Tax the Rich to Pay for Bush’s Wars

September 15th, 2003 - by admin

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Bush’s War on Iraq was based on two Big Lies: that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and Iraq was helping Al Qaeda terrorists.

Bush knew they were lies, but Bush wanted to conquer Iraq to steal its oil for Cheney’s Halliburton and the oil companies that fund his political campaigns.

Bush’s Big Lies caused the deaths of nearly 300 American soldiers, with more dying every day. They also caused the deaths of over 6,000 Iraqi civilians, and the slow deaths of thousands more — especially children — through unexploded weapons, toxic uranium dust, and untreated water.

Now the bill is coming due for Bush’s Big Lies – and it’s enormous.

Bush has already spent $79 BILLION of our hard-earned dollars on Iraq. Now Bush wants $87 BILLION MORE. And that only pays for the next few months, while the occupation of Iraq could last for years.

America’s working families cannot afford these huge bills. Because of Bush’s massive $2 TRILLION tax giveaways to the rich, state and local governments are cutting essential services for working families, including education and health care. And Bush’s massive increase in our national debt is slowing economic growth and creating a crushing national debt – a “birth tax” on future generations.

We, the taxpayers of America, refuse to pay for Bush’s Big Lies. Bush and his rich friends should pay the costs of rebuilding Iraq.

We demand an immediate repeal of Bush’s tax giveaways to the rich to pay for the occupation and reconstruction of Iraq.

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