Bush Backs Down as Friendly Dictators Complain

June 8th, 2004 - by admin

The Daily Mislead – 2004-06-08 09:03:13


(June 3, 2004) — In a speech at the US Air Force Academy, President Bush “maintained the spread of democracy in the Middle East will undercut the stagnation and despair that feeds terrorist ideologies.” He claimed, “we’re standing for human rights and political freedom, (1) often at great personal risk.”

What he did not say was that earlier this year, the president put aside efforts to promote democracy in the Mideast after the plan was denounced by his friends in the Saudi Arabian government. (2)

Last November, Bush delivered a highly-touted speech (3) about the need to spread democracy in the Mideast. But when it came time to act, the New York Times reported Bush “set aside his plan (4) to issue a sweeping call for economic, political and cultural reform in the Middle East” after it was denounced by Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.

In dropping his plans, Bush followed the demands of two dictators who are regularly criticized by his own State Department (5) for their undemocratic practices and human rights abuses.

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