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April 4, 2003
March 31, 2003
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EAW's Breaking News archive

EAW Special Schedule for June
(Gar Smith / Environmentalists Against War)

The EAW staff will be traveling in South America for the next three weeks. Regular filing of stories will not resume until June 26. We will post articles as time and circumstance allows.

Targeting Nicaragua
(Mitchel Cohen & Dan La Botz / NewPol.org & Tortilla Con Sal)

Commentaries: It's pretty clear that the US government has had it in for the Sandinista government in Nicaragua since the revolution in 1979, despite the elections there which at one time voted out Daniel Ortega, and later re-elected him as Nicaraguan president. Nicaragua has been a good example of how Western corporate and alternative news media are able to create a custom-made bizarro-world to suit the propaganda requirements of their countries' elites.

ACTION ALERT: Tell Trump: No Drilling in the Great Lakes; No Mining in Yellowstone Park
(Hon. Debbie Stabenow / US Senate & Josh Nelson / CREDO Action)

The Great Lakes are under attack like never before. Today, in a new executive order, Donald Trump os trying to dismantle protections to open the Great Lakes to drilling. Yellowstone National Park is facing one of its biggest threats since it was established nearly 150 years ago. Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke is considering whether to open up more than 30,000 acres of public lands at the northern gateway of America's oldest and most iconic national park to aggressive gold, silver and other mineral extraction.

Will Trump Keep Korea Promises?
(Joe Bernick / Peoples World)

Both North and South have distinct visions of what a unified future might look like. So Donald Trump and his hawkish right-wing advisors meet with North Korean leaders, and some Democrats and liberals are criticizing what appear to be steps towards peace. What gives?

Kings Bay Plowshares: US Indicted for Global Nuclear Terror
(William Boardman / Reader Supported News)

On April 4, 2018, the Kings Bay Plowshares Seven, three women and four men, all Catholics, carried out a nonviolent, symbolic action, pouring blood on the world's largest nuclear submarine base and indicting the US for the crime of holding the world hostage to the terrorist threat of nuclear war. The US crime that began in 1945 has reached new intensity with Donald Trump's years of casual rhetoric threatening nuclear holocaust on targets from ISIS to North Korea.

War Games Between South Korea and United States
(Associated Press)

The United States has formally suspended a major military exercise with South Korea that was scheduled for August. President Donald Trump had pledged to stop the "war games" after his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. The Pentagon said planning has been halted on the August drill but no decisions have been made on any other military exercises with South Korea. Here is a brief explanation of US-South Korea military exercises.

Report Says Over 1 Billion Small Arms in World -- Nearly Half in the US
(Edith M. Lederer / Associated Press)

There are over 1 billion firearms in the world today, including 857 million in civilian hands -- with American men and women the dominant owners, according to a study released Monday. The Small Arms Survey says 393 million of the civilian-held firearms, 46 percent, are in the United States, which is "more than those held by civilians in the other top 25 countries combined."

The US Is Exacerbating the World's Worst Humanitarian Crisis by Outsourcing Its Yemen Policy
(Alex Emmons / The Intercept)

Lybian Oil Crescent Ablaze: Satellite Imagery Captures Burning Oil Tanks in Libya
(Wim Zwijnenburg / Bellingcat)

Recent eruptions of violence in Libya's so-called 'oil cresent' between armed forces loyal to Haftar's Libyan National Army (LNA) and rival armed groups resulted in another row of burning oil tanks. In the areas around oil terminals at Es Sider and Ras Lanuf, clashes continued for days. As a result, various oil tanks at the Fida Oil Farm, west of the Ras Lanuf oil terminal were hit and caught fire. They are still burning.

The Slow Violence of Pollution in Afghanistan
(Doug Weir / The Conflict and Environment Observatory)

The State of Global Air report estimates that air pollution was attributable for 51,600 deaths in Afghanistan in 2016. With an annual rate of 406 deaths per 100,000, its air pollution is among the worst in the world. Air pollution in Afghanistan now is killing more people than armed violence.

Farming as Resistance in Guatemala
(Trina Moyles / YES! Magazine<)

Threatened by a mining company, indigenous women in the remote highlands of Guatemala are marching, increasing productivity, and planting trees.

They Could Hear Their Children Screaming
(Joan Walsh / The Nation)

In the week since Senator Jeff Merkley made newswhen he was turned away from a child-immigrant-detention center in Brownsville, Texas, mainstream news outlets have begun covering the abomination at the border. Only one member of Congress has been able to talk to the mothers who have had their children taken from them: Washington state Rep. Pramila Jayapal, who got into a federal Bureau of Prisons facility near Seattle to meet with roughly 170 immigrant women.

ACTION ALERT: Can Elephants Survive Climate Change? Human Impacts Causing Radical Changes in Animal Behavior
(American Wildlife Foundation & David Nield / Science Alert)

An elephant needs 30 to 50 gallons of water every day to survive. Will elephants survive the poaching crisis only to succumb to climate change? Meanwhile, according to a new study, a growing number of mammals are switching to a nocturnal cycle and sleeping during the day, primarily to avoid contact with human beings.

Karzai Blames US, Pakistan For Afghanistan Chaos
(Kalinga Seneviratne / InDepth News)

Former Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai has blamed the United States and Pakistan for the chaos created in his country over the past two decades. He firmly believes that the West, including Germany, should admit to their failures in his war-torn country. He began by pointing out western complicity in the chaos that is seen today in the Middle East describing the 2003 invasion of Iraq by the US led forces as justified by "trumped up charges" that led to the rise of terrorism in the region.

US Threatens 'Measures' Against Syria for Defending Its Territory in the Southwest
(AntiWar.com & Reuters and the Jerusalem Post)

The US will "take firm and appropriate measures" in response to Syrian government violations in a so-called de-escalation zone in the southwest of the country. President Bashar al-Assad's forces have recovered swathes of territory from rebels with the help of Russian air power and Iran-backed militias, and he has repeatedly pledged to take back "every inch" of the country.

