ACTION ALERT: Ask Bush to Honor Fallen Soldiers

November 20th, 2003 - by admin

by Act for Change / Working Assets –

President Bush, Honor Fallen Soldiers and Attend a Funeral or Memorial Goal: 100,000 signatures
Deadline: Ongoing

Dear President Bush,

As of November 17th, 422 American soldiers have been killed in Iraq, over 2,100 have been wounded and there are an average of 35 attacks on Americans every day, yet you have not attended the funeral of a single American killed in action. After 15 Americans were killed when their helicopter was shot down on November 2nd, the bloodiest day since the “end of major hostilities,” you did not address the press or the public about the incident. It is being reported that this is because your aides do not wish to see you linked to a daily body count, as President Johnson was in Vietnam.

Mr. President, American servicemen and women who pay the ultimate price in the service of their country deserve our respect. They do not deserve to be swept under the carpet because their deaths are politically inconvenient. Please show our fallen soldiers the respect they deserve by addressing the American people on the subject of the mounting casualties in Iraq and by attending at least one funeral or memorial for our soldiers killed in Iraq.

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