The Misspending of $87 Billion

October 21st, 2003 - by admin

by TIME Magazine –


As part of his $87-billion military budget, President Bush has asked for $20.3 billion to rebuild Iraq. Foes of the Administration wonder why Bush is promoting a costly New Deal Program to rebuild Iraq while allowing revenue-starved US cities to collapse.

To train Iraqi police and fire fighters
The Complaint: The Administration fought a $200 million increase for America’s police and fire fighters

For two new jails
The Complaint: With a proposed 4,000 beds in each prison, the US would be spending $50,000 per inmate

For a witness-protection program for 100 Iraqis and their families who would testify against former regime officials or suspected terrorists
The Complaint: The US federal witness-protection program took in about 250 witnesses and their families last year at a total cost of $31.5 million

On electricity, including $1 billion to rehabilitate and replace the power infrastructure over several years
The Complaint: Compare spending $255 on electricity generation for every Iraqi with 71¢ a person spent on federally funded electricity work here at home

To import petroleum products and invest in oil infrastructure
The Complaint: It doesn’t make sense for the world’s second largest oil-producing country to import the stuff

To repair railroads and rehabilitate three major airports as well as the port of Umm Qasr near the Kuwaiti border
The Complaint: The port is already functioning

For a new children’s hospital in the southern city of Basra
The Complaint: The total cost could reach $700 million

For executive job training
The Complaint: A four-week management class would cost $10,000 a person

To build a museum documenting atrocities by Saddam Hussein
The Complaint: Is this really necessary?

From a sidebar in Time Magazine’s October 6, 2003 issue. For more details, go to:
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