ACTION ALERT Congress May Declare the Forever War
(Conor Friedersdorf / The Atlantic)

A proposed law with bipartisan support would dramatically weaken the ability of legislators to extricate the United States from perpetual armed conflict. Please call your House member and both Senators if you are a US citizen to express your views on this. All can be feached at any of the following phone numbers: 1-202-224-3121, 1-202-225-3121, 1-877-762-8762.

Burlington Mayor Ignores Voters; Continues to Push Air Force to Base F-35s in State
(James Marc Leas / Truthout)

The mayor of Burlington, Vermont, clearly has a perverse notion of a representative republic's superiority to direct democracy and deserves to be impeached, recalled, voted out, shamed, bird-dogged, and drummed out of office, something every peace group ought to be proud to help with.

How Big Tech Serves Pentagon and CIA
(Tim Johnson / McClatchy News Service)

A funny thing has happened to Google and Amazon on their path toward high-tech success: They have become crucial cogs in the US national security establishment. Both companies are expanding teams of employees with security clearances to work on projects that include deploying artificial intelligence and building digital "clouds" to offering law enforcement facial recognition tools that can even read the mood of people caught on camera.

New Contractors For Expanded Nuclear Weapons Production
(Nuclear Watch New Mexico)

The Department of Energy's National Nuclear Security Administration recently announced its choice for the new $2.5 billion management and operating contract for the Los Alamos National Laboratory. The new contractor, Triad National Security, LLC, is a limited liability company consisting of the Battelle Memorial Institute, the University of California and Texas A&M University. All three are non-profits -- two are supposed "institutes of higher learning." Make that "institutes of higher earning."

How the Last Superpower Was Unchained, American Wars and Self-Decline
(Tom Engelhardt / TomDispatch)

Commentary: To George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and the rest of the crew, 9/11 seemed like a heaven-sent opportunity -- a "Pearl Harbor of the twenty-first century" calamity that provided a magic formula for the ultimate control of the planet. Think of it as the all-American version of the human comedy: a great power that eternally knows what the world needs and offers copious advice with a tone deafness that would be humorous, if it weren't so grim. If you look, you can find examples of this just about anywhere.

ACTION ALERT: Looking Beyond the Kim-Trump Summit Toward a Lasting Peace in Korea
(David Swanson /David Swanson.org & Hon. Tulsi Gabbard / US House of Representatives)

Despite the image of the Kim-Trump handshake, the US media and even leading Democrats continue to press for a hard-line against North Korea. If the US government is going to get out of the way of the peace process that Koreans from the North and South are pursuing, the US public is going to have to actively demand it. The corporate media will not help. The Democratic and Republican "leaders" will not help.

An Amnesty International Prisoner of Conscience Condemns AI's Role in Nicaragua
(Nicolas J. Sandy Davies / United for Peace and Justice & Camilo E. Mejia)

Commentary: Camilo Mejia has written a letter to Amnesty International to challenge the biased and destabilizing role it is playing in the violence and chaos sweeping Nicaragua. Camilo grew up in a Sandinista family in Nicaragua, and was an Amnesty International Prisoner of Conscience when he was imprisoned in the US as an Iraq War resister.

Pentagon Openly Refuses to End Korean Military Exercises
(Jamie McIntyre / The Washington Examiner)

The Pentagon is openly refusing to end war rehearsals in Korea despite Trump's announcement. The US military is making plans to restructure, scale down, and reschedule military training with South Korea, maintaining that training would continue -- just without the high-profile "in-your-face" exercises with aggressive code names like "Max Thunder" and "Key Resolve." We need to end all "war games" in the region and begin withdrawal of all US troops stationed in South Korea.

As Trump and Kim Shake Hands, What Does This Mean for Koreans?
(Rebecca Johnson / Open Democracy)

Two vain men met in Singapore, posed for the cameras and signed a joint statement. Neither US President Donald Trump nor North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un deserve to be trusted, so why should we be cautiously hopeful that the Singapore Summit might this time lead to more sustainable peace and disarmament in the Korean Peninsula? To implement the Singapore and Panmunjom commitments, what is needed is a collective plan to denuclearize security relations across North-East Asia.

Sweden's Military Madness
(David Swanson / World BEYOND War & The Guardian & CNN)

The government of Sweden has reinstated the military draft and sent a war propaganda brochure to all Swedes promoting fear, Russophobia, and warlike thinking. the militarist threat from tiny Sweden hardly compares with that of the Pentagon. While Sweden is fifth in dealing weaponry to poor countries and ninth in dealing weaponry to all countries, we all know who's first. Sweden is, in fact, a customer for US weapons sales.

An Amnesty International Prisoner of Conscience Condemns AI's Role in Nicaragua
(Nicolas J. Sandy Davies / United for Peace and Justice & Camilo E. Mejia)

Camilo Mejia has written a letter to Amnesty International to challenge the biased and destabilizing role it is playing in the violence and chaos sweeping Nicaragua. Camilo grew up in a Sandinista family in Nicaragua, and was an Amnesty International Prisoner of Conscience when he was imprisoned in the US as an Iraq War resister.

Notes from Paraguay: Return of the Colorado Party and A Forgotten War in South America
(Gar Smith / Environmentalists Against War & A Global World & Nikolas Kozloff / Al Jazeera)

June 12 was a national holiday in Paraguay. Chaco Armistice Day, commemorates peace – and the end of a bloody war between Paraguay and its neighbor Bolivia. The conflict erupted over the control of the Chaco region, a contested area that was believed to harbor immense stores of untapped underground oil. The surprising part of the story involves the covert involvement of the US government and, allegedly, the role of major US oil companies in fomenting the conflict.

