Support “Books not Bombs” National Day of Action — March 4, 2004

February 6th, 2004 - by admin

by Student Environmental Action Coalition –

This day of action has received the endorsement of United for Peace & Justice (, Global Exchange (, Peace Action ( and a host of other allies, and is being organized by the 19 national and regional youth organizations that comprise the National Youth & Student Peace Coalition (NYSPC).

Please help support the day of action by:

• Spreading the word. You can download the Books not Bombs flyer, as well as an informational brochure about NYSPC, at

Taking Action. Some of the actions that folks will are taking around the US include:

• Winning student government, faculty, and administration resolutions in support of the Books Not Bombs agenda, and demands like cutting tuition, divesting from militarism, and keeping the Pentagon and the USA PATRIOT Act out of our schools.

• Registering voters for peace and freedom, and calling on young people to build our political power in 2004 to show that our government can no longer ignore us.

• Organizing demonstrations, parties and concerts to bring people together, have some defiant fun, and help build our movement.

• Publishing articles in newspapers, creating artwork for people to see, performing poetry and theater against the war at home, fusing our culture with our cause.

• Organizing teach-ins and host speakers on subjects like the struggle for financial aid and affirmative action, the current situation in Iraq and Afghanistan, and university involvement in the prison-industrial complex.

• Reaching out at neighboring schools and other places where youth congregate, to raise consciousness of what’s going on and bring more people into this struggle.

• Letting us know that you’ll be participating. Endorse the day of action on This interactive website allows activists around the US to sign up to participate in actions, download resources, and connect with other folks in their region. Let the world know that you’ll be joining us on March 4.

• Donating to NYSPC. With your help, the Nat’l Youth & Student Peace Coalition (NYSPC) has been one of the loudest voices for peace in the US in decades. We have accomplished much with little resources or staff, primarily because of grassroots support. If you can afford a few extra $$ (any amount will help), please go to: and donate whatever you can to help support our work.

For more details about the day of action, ideas for your own community, organizing resources, and to connect w/ other Books not Bombs activists, check out: and

Jason Fults Student Environmental Action Coalition (SEAC) PO Box 31909 Philadelphia, PA 19104 215/222/4711

“…We define the missing thread running through citizen movements of the past 100 years in this way: we labored mightily to lessen a corporate harm, achieve fewer parts of poison per million or shorten a war, but we did not address the fundamental powers and privileges that allow corporate directors to govern: to write policy, define our values and plunge us into another round of butchery to increase their power and wealth.”
–Mike Ferner, Program on Corporations, Law & Democracy