Statement against the War in Iraq

May 20th, 2003 - by admin

by Environmental Health Coalition –

Whereas, Environmental Health Coalition (EHC) is committed to peaceful resolution of all disputes,

Whereas, EHC works in communities of color to fight environmental injustice throughout the world , and see the disproportionate suffering that is brought upon those communities by their young men and women dying in the war in Iraq;

Whereas, the War in Iraq and War on Terrorism undermines civil liberties and escalates physical, economic, political and cultural violence against all people, especially people of color, indigenous people, and Third World peoples;

Whereas, EHC believes that this war brings additional untold suffering to the people of Iraq, including many innocent civilians, and degrades the ecological resources and public health of the region;

Whereas, EHC is opposed to a political and corporate agenda which seeks global economic domination by the United States through waging of an offensive attack on Iraq;

Be It Resolved That:

The Environmental Health Coalition opposes the War in Iraq, and calls upon our nation’s leaders to end the invasion and occupation and permit the Iraqi people to exercise their own rights to self-determination. We will work for the soonest safe return of the men and women fighting in Iraq, who are all too often the sons and daughters of the communities of color where we are working for economic and environmental justice.

We call upon our governmental leaders to repair the environmental damage wrought upon Iraq by this war, and to invest in the people of Iraq directly to help them rebuild the country that we have helped to destroy, and to move towards economic, political, and environmental self-sufficiency. We affirm our commitment to the Earth and in the capacity of diverse cultures to build peace through diplomacy, open communication and cultural mechanisms for conflict resolution.

Albert York Huang, Esq., Policy Advocate, Environmental Health Coalition, 1717 Kettner Blvd., Suite 100, San Diego, California 92101, (619) 235-0281 x.106, FAX: (619) 232-3670.