The World According to Seymour Hersh: Two Reviews
(David Swanson / David Swanson.org & Christian Lorentzen / New York Magazine)

Commentary: Seymour Hersh's new memoir, Reporter: A Memoir, occasionally notes the failure of the exposure of wrongdoing to result in accountability or policy reforms. That's the closest the book generally comes to touching on any motivation behind Hersh's work related to ending war or torture or any other evil. The exception is the bit about Hersh's time working for Eugene McCarthy's presidential campaign.

It's Time to End the Afghan War
(Adam G. House / Chaos Section)

Review and commentary: "It's not just time to end the war in Afghanistan; it's time to end the United States government's reign of terror across the planet; it's time to liberate the world from the perpetual warfare state; it's time to end the era of Keynesian central banking cartels; it's time to harness the power of the internet and technology to expose war crimes and disinfect the world from the plight of authoritarian statism and its' violent extremist purveyors."

ACTION ALERT: Assault on Yemen Port Could Cost 250,000 Civilians Lives
(Tom Miles / Reuters & CODEPINK)

A long-anticipated assault on Yemen's port city of Hodeidah by the US-backed, Saudi-led coalition could cost up to 250,000 lives, according to a senior United Nations humanitarian official. Allied forces were 20 km (12 miles) from Houthi-held Hodeida. It is unknown whether there are plans for an assault to seize the port, the chief entry point for food and supplies needed to ease a famine and cholera epidemic. Coalition officials could not immediately be reached for further comment.

ACTION ALERT: The US-North Korea Summit
(American Friends Service Committee)

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un are scheduled to take part in a historic summit that could be a significant step to deescalate tensions between the US and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. This meeting isn't just about nuclear arms. It's about ending the Korean War, which was never officially ended. Here are three ways you can show your support for peace on the Korean peninsula today.

ACTION ALERT: Troops at Risk from Burn Pits: The VA Must Be Held Accountable
(Kelley Beaucar Vlahos / The American Conservative & Hon. Tulsi Gabbard / US House of Representatives)

"For the nearly 3 million troops who deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan since 9/11, burn pit exposure has proven to be prevalent and has contributed to cancer diagnoses, respiratory illness, and neurological and pulmonary damage. There's a registry for veterans who have been affected, but too many veterans are not yet on that registry, with some being rejected care and not receiving the support they deserve. We must do more." -- Hon. Tulsi Gabbard.

Toward a Truly Indigenous Peace in the Korean Peninsula
(Simone Chun / AntiWar.com)

Commentary: "Last month, I took part in an international women's peace delegation to South Korea, led by Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Maguire and Women Cross DMZ founder Christine Ahn. It was my first visit to my native Korea in over three years. Everywhere I went, I witnessed the afterglow of the inspiring candlelight movement that restored democracy to the country last year, and I sensed the deep conviction with which Koreans support the current peace process initiated by President Moon Jae-in."

Just Say No to an Illegal War on Iran. The US House Did
(Marjorie Cohn / Truthout)

In a little noticed but potentially monumental development, the House of Representatives voted unanimously for an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act of 2019 (H.R. 5515) that says no statute authorizes the use of military force against Iran. The amendment, introduced by Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minnesota), states, "It is the sense of Congress that the use of the Armed Forces against Iran is not authorized by this Act or any other Act."

Nuclear Threats Can Not Be Resolved by Two Men With Nuclear Buttons: ICAN Will Be Active in Singapore
(Akira Kawasaki / International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons)

All people of East Asia and beyond need to join the nuclear disarmament game. You must not remain a passive audience to the crucial talks between two men with nuclear buttons. If the Singapore Summit fails, we all face the real threat of a nuclear war over the Korean Peninsula. The consequences would be catastrophic, with no winners. Your lives are being threatened, taken hostage. We must all work for our own survival.

Recent US and Russia Accused of Killing Civilians in Syria
(Brett Wilkins / AntiWar.com & Al Jazeera)

Amnesty International reports that US and coalition warplanes have pounded areas of Syria's Deir Ezzor and al-Hasaka -- provinces controlled by Islamic State militants -- reportedly killing around 100 civilians, including more than 30 children. Local media reported the victims included children as young as five months old. Meanwhile, air attacks believed to have been carried out by Russia on a Syrian village killed at least 44 people, inflicting the highest death toll in a single attack on the region this year.

ACTION ALERT: How Does Coal-Friendly Power-abusing Scott Pruitt Still Have a Job?
(ClimateTruth.org Action & The New York Times)

How does Scott Pruitt still have a job? With every passing day the list of Pruitt's scandals grows larger, and ever more bizarre. It's enough to make your head spin. This week we learned that Pruitt had his staff assisting him with improper personal tasks. A growing number of critics and DC colleagues claim Pruitt's extreme anti-science, anti-environment, climate-denier agenda is a danger to the American people -- and his dirty dealings and unethical conduct are unacceptable. It's time for him to go.

A Former US Vet Asks: What Was the Point of Regime Change in Iraq?
(Danny Sjursen /The National Interest)

Commentary: "On the evening of 25 January 2007, my platoon left the gates of Forward Operating Base (FOB) Rustamiyah and snaked through the streets of East Baghdad, Iraq. Our mission was to link up with and check on some local Iraqi policemen. It was a dangerous time. Upwards of 100 US soldiers were being killed each month -- many, if not most, in the capital city."

Even Though Google Cancelled Pentagon Maven, Drone Deal Concerns Continue
(Marco Margaritoff / The Drive & the Institute for Public Accuracy & Yasha Levine / Surveillance Valley)

Google will officially not renew its contract with a Pentagon drone project after it expires, according to Bloomberg, following protests by the tech company's staff and the ensuing publicity. But does that mean an end to Pentagon experiments with drones and artificial intelligence. Apparently no. Now is the time for scientists, engineers and employees to stand up and refuse to work of these anti-human projects designed to project force, power, and control by spying on and murdering "designated targets."

