Ask Congress to Back UN on Iraq Restoration

April 22nd, 2003 - by admin

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ACTION ITEM: Tell Congress to Properly Fund the Healing of Iraq by Using the United Nations to Manage Reconstruction

TRUE MAJORITY – The supplemental budget bill delivered to Congress last week falls far short in resolving the likely humanitarian crisis caused by the war. It’s essential that our nation stand behind its commitment to heal Iraq, to make certain that the Iraqi people receive the food, medicine, and support that they need. It’s time for us to begin inspiring the world community with our hearts, instead of alienating it with our guns. America’s humanitarian and reconstruction work in Iraq must be conducted with the full cooperation of the international community. Unfortunately, the Bush Administration is poised to conduct its humanitarian efforts in Iraq with the same disastrous “go-it-alone” approach that it used in the war. Use the following link to request Congress to 1) ensure that our nation partners fully with the United Nations for all humanitarian work in Iraq, and 2) provide the humanitarian resources needed to inspire awe even among our enemies.