Israeli Army Executes Unarmed Man in Hebron

April 25th, 2004 - by admin

The Palestine Monitor – 2004-04-25 22:02:01

(April 20, 2004) — Israeli troops executed an innocent Palestinian man in the Alfawwar refugee camp in Hebron last night.

The soldiers invaded the camp during the evening in search of a wanted militant. They surrounded an area of the camp including the house of twenty year-old Mujahed Abu Awuad, who was not the wanted man.

Mujahed’s mother, who is old and sick with cancer, heard noises in the street outside, and believed it to be a local disturbance. She told her son to investigate.

As he left the house, Mujahed was shot in the leg by an Israeli sniper. The troops then prevented an ambulance from reaching the man, and rejected requests by his neighbors to evacuate him.

Mujahed was left bleeding for several hours and finally tried to escape to receive treatment, ignoring Israeli orders to stay where he was. The soldiers then executed him with a shot to the chest.

Three Schools Forced to Close
In Silat Adh Dhahr, south of Jenin, Israeli soldiers forced three schools to close after imposing a curfew in the village on Saturday evening.

The troops moved in to disperse a demonstration at the assassination of Abdel Aziz Rantissi. As a result of the Israeli deployment and curfew, 2,000 students were sent home from school on Monday.

Sabah Al Assad, director of the village secondary school for girls, said that soldiers had come to the school and ordered it to close. She had asked them to allow the school to remain open until the end of the day until buses and taxis arrived for the children who lived in surrounding villages and so that 63 students could complete and exam they were taking.

The soldiers refused, and the exam had to be abandoned.

“There was no reason for the closure, they just don’t want our children to study,” said Sabah Al Assad.