ACTION ALERT: Fix UN’s Flawed Iraq Resolution

June 5th, 2004 - by admin

Working for Change – 2004-06-05 12:29:50


Tell the UN Security Council to Fix Flawed Iraq Resolution

It has become clear to all but a few that a military occupation of Iraq cannot be sustained, and the Bush administration is hard at work seeking to show progress before the November election. With very few exceptions, President Bush and his advisors have made all the wrong choices concerning Iraq, and there is little hope that this will change.

It is good news that a caretaker Iraqi government has been formed, but the terms under which it governs are critical. Both the US and Great Britain desperately want a new UN mandate for transferring partial sovereignty while maintaining the military occupation after June 30th. This gives the UN Security Council enormous leverage in getting the next phase of our Iraqi misadventure on the right track.

The current version of the draft resolution on Iraq is deeply flawed and must be improved before passage. Already, under international pressure, the draft resolution has been changed to provide for Iraqi control of Iraqi military forces (but not foreign forces) and to set a date in early 2006 for withdrawal of foreign forces.

This progress should be acknowledged, and pressure for further changes should be intensified.

Urge the UN Security Council to vote “no” on the current US/UK Iraq proposal unless crucial changes are made to the flawed proposal.

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