Google and Other Companies Must Endorse Ban on Killer Robots and Military Contracts
(Campaign to Stop Killer Robots)

Google and its parent company Alphabet are starting to address some ethical concerns raised by the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, but, as yet, have not taken a position on the unchecked use of autonomy and AI in weapon systems. These and other technology companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Oracle, should publicly endorse the call to ban fully autonomous weapons and commit to never help develop these weapons.

Google to Drop Pentagon AI Contract After Employee Objections to the 'Business of War'
(Drew Harwell / The Washington Post)

Google will not seek to extend its contract next year with the Defense Department for artificial intelligence used to analyze drone video, squashing a controversial alliance that had raised alarms over the technological buildup between Silicon Valley and the military.

Academics Protest Google's Role in Drone Murders
(Andre Damon / World Socialist Web Site)

Three prominent technology scholars published an open letter Monday, which has now received over 900 signatures, condemning Google's collaboration with the Pentagon's illegal "targeted killing" program. The academics published their letter in support of over 3,100 Google employees who issued their own open letter last month protesting the company's participation in a Pentagon program called Project Maven.

US, UK and France Have Left Raqqa in Ruins
(Patrick Cockburn / The Independent & the Unz Review)

Air and artillery strikes by the US and its allies inflicted devastating loss of life on civilians in the Isis-held city of Raqqa, according to an Amnesty International report. It contradicts claims by the US, along with Britain and France, that they precisely targeted Isis fighters and positions during the four month siege that destroyed large swathes of the city.

Locals Say US Airstrike in Libya Killed Three Civilians
(AntiWar.com & Abdullah Ben Ibrahim / The Libya Observer)

A US airstrike on Wednesday near Bani Walid, in northern Libya, destroyed a vehicle and killed four people. One of them was identified as Abdul-Ati Estewi, a member of ISIS. The other three victims are a matter of dispute. AFRICA said in a statement ":we assess no civilians were killed in this strike," adding that the airstrike was coordinated with "the Libyan Government of National Accord." But sources on the ground told local reporters the target was a single ISIS fugitive and three civilian family members.

Colombia Joins NATO, and That Means Trouble
(W. T. Whitney Jr. / People's World & Morningstar Online)

In 2013, Colombia and NATO agreed to cooperate in intelligence-sharing, military-training exercises, and so-called humanitarian interventions. And in May 2017, Colombia and NATO agreed that the former would become a NATO "global partner." On May 25, 2018, President Juan Manuel Santos made an announcement to that effect. Colombia thus becomes NATO's first global partner in Latin America. Those in other regions include Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, New Zealand, Japan, Mongolia, and South Korea.

North Korea Has Taken Big Steps: Now It's Trump's Turn
( Medea Benjamin and Ann Wright / The Guardian)

From easing the travel ban to humanitarian aid, there are many ways the US could show its commitment to progress. Respect and reciprocity are key elements in Korean culture. During our recent trip to South Korea as part of an international women’s peace delegation South Korean women complained that Donald Trump’s erratic conduct showed disrespect for the mediating role of their president and commented on the lack of US reciprocity for North Korea’s goodwill gesture of returning three imprisoned US citizens

Iran: Sanctions & War
(Conn Hallinan / Dispatches from the Edge)

Has the Trump administration already made a decision to go to war with Iran, similar to the determination of the Bush administration to invade Iraq in the aftermath of the 2001 attacks? Predictions are dicey things, and few human institutions are more uncertain than war. But several developments suggest that the rationale for using sanctions to force a re-negotiation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action is cover for an eventual military assault by the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia aimed at regime change in Teheran.

Google and Other Companies Must Endorse Ban on Killer Robots and Military Contracts
(Campaign to Stop Killer Robots)

Google and its parent company Alphabet are starting to address some ethical concerns raised by the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, but, as yet, have not taken a position on the unchecked use of autonomy and AI in weapon systems. These and other technology companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Oracle, should publicly endorse the call to ban fully autonomous weapons and commit to never help develop these weapons.

What Is NATO?: The Essential Q & A
(NO to NATO: The International Network to Delegitimize NATO)

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is a political and military alliance between several North American and European countries. Its basis is the North Atlantic Treaty that was signed on 4 April 1949. NATO is an alliance of member states who agree, under Article 5 of the Treaty, to mutual defence and consider an attack on one member to be an attack on all -- but although they are obliged to respond, they are free to choose how.

US Considers Direct Military Aid in Attacking Port in North Yemen
(Jason Ditz / AntiWar.com & Karen DeYoung and Missy Ryan / The Washington Pos)

US officials are reportedly considering direct US military support for the offensive against the Yemen port of Houdeidah -- the lone source of humanitarian aid for Houthi-controlled northern Yemen, meaning it feeds millions of civilians. The United Arab Emirates, has been pushing toward Hodeidah in an ongoing offensive, with the idea that the fall of the port would be a decisive loss for the Houthi rebels. Human rights groups have been complaining for weeks that the fall of the port would start an immediate famine.

Casualties Up 42% in a Month as Afghan War Rages On
(Ahmad Shah Erfanyar / Pajhwok)

Nearly 3,000 people have been killed and injured in 205 attacks in Afghanistan in May, showing 42 percent increase in casualties happened in April. Pajhwok Afghan News reports show 1,220 people have been killed and 866 others injured in 173 different attacks in 28 provinces of the country in April.

US Attacks on Syria Kill 20 Civilians, Including 12 Family Members
(Agence France-Presse & AntiWar.com)

At least 12 civilians -- members of the same family -- have been killed in US-led coalition raids on ISIS in northeastern Syria. "The air strikes and artillery fire [Friday night] by the international coalition on the village of Hidaj, held by IS in the southern sector of Hasakeh province, killed at least 12 people," the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said, using another acronym for ISIS.

Will Pentagon's Billion-dollar Bombers Go the Way of the Dodo?
(William J. Astore and Tom Engelhardt / TomDispatch)

Did you know the US Air Force is working on a new stealth bomber? Don't blame yourself if you didn't, since the project is so secret that most members of Congress aren't privy to the details. (Talk about stealthy!) Known as the B-21 Raider, it's designed to carry thermonuclear weapons as well as conventional missiles and bombs. A $100 billion boon for Northrop Grumman, the plane's primary contractor, the procurement of 200 B-21s is likely to prove a bust for the American taxpayer.

