Don’t Take the Safety off US Gun Laws

January 23rd, 2004 - by admin

by Michael Douglas –

From the Desk of Michael Douglas

Banned Assault Weapons May Be Coming Back.
The NRA is Trying to End the Ban and Gut the Brady Bill.

Ten years ago, a progressive coalition of citizens and legislators passed two major gun safety laws: a ban on assault weapons and the Brady bill-named for President Reagan’s press secretary who survived being shot in the head.

These two laws played a key role in the remarkable reduction in violent crime and make America a safer place.

But today, the National Rifle Association is leading an aggressive campaign to gut the protections of the Brady Bill and to end the assault weapons ban.

First, NRA lobbyists inserted text into an unrelated spending bill that would require that records of gun purchases be destroyed within 24 hours. The FBI and other law enforcement agencies say this would make it harder to catch violent criminals.

And the NRA is also pushing hard to prevent Congress from renewing the landmark Assault Weapons Ban of 1994. Letting the ban expire would put military-style, rapid-fire assault weapons that have been banned for the last ten years back on the street. Police departments, victims’ rights advocates, and community groups across the country fear the consequences of getting these killers back into the hands of criminals.

Lastly, the NRA wants to prevent victims of gun crimes from seeking redress from negligent gun dealers like Bull’s Eye Shooter Supply, which armed the D.C. snipers and sold 67 other guns used in crimes. The NRA thinks the victims and their families shouldn’t get their day in court.

To send an email (text below) to your Representative urging him or her to defend the Brady Bill, maintain the assault weapons ban, and preserve the rights of gun crime victims, just click here:


Letters to the editor are another powerful way to influence your Congressmembers. This feature uses state-of-the-art technology to make it really easy for you to send a letter to the editor. Click here to give it a try:

StoptheNRA has a great website on these issues at:

Michael Douglas

Here is the letter we’ll send to your Senators and Congressmember:

Dear Senator/Representative:

Ten years ago a coalition of citizens and legislators passed the Brady Bill and the Assault Weapons Ban. These bills have made our streets and our homes safer.

Now the NRA is campaigning to undermine these important laws. I urge you to help protect my family and me by:

• Renewing and strengthening the Assault Weapons Ban.

• Keeping the courthouse door open for victims of gun crimes; don’t give special immunity to gun dealers.

• Keeping background record checks for 90 days for any gun purchases.

This legislative session getting tough on crime means standing firm against the NRA.

(We will insert your name and address here.)

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