Tokyo Declaration

June 24th, 2003 - by admin

by The International Solidarity Forum –

TOKYO — The International Solidarity Forum was convened in Osaka and Tokyo on 24-25th May to address the people’s concerns against the occupation of Iraq and the expansion of the US led neo-imperialist project across the world.

We have discussed and shared the following basic analyses of the present international situation and confirmed the following internationally coordinated lines of actions. We intend this declaration to follow the Cairo declaration of December 2002, and so to strengthen the international struggle against war and imperialism.

The struggles against the war on Iraq that were fought all over the world developed into a huge people’s movement to stop the war before it started, and were successful in isolating the most bellicose proponents of global capitalism and war from Bush downward, and in delaying their war plans for several months. Although we could not stop the eventual outbreak of the war this time, the confidence of the people gained through the struggles is irreversible.

It is the task for all the peoples of the world to transform and disband the current war-machine system of globalization which prioritizes the interest of monopolistic capitalist circles above those of the people. In particular we must not allow any preemptive strike on North Korea using the nuclear threat as an excuse. Therefore, all the participants will commit themselves to these declarations.

We the participants of the International Solidarity Forum:

(1) Demand the immediate withdrawal of the US/UK occupation forces from Iraq and declare the war and occupation as a flagrant and shameful violation of international law.

(2) Demand an investigation of war crimes in Iraq and expose the realities of victims of the aggression, and create an International Democracy Watch Center in Iraq to promote the Iraqi people’s security, justice and rights to self-determination.

(3) Call for the establishment of an international People’s War Crime Tribunal movement to bring to account Bush, Blair and other war criminals for their war crimes, and demand their apology and reparations.

(4) Condemn all corporations which profit from war and occupation across the world, such as Bechtel, Halliburton, Caterpillar etc.

(5) Condemn media corporations, such as Fox, CNN, BBC, NHK, Murdoch, who misinform the people on the realities of war and who instead serve the interests of the political establishment rather than the people to whom they are responsible.

(6) Stop any further wars of US led imperialism before they take place and we recognize North Korea, Syria, Iran, and Cuba as most at risk and declare our solidarity with their people.

(7) Demand an end to the Israeli occupation of Palestine, the dismantling of all illegal Israeli settlements and the recognition of Palestinian self-determination and human rights.

(8) Recognize the extreme Zionist threat to the Palestinians, and commit ourselves to the survival of the Palestinian people in their own land.

(9) Condemn US military, economic and political support to the Zionist crimes against the Palestinians, and call for her to withdraw this support and hold Israel responsible to its international commitments.

(10) Support the international anti-war conference in S. Korea and Japan on August 15, 2003, and the internationally coordinated peace demonstrations worldwide on September 27, 2003, against the occupation of Iraq, US led imperialism and to commemorate the Palestinian Intifada (uprising).

(11) Support the anti-nationalist movements in South Korea in their struggle against US led imperialism and war, especially against the Korean peninsula.

(12) Oppose any Japan/US led preemptive strike on North Korea under the false pretence of a nuclear threat.

(13) Oppose any US led interference in the Asia Pacific Region, economic or military, and demand that the affairs of this region are decided by its people.

(14) Oppose any Japanese imperial ambitions, and condemn Japanese support of US led global imperialist projects.

(15) Declare that the US led ‘War on Terror’ is a pretence for the expansion of its imperialist agenda of global dominance, to strip the civil liberties of its own people, and commit racist crimes at home.

(16) Declare this global people’s movement a grassroots struggle against US led Imperialism, and encourage people everywhere to organize their own resistances in their local areas, in their colleges, in their workplaces, in their streets.

Ratified by: Movement for Democratic Socialism (Japan) Zenko (Japan) Linking Peace and Life (Japan) Global Peace Action (Japan) Global Exchange (USA) ANSWER (USA) International Action Center (USA) Party of the Democratic Socialism (Germany) Stop the War Coalition (UK) Just Peace-Muslim for a just peace (UK) Socialist Political Alliance (Korea) Labor People Council (Korea)