Why the Air Force Thinks It Can Turn Gamers Into Its Next Top Guns
(Jason C. Ditz / The American Conservative)

This is what happens when you combine lofty recruitment goals with a bottomless pit of taxpayer money: the military is encouraged to make reckless attempts to engage the public. The Air Force now appears to be lining up one of the most reckless of blunders yet.

ACTION ALERT: Vets Say No to Ken Burns Emmy and Trump's Parade Charade
(Mike Ferner / AntiWar.com & Will Fischer / Vote Vets)

A national veterans' organization is weighing in on this year's Emmy awards with a full-page ad in Variety, saying Ken Burns and Lynne Novick's "Vietnam War" series does not deserve a "Best Documentary" award. Meanwhile, members of Vote Vets, are concerned that politicians in Washington are supporting calls for Donald Trump's ridiculous -- and costly -- military parade. Vote Vets notes: " If Donald Trump really wanted to honor our military and veterans, he'd fill the nearly 50,000 vacancies at the VA."

Team Bolton: Do These Guys Prefer War With North Korea?
(Doug Bandow / The American Conservative)

Commentary: "When Lord Acton coined the phrase "power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely," he might have had America in mind. Never mind US leaders' professed good intentions: possession of extraordinary military power continues to lead otherwise sensible people to pursue dangerous, even monstrous policies. So it is with North Korea."

Thoughts on the Saudi-Israeli Connection
(Lawrence Davidson / Consortium News)

Israel and Saudi Arabia are making strange bedfellows but there are reasons for the emergence of their de facto alliance. Israel has become an established "fact on the ground" and the concept and practice of settler colonialism is well-rooted in Palestine. Saudi Arabia has, perhaps begrudgingly, accepted this change -- and it is not hard to see why.

Google Employees Say "No" to Working for the Pentagon
(VentureBeat.com & Gizmodo & The New York Times & Defense.gov)

Since Google's involvement with Project Maven became public, about a dozen Google employees resigned in protest and more than 3,000 employees -- including Artificial Intelligence chief Jeff Dean -- have signed letters stating that Google shouldn't participate in the creation of autonomous weaponry. Google should listen to its employees and stay out of the business of war and that Maven reflects the need for a Hippocratic oath for AI practitioners, but the backlash isn't just coming from journalists.

Largest Theft in History: Pentagon Lost $21 Trillion in the Name of "National Security"
(RT News)

The first-ever audit of the Pentagon (which is taking 2,400 auditors to do the job) is trying to determine what happened to $21 trillion in unsupported adjustments. Evidence suggests the Pentagon has misplaced more money than the GDP of the whole of the United Kingdom! In the latest instance of negligent bookkeeping at the Pentagon, its Defense Logistics Agency has failed to account for more than $800mn intended for construction projects and has spent more than $5.6 trillion on wars since 9/11.

Pentagon Report Raises Alarm that US Industry Can't Support War for Much Longer
(RT News)

Between globalization and nearly 20 years of constant warfare, the industrial part of the US military-industrial complex is not looking so good, putting future wars at risk, according to the Pentagon's Annual Industrial Capabilities report.

US Defense Stocks Skyrocket Thanks to America's Adventures in the Middle East

Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and Raytheon stocks have enjoyed the fruits of the Arab Spring. Since 2011, the shares of US defense contractors have soared by as much as 700 percent. Lockheed Martin, the maker of fighter jets including the trillion-dollar F-35, has enjoyed a five-fold increase in market cap, with company shares soaring from $69 in 2011 to the current $351. Producer of Tomahawk missiles, Raytheon, has also grown more by than 500 percent from $40.76 to $227 per share.

ACTION ALERT: Tell Congress to Block Bomb Sales to War Criminals in Yemen
(Win Without War & Alex Emmons / The Intercept & Al Jazeera)

The heartbreaking humanitarian crisis in Yemen fueled by our tax dollars is taking a horrific turn for the worse. Already, the Saudi-led coalition has driven 8 million Yemenis to the brink of starvation and let loose the worst cholera epidemic in history -- all with direct US support. Instead of demanding Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain stop this brutal offensive and negotiate peace, Trump wants to sell them $2 billion in more bombs for Yemen.

Israelis Shoot, Kill Young Female Medic; US Vows to Veto UN Call to Protect Palestinians
(Agence France-Presse & Reuters & The Jerusalem Post & AntiWar.com)

Two months of violent Israeli crackdowns on public protests along the border. 115 Palestinians were killed in these protests, and over 13,000 wounded. This includes an estimated 3,600 Palestinians hit with live ammunition. The International Committee of the Red Cross is sending two teams of war surgeons to Gaza and setting up a surgical unit to treat the many victims.

France Promotes Israeli-made Rifles Used in Gaza Massacres
(David Cronin / The Electronic Intifada)

The maker of rifles used during Israel's recent massacres in Gaza will soon exhibit its products at an arms fair sponsored by the French government. Amnesty International's investigations have identified the Tavor as likely to have been one of the main guns fired by Israeli snipers attacking Palestinian demonstrators over the past two months. As the manufacturer of that rifle, Israel Weapon Industries ought to be blacklisted by every country which professes concern for human rights.

Construction of Israeli Settlements in the West Bank Has Tripled Under Trump's Watch
(Al-Jazeera & Agence France-Presse )

The Israeli government has approved the construction of 2,070 new settlement units in the occupied West Bank. According to Israeli organisation Peace Now, 14,454 settlement units in the West Bank have been approved since US President Donald Trump took office, which is more than three times the amount that was approved in the year and a half before his inauguration.

