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ACTION ALERT: No Funds for More Wars

December 13, 2009
EuroNews & Peaceteam & Campaign for Peace and Democracy

US President Barack Obama’s presence in Oslo was not lost on environmentalists. “I think it does diminish the prize and it is a great disappointment and I think it undermines all of the work for peace and justice that really needs to continue happening,” said Frida Berrigan. Let the President know your thoughts. Take action by faxing, emailing, calling and writing to the White House. See the links and actions below.


Protests as Obama Accepts Nobel Peace Prize

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(December 12, 2009) — US President Barack Obama’s presence in Oslo was not lost on environmentalists who urged him to ‘earn’ his Nobel Peace Prize by getting to grips with global warming.

Plans for a new American military base in Italy also sparked protests in the city and campaigners for the rights of children made their voices heard.

Across the Atlantic in New York, the organiser of an anti-war demonstration claimed awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to a wartime president diminished the honour.

“I think it does diminish the prize and it is a great disappointment and I think it undermines all of the work for peace and justice that really needs to continue happening,” said Frida Berrigan.

Obama’s acceptance of the peace award, just days after opting to escalate US troop levels in Afghanistan, particularly angered protesters.

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ACTION ALERT: No Funds for More War
Campaign for Peace and Democracy

Robert Greenwald, director of the powerful video Rethink Afghanistan, along with Veterans for Rethinking Afghanistan, is gathering signatures for a petition against the escalation in Afghanistan to be delivered on the floor of the House by US Representative Alan Grayson (Dem-FL) on Tuesday.

Congress has the power to stop the escalation by denying funding. Please add your name to the petition by the end of day on Monday December 14 by going to www.rethinkafghanistan.com

President Obama’s decision to send more than 30,000 additional troops to Afghanistan escalates an immoral war, expands the US global military footprint, will cost more than $100 billion per year, and will not make us safer.

Robert Greenwald will appear on the Ed Schultz show on MSNBC Monday night to talk about the petition — see your local TV listings for the time. You can also check out the Rethink Afghanistan video at

And if you haven’t yet signed our own Campaign for Peace and Democracy statement “We Call for the United States to End Its Wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan,” please go to
to add your name.

In peace and solidarity,

Joanne Landy and Tom Harrison
Campaign for Peace and Democracy
www.cpdweb.org cpd@igc.org
Campaign for Peace and Democracy
2790 Broadway, #12
New York, New York 10025


President Obama has decided to send more than 30,000 extra troops to Afghanistan, at a cost of more than $100 billion/year. But America cannot afford a war that does not make us safer, and Congress has the power to stop the escalation. Vote NO on any spending bill that would send more troops to Afghanistan.

Fax Action:
Help Save Obama From Himself
By Protesting His Afghanistan Escalation


President Obama Is Wrong About Afghanistan And We Need To Tell Him So

(December 11, 2009) — Today even members of the Noble Peace Prize committee were stunned to hear President Obama preaching war at the award of his prize medal. The fact is that we need to be winding down our ruinous occupational excursion there, not getting in deeper. And the most appalling thing is the way the hardcore neocons are chortling over their new "war president".

They tell us our military force in Afghanistan is fighting terror. The exact opposite is true. Ten percent of every dollar we pour into that country goes to bribe the Taliban not to shoot at us . . . today. And when they talk about building up the Afghan army, what they don't tell you is how many recruits are in fact terrorists in for the free training. Yes, that's right, in essence the U.S. Army is running the terrorist training camps for the terrorists.

Fax Action Page:

The page above will send your instant fax to President Obama and all your members of Congress, for no charge to yourself, unlike all the right wing "activist" operations that charge twenty-five dollars or more for doing the same thing.

Notwithstanding some faint lip service, we don't have an ally there who isn't anxious to get the helter skelter out of there, to leave Afghanistan to its local and backward ways. Because every day we stay just means more people who hate us enough to want to leave their own country to try to hurt us here. Congress must refuse to fund. President Obama must get the message that escalation just makes things worse, before it gets dramatically worse. And we need to tell them that now.

Those who think they are doing our new president a favor by not speaking out in protest have it exactly backwards. Unless we speak out in numbers greater than before, there is no pressure on him except from the right, and you can see exactly where that is taking us now. If you want to help Obama, if you believe he wants to do the progressive thing, you MUST understand that the only political reality is the one we create or not, by our action or by our inaction.

The only way we can save Obama from the disastrous path he is on is by being such a wind behind his back that he has no choice but to make good policy decisions. It does not matter whether he is a strong progressive or not, what matters is whether WE ARE.

So please submit the action page. It all starts with citizen activism. Without ongoing citizen activist not even the most just of policy causes can prevail. Please submit the action page now, and encourage everyone else you know to join you.

And here is the one click Facebook page for this same fax action.

No Afghanistan Fax Action:

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.

If you would like to get alerts like these, you can do so at




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