New Zealand’s Trade Unions Oppose War on Iraq

May 28th, 2003 - by admin

by Council of Trade Unions –

AUCKLAND (December 12, 2002) — The Council of Trade Unions (CTU) National Affiliates Council, representing more than 300,000 union members, has resolved to actively oppose war on Iraq.

In a resolution the CTU National Affiliates Council has:

· Deplored the cynical linkage by the US government of support for the war with free trade negotiations with the US;

· Condemned any pressure that is or may be brought to bear on New Zealand to drop its nuclear free policy in exchange for free trade negotiations with the US;

· Called on the New Zealand government to support strengthening and implementation of existing treaties and conventions for the elimination of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons;

· Called on the New Zealand government to actively work towards mandated international inspection of all countries developing and producing weapons of mass destruction.

· Called for every effort to be made for a long-term peaceful resolution of the current situation

And has called on unions to;

· Support and participate in any rallies and community activities against the war.
· Work to increase understanding of the current international situation amongst their members.