US Claims Control over Parts of Syria; Syria Vows to Defend Its Sovereignty and Expel US Troops
(Jason Ditz Pos/ AntiWar.com & Julia Manchester / The Hill & John Bowden / The Hill)

Washington's claim the the US now occupies and controls territory in Syria's southwestern region has provoked the country's leader to vow that Syria will reclaim its sovereignty by "going to resort to liberating those areas by force" if necessary. "We don't have any other options," Assad insisted. He noted that US troops are in the country with no legal basis, and pointed out the consequences of the US having similarly entered Iraq with no legal basis. The US is guilty of the international crime of military aggression.

Israel Deliberately Provoked the Latest Violence in Gaza
(James North / Mondoweiss)

The timeline proves that Israeli is provoking the latest violence in Gaza. On Sunday, Israeli tanks killed 3 members of the small Islamic Jihad group who were inside Gaza. (The Israeli military said it killed the 3 because a bomb had been planted overnight near the border; it offered no proof the dead had anything to do with the alleged bomb.) In response, Islamic Jihad, and the much larger Hamas, supposedly fired 70 mortars or rockets into Israel, killing no one.

Trump Has Plenty of Accomplices in His Reckless Energy Policies
(Harvey Wasserman / The Progressive)

Some 360,000 Americans now work in the solar industry, more than in nukes and coal combined. In fact, more Americans are now working in California's solar industry than are digging coal nationwide. And the US wind business now employs more than 100,000 people. But President Donald Trump wants to change that. He has already slammed the solar industry's growth by slapping a 30 percent tariff on imported Chinese panels, slowing installations nationwide.

ACTION ALERT: Stop Trump from Letting Hunters Kill Bear Cubs and Wolf Pups in their Dens
(Friends of the Earth & The Sierra Club)

The Trump administration just proposed allowing hunters to kill bear cubs and wolf pups in their dens. If this proposal goes through, it would put rare wildlife at risk of inhumane treatment in national preserves in Alaska. The Department of the Interior is accepting comments on this plan. So we need you to speak up now! Help send 50,000 comments to the Department of the Interior opposing Trump's efforts to harm wildlife!

War on Iran Is US Policy Now, According to Secretary of State
(William Boardman / Reader Supported News)

In his first formal public address, US secretary of state Mike Pompeo effectively declared war on the sovereign nation of Iran. Pompeo wants us to believe that everything bad that happened in the Middle East after Saudi terrorists attacked us on 9/11 in 2001 has been Iran's fault. Almost everything Pompeo had to say to the Heritage Foundation was a lie or, more typically, an argument built on lies. Pompeo continues to preach the longstanding Big Lie that "Iran continues to be . . . the world's largest sponsor of terror."

House Tells Trump: "You Cant Attack Iran"
(AntiWar.com & Rep. Keith Ellison / US Congress)

An amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for 2019, which itself passed the House on Thursday, warns the Trump Administration that they have no legal authorization for a military attack on Iran. The amendment was offered by Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), and was very simply worded. It simply declares that it is the sense of Congress that neither the NDAA nor any other act authorizes the use of military force agaist Iran.

This Is What Democracy Doesn't Look Like: Congress Targets Election Winners in Iraq
(Bryant Harris / Al-Monitor)

The US Congress has unanimously voted to sanction two Iran-backed militias in Iraq, one of which just won more than a dozen parliamentary seats. The House of Representatives legislation would require Donald Trump to sanction "persons that are officials, agents, affiliates of or owned and controlled by" two prominent Iran-backed militias that operate in Iraq and Syria. Iran's Fatah (or Conquest) political coalition, won 47 out of 329 parliamentary seats.

Hurricane Maria's Deadly Aftermath: The Tragic Failure of Washington's Response
(Carolina Moreno / Huffington Post)

An extensive Harvard study has found that about 4,645 people -- not the 64 officially reported -- died as a result of Hurricane Maria, and it provided some damning details about life on the island after the storm. Most of the deaths occurred in the aftermath of the storm. Data from this large-scale survey also revealed some sobering information about what life has been like for those trying to manage their health on the island in the wake of the storm.

ACTION ALERT: Dual Wars in North Korea and Iran?
(Win Without War & The Washington Post & Politico)

We have less than a week to stop Trump from getting a huge blank check for endless global war. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee could vote as soon as next week on a horrifying new Authorization for the Use of Military Force -- or AUMF -- that would let Donald Trump start a new war any time, anywhere, with just an FYI to Congress. In the worst-case scenario, Trump could be on track to add two more wars to Washington's growing list of armed interventions -- targeting both Iran and North Korea.

Dan Ellsberg on What Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un Don't Know About Their Own Standoff
(George Perkovich / The Atlantic & Defense One)

It's getting harder to see how Trump and Kim can make the mutual accommodations necessary for diplomacy to succeed. In fact, beneath the surface, the current situation resembles the prelude to the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, which historical research continues to show was much more dangerous than anyone knew at the time. The question is, will the military hold the president back from his impulsiveness? The fear is, they can't hold him back. Who has ever told this president "You can't do this"?

Hundreds Arrested Nationwide as Poor People's Campaign Demands 'End to the War Economy'
(Jake Johnson / Common Dreams)

Inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s warning that "a nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death," the Poor People's Campaign has launched a series of nationwide protests to confront the US war economy, which pours money that could be used to provide healthcare and food to the poor at home into the killing of innocents abroad. The PPC denounces a system that profits "every time a bomb is dropped on innocent people."

Untold History: How Black People Created Memorial Day
(Felice Leon / The Root & David Blight / The New York Times & Paul Harvey / Religion in American Culture)

For generations, American children have grown up learning the story of Paul Revere's ride and Lincoln's address at Gettysburg but they have rarely, if ever, heard of the true origins of Memorial Day. It was on May 1, 1865, that more than 10,000 people -- recently freed slaves, black schoolchildren, colored soldiers and their allies -- gathered in Charleston, South Carolina and held what was the country's first Memorial Day parade.

