MILITARIZED ZONES: Gender, Race, Immigration, Environment

March 11th, 2004 - by admin

by Political Environments, edited by Ryn Gluckman, Rachael Kamel, & Betsy Hartmann. – American Friends Service Committee

MILITARIZED ZONES lifts up women’s voices to explore how war-making is linked to racism, the criminalization of immigrants, attacks on Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Trannsexual communities, the demonization of Arabs & Muslims, the portrayal of young people as a threat to the future, the role of “demographic politics” in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, restrictions on reproductive freedom, and more.

This new release includes a series of brief, accessible activist resources plus an annotated guide to groups working on issues of gender and militarism, in the US and internationally.

The collection is a collaborative effort by the American Friends Service Committee; Committee on Women, Population, and the Environment; and the Population & Development Program of Hampshire College.

Amrita Basu, professor of women’s studies and political science at Amherst College calls MILITARIZED ZONES a “fabulous resource for teachers, activist, and anyone who wants to be better informed about the world…Provides a critical vantage point from which to understand strategies of domination and resistance in the intersections of gender, race, immigration, the environment, and militarism.”

Women’s World President Meredith Tax says: “If you want to know why militarism is bad for women and the environment, how immigrants are being scapegoated, and why it is not a good idea to have the military distribute food aid in Iraq, read MILITARIZED ZONES and learn how to connect the dots.”

MILITARIZED ZONES is a special issue of Political Environments (PE No.10), edited by Ryn Gluckman, Rachael Kamel, & Betsy Hartmann.

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Printed copies are available from the American Friends Service Committee for $5 plus $1 postage & handling; bulk rates available.

Order from Community Relations Unit, AFSC, 1501 Cherry St., Philadelphia, PA 19102. (Sorry, only prepaid orders can be accepted.) For more information, please contact or 215.241-7126.