ACTION ALERT: Petition to Bush Aims for 250,000 Names!

September 24th, 2003 - by admin

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Costs in Iraq are spiraling — a Congressional estimate now places the full cost of the war for the US in the hundreds of billions of dollars. Months after President Bush landed on an aircraft carrier and declared “Mission Accomplished,” soldiers are dying by the day. Attacks are increasing, and a recent Defense Department report leaked to the New York Times indicates that they are fueled more by the resentment of ordinary Iraqis than by Saddam loyalists. And many Iraqis still lack the electricity and security that they had before the war.

President Bush demonstrated in his speech to the United Nations yesterday that he’s still unwilling to admit anything’s wrong in Iraq, or to seriously ask for help in rebuilding it. With an $87 billion request for more Iraq funds on the table, we need Congress to make the President face up to the facts. Help us reach 250,000 signers on our petition calling on Congress to hold the President and Defense Secretary Rumsfeld accountable at:

We’re already at 196,000 signers — if you sign yourself and pass this message on to friends, we can make it to 250,000 by the end of the week. Congress can’t fire the President, but it can condition further funding of military occupation and reconstruction on a real plan that will get us out of this mess. That should include finding a Defense Secretary who is up to the job and willing to work with the international community.