Inconvenient Truths: What We Forget to Remember on Memorial Day
(David Swanson / David Swanson.org & World BEYOND War & RootsAction)

Commentary: ""Memorial Day is a time to remember, appreciate, and honor the selfless patriots who gave the ultimate sacrifice in service to freedom . . . [so] that we live in the most free and prosperous nation on Earth," Congressman Tom Garrett proclaimed. It would be difficult to count all of the lies in the above statement. Let's just highlight a few. Let's start with "most free."

A Multinational Peace Vigil in Japan Brings Hope for Peace in Korea
(Joseph Essertier / World BEYOND War)

On May 26, 2018, a multinational group of Japanese, Korean and American activists gathered at the Hope Square next to the Fountain of Hope in Nagoya City, for a candlelight vigil in support of the peace process underway in Korea. People in Japan are jumping on the "peace train" headed for an end to the Korean War.

Parading the Pro-war Myth: The Illusion of War Without Casualties
(Nicolas J.S. Davies / Consortium News and Mint Press News)

Commentary: The latest broadcast of the widely watched Academy Awards ceremony was interrupted by a special presentation devoted to films about war-- "American Sniper," "The Hurt Locker" and "Zero Dark Thirty." To pretend to a worldwide audience in 2018 that the US war machine is "fighting for freedom" in the countries it attacks or invades was an absurdity that could only add insult to injury for millions of survivors of US coups, invasions, bombing campaigns and hostile military occupations all over the world.

ACTION ALERT: Cal Poly Students Threatened for Protesting Raytheon's Weapons
(CODEPINK and Change.org)

On April 19, 2018, members of the SLO Peace Coalition entered the Cal Poly Career Fair with the intent of peacefully bringing a message about war profiteers to Raytheon's booth. Raytheon creates many of the weapons used in illegal killings of innocent civilians across the world. After 15 minutes, the nonviolent, song-based protesters left peacefully. Two weeks later, they were informed they were under investigation for violating the University's Student Code of Conduct.

On Memorial Day: Remember the Victims and the Defeats
(Reader Supported News & CODEPINK)

While flags fly and politicians preach patriotism, millions of our veterans remain neglected. As we begin this Memorial Day weekend, remember those who have lost their lives in war and violence. From the children dying right now of starvation in Yemen, to the peaceful protesters recently massacred in Gaza, to the countless numbers killed by the US in Iraq, Afghanistan, and victims of gun violence here in the US. We know that wars and violence never bring us closer to peace.

ACTION ALERT: Say NO to US/NATO Military Transports Through Eastern Germany
(Potsdam Peace Coordination & Jungwelt)

Between May and June 2018, over 100 US military convoys are set to cross the eastern German state of Brandenburg and head toward Eastern Europe. The NATO exercise will take place in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland with 18,000 military personnel from 19 countries. According to NATO propaganda, US soldiers and NATO troops are training to protect the Baltic States from the "aggressor Russia." Join the international protest opposing this latest example of NATO's aggressive provocations.

We've Seen "Wars on the Homeless" Before: In Nazi Germany
(Terry Messman / The Street Spirit)

Nazi Germany's attempt to eliminate its entire Jewish population is remembered and widely condemned. Less widely remembered are the Third Reich's campaigns to purge gay and lesbian people, political leftists, Polish people, the Sinti and Roma (Gypsy) populations, and the physically and mentally disabled. But in a striking and tragic omission, a strange sort of historical amnesia has clouded our memory of this criminal regime's terrible attacks on the homeless, the jobless, beggars, and vagrants.

The Butterfly Effect: How One Small Action Could Trigger a Nuclear War; US Missile Crews on LSD
(Eric Ortiz/ TruthDig & Robert Burns / The Associated Press & Military.com)

Two young artists from Greece, Spiros Nobilakis and Eugenia Koumaki, created a graphic novel comic to show the interconnectedness of our world and how one small action can have disastrous consequences -- including an out-of-control nuclear war. Case in point: Service members entrusted with guarding nuclear missiles were caught using LSD and other mind-altering drugs. The activity -- at Warren Air Force Base, a highly secure military base in Wyoming -- went undetected for months.

The US Has Military Bases in 80 Countries. It's Time to Close Them All
(Alice Slater / The Nation & Canadian Dimension)

On the weekend of MLK Day, Baltimore University hosted more than 200 peace, environment, and social-justice activists to launch a Coalition Against US Foreign Military Bases. In a series of panels over two days, speakers from every corner of the globe described the extraordinary cruelty and toxic lethality of US foreign policy -- despite King's warning more than 50 years ago that "a nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death."

A Fiscal Conservative's Cure for Imperialism: End Foreign Aid -- to Everyone
(Jacob G. Hornberger / The Future of Freedom Foundation)

Commentary: Americans have only lived under a federal income tax system since 1913. The law requires them to send a certain portion of their income to the US Treasury. Washington then uses a portion of those seized monies to send money or armaments to foreign governments. We call it "foreign aid" but in actuality it is nothing more than government-to-government welfare. The Israeli government then uses the "foreign aid" to underwrite its merciless programs and deadly operations aimed at the Palestinians.

ACTION ALERT: Protest BlackRock's Investments in Washington's Global War Machine
(Mehreen Kasana / Independent Media Institute & Chelsia Rose Marcius and Rich Shapiro / New York Daily News & CODEPINK)

According to the progressive anti-war and women-led Code Pink, it's time for BlackRock -- the world's most powerful private equity giant -- to cease making a "killing on killing." It must be held accountable for its massive investments in the manufacturing of deadly weapons both within the United States and around the world. Code Pink's Divest from the War Machine campaign notes that the weapons BlackRock invests in are killing innocent civilians "in places like Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq."

