ACTION ALERT: Stop Plans to Drill for Oil off US Coasts

October 10th, 2003 - by admin

by National Resources Defense Council –

“COAST calls to CONGRESS” on Tuesday, October 14 is an amazingly quick
and easy way to convince your own Senators and Housemember to save your
coastline from offshore oil drilling and other looming threats. Just call
up your representatives on Tuesday and ask for two things:

1) Ask that the energy bill be killed — because it would undermine
twenty-one years of bipartisan congressional protection for the US West
Coast, the entire East Coast, Florida, and parts of Alaska, threatening
areas where new offshore drilling has been off-limits, and would open the
Arctic Refuge to drilling as well.

2) Ask that the offshore drilling ban for Alaska’s Bristol Bay be restored
in the Interior Appropriations bill, to continue protection for the most
important salmon fishery on the planet.

To make this effective, we all need to act on the same day — Tuesday,
October 14.

Remember: No energy bill, and save Bristol Bay.

You can locate the phone numbers you need by going to the look-up tool at:
just enter your zip code and click on the box on the right side of the page
that says “Find Your Local Officials”