ACTION ALERT: Healthcare Not Warfare

February 24th, 2004 - by admin

by March 19th Organizing Group –

Dear Educators, Health Care Workers and allies

We are teachers, heath care workers, students, parents, healthcare recipients and peace and justice activists who work with Direct Action to Stop the War. We are writing this letter to invite you to join us in participate in planning a creative protest and nonviolent direct action on Friday March 19 in San Francisco.

Cuts to health care and education are destroying our communities so that US military spending can increase astronomically to fund an unjust war in Iraq.

Basic health care needs are not being met, many people who have healthcare benefits are having them slashed (like the striking grocery workers in Southern California) while health care providers must work in deteriorating conditions.

Schools are severely under-funded, class sizes are continually rising as teachers are fired, and money for books and school supplies has nearly evaporated. Meanwhile, our military budget is higher than it ever has been.

We refuse to accept this attack on basic human needs and rights at home and abroad. In response to these cuts we are planning a creative protest and nonviolent direct action that will protest the war and draw clear connections to the blows education and health care have taken here at home.

We intend to reframe the war and occupation in Iraq and taking of resources from our healthcare, education and community needs as inseparable parts of the Bush Administration to create a global “empire.” Educators and healthcare workers can play a unique role in connecting this war to cuts to human needs, and can be a compelling voice for fundamental change.

This action will take place on March 19th, 2004 in San Francisco, the eve of the March 20 Global Day of Action Against War and Occupation (locally there will be an 11am march assembling at Dolores Park, SF).

Educators and health care workers are currently involved in this planning group and we would like to invite more educators and health care workers to come to the planning meetings and participate in shaping the March 19th action. We hope to bring out as many people who are directly affected by the war as possible.

If you know a teacher or health care provider who would like to share their ideas please come to our next meeting (contact David, 510 967-7377 )

Amanda Green, High School Teacher for the March 19 Organizing Group Direct Action to Stop the War

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