Humans 0.01% of Life Have Destroyed 83% Wild Mammals
(Damian Carrington / The Guardian)

A groundbreaking assessment of all life on Earth reveals humanity's surprisingly tiny part in it -- as well as our disproportionate impact. Humankind is simultaneously insignificant and utterly dominant in the grand scheme of life on Earth. While the world's 7.6 billion people represent just 0.01% of all living things, since the dawn of civilisation, humanity has caused the loss of 83% of all wild mammals and half of plants.

Watchdog: US Intervention in Afghanistan a $5 Billion Failure
(Jason Ditz / AntiWar.com & Courtney Kube / CBS News)

The US Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) has issued a new report Thursday. The report concluded that the 15-year, $5 billion Afghan stabilization program has been a failure. Unrealistic expectations and a lack of political will doomed the rebuilding effort, according to a new report.

Mike Pompeo's 12-Step Plan for Disaster With Iran
(Scott Ritter / TruthDig)

In what The Washington Post labeled "a silly speech," Trump's new Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, provided an American answer to the charge that, when it came to the Iranian nuclear agreement, the US had "no Plan B." The unrealistic demands made upon Iran in Pompeo's address -- coupled by the absolute detachment from reality and historical fact and/or context these demands were made -- made the speech more dangerous than silly.

Houses Passes $717 Billion Military Spending Bill; Pentagon Speeds Up Arms Exports
(Jason Ditz / AntiWar.com & Patrick Tucker / Defense One)

In a 351-66 vote, the House of Representatives passed their version of the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act, a military spending bill that would pour $717 billion over the next fiscal year into operations to support the military, its wars, and nuclear arms. The NDAA would assure that the US remains by far the world's largest exporter of arms -- with Saudi Arabia a top customer. Another beneficiary: Ukraine, whose Russia-friendly government was toppled by a US-backed, rightwing coup.

Probe Says MH17 Downed by Russian Missile: Russia Refutes Claim
(Mike Corder / Associated Press & RT News & Xinhua News)

The missile used to shoot down a Malaysia Airlines passenger jet over eastern Ukraine in 2014, killing all 298 aboard, belonged to a Russia-based military unit, an international team of investigators said Thursday. Moscow has rejected any involvement in the crash of flight MH17 after the Netherlands and Australia declared Russia "responsible" for the deployment of a BUK missile system that downed the jet in 2014. Russia was not allowed to take part in the investigation of the controversial crash.

ACTION ALERT: Trump Cancels Summit with Kim. Tell Congress It's Time to Step In
(Win Without War & CNN & Agence France-Presse & The Telegraph & Fox)

The sinkhole that is Donald Trump's foreign policy got even bigger this morning when he abruptly cancelled his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, scrapping plans for what would have been a historic diplomatic summit to bring peace to the Korean Peninsula. We can't let that happen. We need to make it clear that Congress and the American people remain fully committed to diplomacy, not war, with North Korea.

The 1994 "Agreed Framework": How US-North Korea Diplomacy Promised Peace, Stability and Denuclearization
(The Arms Control Association & The Washington Post & The Guardian & The Conversation )

In 1994, Bill Clinton and North Korea's Kim Jong-Il secured a "Agreed Framework" that put an end to the North's nuclear weapons program in exchange for US financial aid and assistance with energy technology. By 2000, North Korea was on the verge of agreeing to a historic document that would have denuclearized the Korean Peninsula. If Al Gore had been declared winner of the 2000 presidential election, that might have happened. Instead, George W. Bush's hawks took control and scrapped the agreement.

ACTION ALERT: First-person Shooter Games, the US Military, and Serial Killers: Outlaw Violence Porn:
(Pat Elder / World BEYOND War)

This is distressing "must read" story reveals a common thread among America's mass-killers: they tend to be socially awkward young men transfixed by violent videogames -- the same games the Pentagon employs to encourage young boys to become armed "warriors." Is anyone organizing to censor and outlaw "violence porn," the way society has done for sexual pornography? Our military should not be allowed to rely on these "games" to cultivate the "best murderers" for recruitment into real-time killing.

Carbon Crooks Breaking the Planet as Water Resources Are Stretched Thin
(Bill McKibben / RNZ Community Scoop & Eric Holthaus / Grist)

With half the Arctic summer sea ice gone, the impacts of climate change are becoming dramatically visible -- despite the Carbon Baron's decades-long coverup of the damage they knew they were inflicting on the planet. Meanwhile, as humans have harnessed rivers, built dams, and dug wells to quench our growing civilization, we now have -- for the first time -- a picture of what all those generations have wrought on our blue planet's most defining resource.

Trump's 'Plan B' Is a Distraction: The Real Goal a War with Iran
(AntiWar.com & Haaretz & Al Jazeera)

When the Trump Administration withdrew from the P5+1 nuclear deal, they began talking about a "Plan B." Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has set out the US' post-deal strategy this week, threatening the "strongest sanctions in history" and setting out an incredibly broad set of 12 demands that leave no room for diplomacy. "Plan B" ultimately means setting the stage for a massive US war with Iran.

With Medal of Honor, SEAL Team 6 Rewards a Culture of War Crimes
(Matthew Cole / The Intercept)

For 15 years, SEAL Team 6 senior officers hid reports of skinning, scalping, "canoeing," and mutilating enemy corpses with custom-made hatchets. "By giving Slabinski the award, you close the door on our criminal history," said the former SEAL Team 6 leader. "The cover-up wins. You've closed this ugly part of our command's history, and everyone gets away with it. What everyone learns from this is that cover-ups work -- don't say anything bad about your teammates, keep quiet and we'll get through it. It's disgraceful."

"Turning Corners" in America's Wars and Going in Circles
(Tom Engelhardt / TomDispatch & Todd Miller / TomDispatch)

Despite repeated claims that the Pentagon is "turning the corner" in Washington's many illegal, ongoing, foreign wars, al-Qaeda and the Taliban, have somehow morphed into "more than 20 terrorist and insurgent groups" on either side of the Afghani-Pakistani border. The original al-Qaeda morphed into a range of groups (al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, and so on). The same thing is now happening to ISIS. No corners have been turned and there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

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