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US Data Show Surprisingly High Numbers of Soldiers Have Died

May 23, 2010
Peter Tremblay / Libertyforlife.com

Commentary: According to little-publicized government records, many tens of thousands of US soldiers who served in Iraq have apparently been killed as a result of being exposed to radiation poisoning from the indiscriminate use of depleted uranium Weapons of Mass Destruction that were "Made in America."


Over 3.5 Million Soldiers
Dead or Disabled Since 1990
Says US Government Data

(August 19, 2008) -- According to an official Department of Veterans Affairs Gulf War Information Systems Report dated August 2007, more than THREE AND A HALF MILLION US troops who took part in the Gulf War since 1990 are dead or disabled.

On page 7 of the official report under the title Compensation and Pension Statistics August 2007, on line six of the chart the total Veterans who have been granted "Claims Granted Service Connection" is 1,201,104 Gulf War Veterans.

A total of 1,603,743 claims have been filed (line 3).
The trillions of dollars cost of this illegal war in financial terms is one thing, in regard to killing and disabling millions of US citizens it is entirely another matter. However, how many Gulf War Veterans are dead?
Statistics on Page 6 of the official report are shown below with the added DEAD GULF WAR VETERANS line

Category Conflict Theater Deployed Era Total

Service Members:
696,842 432,511 1,129,353 5,709,188 6,838,541

Veteran Deaths: 13,816 4,445 18,261 56,610 74,871

Estimated Living Veterans:
621,230 343,922 965,152 3,560,714 4,525,866

DEAD GULF WAR VETERANS (Served - Living): 75,612 88,589 164,201 2,148,474 2,312,67

The official Department of Veterans Affairs report can be found at http://www1.va.gov/rac-gwvi/docs/GWVIS_Aug2007.pdf

The VA report defines the listed categories as follows:

CONFLICT -- Desert Shield / Desert Storm Other Deployments in the 1st Year Only Starting 2nd Year from 8/2/90 to 7/31/91
THEATER Gulf War Region 8/1/91-Present
DEPLOYED -- CONFLICT + THEATER. Active Duty and Activated Reserve Forces Only from 8/2/90 - to Present

ERA -- Service Members Not Deployed in the Gulf War region from 8/2/90 - Present
Service Members All Veterans who served on or after August 2, 1990, the start of the Gulf War.

Veteran Deaths -- Veterans who died while listed in VBA’s Compensation and Pension Master Record (CPMR) and the Beneficiary Identification and Records Locator Subsystem (BIRLS).

Estimated Living Veterans -- Service Members in active service on or after August 2, 1990 and who have not died.

What is confusing is the enormous difference between the deaths listed amongst the deployed verses the non-deployed troops. How is it that three times more troops are dying and being disabled outside of the Gulf War region? We believe this is because the troops are immediately evacuated out of the Gulf when they are injured.

Evacuated troops are conveniently not counted as dead in the Gulf or Iraq, because they died in transit or back in the good old USA. The same would apply to injured troops who are only classified as receiving disability months after they are returned to the US, conveniently avoiding government war statistics so that George Bush can say this disastrous war 'is going well'...

Clearly the government and mainstream media has managed to keep these millions of Gulf War casualties and deaths out of view of the public. It's as though the million plus disabled and dead US Gulf War Veterans never even existed.

The VA report indicates that 2,312,675 US troops who were on active duty between August 1990 and August 2007, have died. Clearly millions of soldiers on active duty in and from 1990 are not dead of old age or natural causes by 2007.

The National Center for Health Statistics http://www.cdc.gov/nchs calculates the mortality rate in the US at 825.9 deaths per 100,000 population, in 2005. That would imply that with a population of 6.8 million, one would expect around 60 thousand a year to die naturally, or around 1 million, not 2.3 million!

Soldiers in active duty since 1990 would however still be in good physical shape in 2007, so the natural mortality would be substantially lower than 60 thousand per year. This leaves us with far more than a million unaccounted deaths.

We believe the injured troops are rushed back to the US before they are dead, injured troops naturally are no longer on active duty, conveniently they die when they are no longer active and not counted amongst those "dying in Iraq."

The official Veterans report clearly blows the 4,000 dead veterans the government and mainstream media are reporting out of the gulf as a complete and utter lie.

Millions of US Gulf War troops are disabled and dead. This is no greater lie than the lies the government used to get the US into the war in the first place.

Further information coming from reporters and troops in Iraq is that the government is simply bulldozing sand over dead troops and listing them as missing in action thereby avoiding any statistics regarding dead or disabled.
Millions of US soldiers are dead and disabled, however, what of the innocent Iraqi's they murdered?

Far more than a million Iraqi civilians are dead and many million have lost their homes and everything they own from a completely illegal invasion of their Nation by the US How would American's feel if Iraq invaded and occupied the US? At least an invasion of the US by Iraq could be justified by the irrefutable fact that the US has and uses weapons of mass destruction! The invasion of Iraq by the US is far worse than the invasion of Poland by Hitler....

