Bush’s GOP Rival Jailed Prior to GOP Convention

August 12th, 2004 - by admin

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(August 13, 2004) — Republican “9/11 Truth Candidate” John Buchanan has been arrested in Florida on extremely suspicious charges. Buchanan, an investigative reporter whose revelations have caused acute embarrassment to the Bush family, is being held in most flagrant violation of US law.

Buchanan now faces an accellerated kangaroo court that, within days, could send him to prison for up to five years for “stalking” an unidentified “victim.”

Buchanan’s arrest happened in Dade County — Jeb-Bush country. He has been framed and placed in jail, which will prevent him from attending the GOP convention where he hoped to challenge the nomination of George W. Bush. This way-laying of a legitimate political challenger shows the raw power of the criminal ruling elite that is now in power in Washington.

Buchanan needs to be Issue Number One throughout the convention. Demand his release and the end of supprssion of his message.

Members of the web communities www.911sharethetruth.com and www.911truth.org have been in touch over the last few hours with John Buchanan, who ran against George W. Bush in the New Hampshire Republican primary as the “9/11 Truth Candidate.” Buchanan was featured at the end of David Ray Griffin’s book, The New Pearl Harbor and was interviewed in the film, 9/11: The Greatest Lie Ever Sold.

Has Campaigning Against Bush Now Become ‘Stalking’
On February 4, while on his way to speak at an evening meeting of the National Press Club, John was kidnapped by unidentified federal agents who claimed to be Secret Service officers but apparently were not.

Four days later, upon his return home, John was arrested again. This time, on phony criminal charges contained in a 14-count felony complaint for aggravated stalking against a victim the state has failed to produce.

One is left to conclude that the “victim” is one George W. Bush. If so, that means that Buchanan’s Constitutionally protected right to politically challenge a fellow Republican has been deemed “stalking.”

On June 14, after the “victim” failed a second time to appear for a deposition, the judge informed the Florida state attorney that he would dismiss the charges if the victim failed a third time to appear. The victim failed to appear last Thursday.

Today, however, the judge changed his mind — and the state attorney refused even to let John plead guilty to a misdemaneor so that he could return to Maine and his 9/11 outreach actiivities prior to going to the Republican Convention in NY later this month.

The state of Florida now plans to put John on trial next week. He is facing five years in prison. His new public defender has reportedly “lost” his evidence binder, which he prepared to rebut the original allegations with more than a dozen witnesses and other evidence.

Targeted for Exposing Bush Family Ties to Nazi Leaders?
The fact is, John is being persecuted by the Bush regime for his courage in reporting the “Bush-Nazi story” in the New Hampshire Gazette last fall and then taking Bush on earlier this year based on the ugly truth about 9/11. We the people of the 9/11 and anti-war/anti-corporatism movements can not sit by and watch this happen. We must all help John in any way we can — NOW.

Given his dire situation, John needs a lot of help and moral support. Specifically, he needs some short-term financial support and legal assistance, as well as media exposure to call attention to his persecution by the state.

John has emerged as a courageous member of the 9/11 community and has made a firm commitment to continue on with the fight until the Bush administration has been held accountable. For that reason, he deserves your full and aggressive support.

Action Alert
• Please write a brief letter to the judge, Julio Jiminez, at Maimi-Dade Criminal Justice Building, 1351 NW 12th Street, Miami, FL 33125.
Please be aware that just a few minutes of your time in expressing your support for John will make a big difference.

• Should you wish to reach John, call (207) 332-3978 or e-mail him at