Correction on Pentagon Climate Story

April 16th, 2004 - by admin

by Mark Herstgaard –

Letter to EAW
Mark Hertsgaard

I’m an independent journalist and author whose work has been cited on your site in the past, and I appreciate your helpful summary of developments there. But you should know that, like many enviro progressives, you are spreading a misleading story, published by the London Observer, about the Pentagon’s recent climate change report.

I wrote about the Pentagon report well before the Observer reporters did–see my article in the March 1 issue of The Nation. The Observer is simply wrong to assert that the report was “secret” or “supressed” by the Pentagon brass. Quite the contrary: the report’s authors took extraordinary steps to insure that the report did not get suppressed–they gave a summary of it to Fortune magazine, which published a measured yet terrifying summary in its Feb 9 issue (it was this article that the Observer reporters apparently ripped off to write their own overwrought report).

This is one of those cases where the truth is actually much more revealing than the fictions that some would prefer. Please check out my Nation story and decide for yourselves.

Mark Hertsgaard
The article is available at The Nation
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