The US has blasted thousands of tons of nuclear waste into Iraq and the Gulf region which will continue killing innocent civilians and US soldiers and their families for the forcible future....

In his recent book, Allan Greenspan, the former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank, alleged the Gulf War was about oil. But was it? Is Greenspan, like the government trying to put up a smoke screen to the real reasons? When Saddam Hussein, who was put into power by the CIA, stopped selling his oil in the private Federal Reserve Bank's dollars, Greenspan and the shareholders of the Federal Reserve Bank immediately lost out billions of profits they would be handed with each oil sale.

The buyer of Iraq's oil would first have to buy dollars from the owners of the Federal Reserve Bank before they could by the oil. The owners of the Federal Reserve Bank create the dollars out of nothing, so this put billions of dollars of real assets a buyer of oil would have to exchange for the banks dollar notes into the share holders of the Federal Reserve Bank's pockets with every oil sale. What if other nations like Iran followed suit?

If oil were the reason for invading Iraq and the absurd and desperate excuses Bush is trying to make to invade Iran, why does Bush and his co-conspirators not want to also invade Saudi Arabia?

Reasons why so many US soldiers are dead can be found on the www.libertryforlife.com site along with the reasons why the US government, courts and military is controlled by a group of Lucifer worshiping criminals and bankers who have not only stolen our Nation they have also stolen our homes and businesses and threaten life on earth....

Soldiers stop terrorizing other Nations and come home and help us get the terrorists out of the US government.

The Middle East Nuclear Holocaust

(May 23, 2010) -- It is confirmed that the US also used Uranium Nuclear Dirty Bombs while invading these other nations:
Yugoslavia, Bosnia, Afghanistan and Panama....

64kg of uranium was used in "Little Boy" which blew up Hiroshima. 140 thousand people died, half from the explosion and half poisoned from the radioactive uranium.

We all know the magnitude of the scare when nuclear power plants expose their uranium to the atmosphere; Three Mile Island, Chernobyl or the hushed up 1979 National Lead Industries (NLI) factory near Albany, NY where a leak of less than zero point three eight kilograms of depleted uranium per month cost well over one hundred million dollars to clean up. What was being made at NLI was the reason that disaster was hushed up, Depleted Uranium Dirty Bomb Bullets.

Most of us know what a dirty bomb is. That's when depleted uranium nuclear waste is blown up or released into the atmosphere with the potential of killing hundreds of thousands if not million of people. Well it turns out that instead of storing the nuclear waste from power plants in proper and very expensive storage facilities, our dear government has been machining the depleted uranium into dirty bombs in the form of armor piercing bullets.

That's right, those tanks you saw exploding into flame as our troops invaded other nations were being hit with dirty bombs. Mini-atomic bombs as the uranium armor piercing rounds made out of nuclear waste called "Depleted Uranium\" or 'DU' hits it's target.

It turns out the uranium from nuclear waste is very dense and possesses pyrophoric properties. That is. it bursts into flame releasing an explosion of heat so intense when the DU bullet hits the armor, it literally melts through armor. The soldiers in the Gulf War called the victims who’s armored vehicles had been hit by the DU rounds 'chrispies.' because their bodies were literally fried from the intense heat released from the mini atomic explosion.

If one of these dirty bomb bullets were fired in New York, they would have to evacuate the city, that's if it got any publicity. Otherwise it would simply be kept a dirty secret and silently kill anyone who was exposed to the uranium dust released by the dirty bomb bullet.

Now our boys in the military have not been firing just one or two of these dirty bomb bullets and bunker busters, they have been letting loose a hail of death. In Iraq alone during the two invasions, more than one thousand eight hundred and twenty tons of depleted uranium dirty bomb bullets and bombs were blasted into that innocent nation.

Astonishingly, because most Americans watch TV, many still think Iraq had something to do with blowing up the three large World Trade center buildings and the Pentagon. Otherwise they try to suggest that Saddam Hussein had it coming because he murdered the Kurds with the helicopters we provided, the year we gave him a billion dollars.

Now if 64 kg of uranium can poison seventy thousand people. How many people will two thousand tons kill? The numbers are staggering, that’s more than twenty eight thousand Hiroshima's. Forty percent of the Gulf War veterans are on "Gulf War Syndrome" disability from uranium poisoning. Seventy Three thousand of them have already died. But it's quietly being ignored by our government and mainstream media.

Quick Facts

• Uranium used against Hiroshima: 64kg

• Uranium used in Iraq: 1,820,000kg (1,820 tons)

• Number of Years The Uranium Will Continue Killing: 4.5 billion years.

• 70,000 died immediately from Atomic Blast 70,000 died over time from Uranium Poisoning.

• Statistics published in Encyclopedia Britannica's 2003 Almanac indicate that 325,000 Gulf War vets were receiving compensation for service-related disabilities in 2000 -- that is 56% of the 1990-91 Gulf War soldiers. The number of disabled veterans from that war increases by 43,000 per year. The total number of disabled veterans is now 2.5 million.

• 21,000 US & UK Gulf War veterans have died from Uranium Poisoning.

• One Million Iraqi's have died.

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