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ACTION ALERT: Act Now to Ban "Mini-Nukes"

May 7, 2003

Calls to Washington are needed by May 9 to back the ban on building Bush's dangerous and destablizing "Mini-Nukes."


Ask your House member to sign a "Dear Colleague" letter being circulated by Rep. Edward Markey to urge cancellation of the Nuclear Bunker Buster. To sign, members should contact Dr. Benn Tannenbaum of Rep. Mardey's staff at (202) 225-2836 by Friday, May 9. The Capitol switchboard to call your Representative: (202) 224-3121.

The letter being circulated by Representative Markey now has 53 signers. It needs more! Here is the list of those who have signed so far. If your Member of Congress is on the list, call him/her and say "thanks." If your Rep. Is NOT yet on the list, please call him/her before Friday, May 9. Thank you.

List of signers so far Markey, Edward Hinchey, Maurice Allen, Tom Rush, Bobby Lee, Barbara Moore, Dennis Holt, Rush Engel, Eliot Olver, John Conyers, John Jr. DeFazio, Peter Baldwin, Tammy McGovern, James Sanders, Bernard Blumenauer, Earl Acevedo-Vila, Anibal Evans, Lane Grijalva, Raul Honda, Michael Doggett, Lloyd Fattah, Chaka Filner, Bob Hoeffel, Joe Sanchez, Loretta Woolsey, Lynn Frank, Barney Sabo, Martin McDermott, Jim Delahunt, William Udall, Mark Farr, Sam Baird, Brian Schakowsky, Janice Waters, Maxine Waxman, Henry Capps, Lois Capuano, Michael Miller, George Towns, Edolphus Brown, Corrine Thompson, Mike Norton, Eleanor Holmes Stark, Fortney Pete Brown, Sherrod Kucinich, Dennis Tierney, John Nadler, Jerrold Sanchez, Linda Watson, Diane Davis, Susan Oberstar, James Udall, Tom Maloney, Carolyn




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