Right-Wing Venezuelan Press Kills Democracy

February 18th, 2004 - by admin

by Le Monde Diplomatique –


In a strongly worded message to the opposition-loaded print & broadcast media, President Hugo Chavez Frias says “We are on alert! Venezuela is not going to put up with any more deception, we won’t allow ourselves to be burned any more … we will have to impose the Constitution and the law and you are obliged to respect it and if you don’t you will have to suffer the consequences.”

Chavez Frias says intelligence services had uncovered an opposition conspiracy to launch a new coup d’etat attempt but that he had been able to act quickly to thwart the attempt … he warns that troops are on standby to take over opposition-controlled private television stations if they encourage violence or conspiracies against his democratically-elected government … “we were ready, on Friday, to take them off the air … the armed forces are ready to take down your antennas on my given order.”

Chavez to CIA: ‘Quit Meddling’
Chavez also warned the US administration and the CIA to quit meddling in Venezuela’s domestic political affairs …

He says he has clear evidence that the United States has been funding a raft of opposition moves to overthrow his government before and after the USA-backed April 2002 coup which saw USA-puppet dictator Pedro Carmona Estanga in power for just two days before he was kicked out of office for dissolving parliament, the judiciary and the constitution in one fell swoop.

Chavez Frias insists that there has been clear evidence of USA complicity with the latest would-be coupsters and says he had had advance warning of their intentions to spark a violent insurrection this weekend … he again warns that the Bush 2 administration welcomed anti-government rebels with open arms in Washington DC to plan acts of violence aimed at putting in place a USA-led dictatorship in Venezuela for at least the next 15-20 years.

Chavez Frias has called on the Army and security services as well as Venezuelan patriots to be on guard 24/7 against whatever attempt is made to drag Venezuela back into violence.

“They want a return to violence … they are rather stupid since it serves to show their desperation,” he said, calling on opposition leaders to “desist from your efforts to destroy the country, but if you are obstinate enough to persist, I will tell you now that we will have an even greater surprise in store for you.

“I am sure that the campaign yesterday was planned in advance … when you see the reports from abroad and compare with what the spokespersons for the opposition are saying … not just this Saturday but all the days before, using the same format as the days previous to the April 11, 2002 coup d’etat … it is something they are attempting to enact and we are investigating it thoroughly.

‘Their Plans are Live, Active’
“I have the security that, with the movements, the communications counter-offensive and the international efforts we have made, we will deactivate any plan which a group of persons has elaborated to set the country on fire again … their plans are live, active … but we will remain alert for every move.

“We have come to a point in time where what we must do is to impede the media from allowing themselves to be converted into principal focuses for the conspiracy … I am not going to allow it to happen again … we are ready to take them off the air at any moment, day or night … it is my responsibility under the law as Head of State.

“Globovision and Venevision have returned to the same path, but they should not believe that they are dealing with the same Hugo Chavez as in 2002, we will not tolerate any more conspiracies against the legitimate government.

“I have no illusions about some of the (Venezuelan) media … but the reality is the government, the state and the people are winning this war, which really is a historic conflict, without firing a bullet.

“We want a country where we can all live together, at the same time I insist that the work of those who wish to bring about a civil war in Venezuela is not just limited to our country … the world around us can see and remember what the US Department of State has said … this department and the CIA does not know us Venezuelans … without warning they issue a communication alerting their citizens in Venezuela … you have to ask what they know…”

Chavez Charges ‘Fraud’
Referring to evidence that fraud has been committed in the collection of opposition signatures against him, President Hugo Chavez Frias says “we have told the truth and the truth will win in Venezuela and around the world.”

Speaking from the Miraflores Presidential Palace in Caracas on his regular Sunday chat show ‘Alo Presidente,’ Chavez Frias was celebrating the 185th anniversary of Liberator Simon Bolivar’s ground-breaking speech to the 3rd Republic Congress at Angostura in 1819.

“We are fulfilling this dream to give our people the greatest possible pursuit of happiness … the Mision Vuelvan Caras (About Face Mission) will shortly begin working to transform community living, it is not just an employment program … we are working through detail after detail in what will be a pilot plan on the road to La Guaira and we will transform the whole structure and functioning of services and urban spaces.

“We have gained a lot of ground with the organization of community objectives contemplated in the first stage … people will be able to implement their own seed programs and D.I.Y. building to improve quality of life.”

Chavez bade welcome to new Foreign Minister (MRE) Jesus Arnoldo Perez while saying goodbye to Roy Chaderton Matos who takes up Perez’ portfolio as Venezuelan Ambassador to France.

Chavez Denouces Biased US Media Coverage
Meanwhile the President has denounced the on-going media campaign against Venezuela, pinpointing coverage of opposition marches by USA network CNN.

“If there is any news against the government CNN will cover it, but if there is anything favorable to the government, they will ignore it. It is very difficult for us to swim against the stream of this negativity against the Bolivarian process, but our new Foreign Minister, Jesus Arnoldo Perez and all our ambassadors are up to the job!”

Besides CNN, President Chavez cited clearly negative information published in the Miami Herald, New York Times and Washington Post which he says is in unison with a larger part of the private media in Venezuela who he says are mainly responsible for the ongoing disinformation campaign aimed at damaging Venezuela’s good name.

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