilization Is Not in US Interest
(Shahed Ghoreishi / Lobe Log)

On July 3, 1988, the US Navy, on patrol in the Persian Gulf, shot down Iran Air Flight 665 in Iranian territorial waters, killing all 290 passengers on board including 66 children. The US agreed to a $131.8 million settlement for this horrific war crime, but refused to apologize. President Ronald Reagan's egregious decision to award the commander of the Navy ship the Legion of Merit for actions that claimed the lives of hundreds of innocent Iranian civilians continues to haunt US-Iran relations.

ACTION ALERT: War on Wildlife: Trump's Plan to Destroy the Endangered Species Act
(Max Matza / BBC & Friends of the Earth)

The Trump administration has proposed changes to the Endangered Species Act, a law credited with keeping hundreds of species from going extinct. The change would eliminate automatic protections for threatened plant and animal species, and make it easier for species to be removed from the list. The proposed change is the latest in a series of White House efforts to remove environmental regulations designed to protect vulnerable species and their habitat. Environmentalists have reacted with outrage.

Camp Humphreys, South Korea: America's Largest Overseas Military Base
(TIME Magazine & The Korea Times & Newsweek & The South China Morning Post)

The new US military base in South Korea is the Pentagon's largest. Built over the protests of local villagers, who were forcibly removed to create the huge $10.8 billion complex, Camp Humphreys features more than 650 buildings – including a 310-000-sq-ft shopping mall, four schools, five churches, a sports complex and an 18-hole golf course. While it is home to nearly 45,000 American troops and contractors, South Korea is footing the bill for 92% of the annual operating costs.

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