“Jail Michael Moore for Treason”

August 21st, 2004 - by admin

Conservative Petitions.com – 2004-08-21 08:45:37


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The “documentary” movie Fahrenheit 9/11 by Michael Moore is — in a word — TREASON!!!

To dupe the uninformed, delight the blame-America-first crowd and inspire terrorists, Moore concentrates his anti-Bush venom to the detriment of our troops and our nation at a time of war. As a result, more of our soldiers are dying, and America is increasingly being threatened because of this turncoat’s treachery.

Don’t let Moore get away with treason! Sign this petition urging US Attorney General John Ashcroft to brand Moore a treacherous traitor guilty of seeking to undermine our nation’s resolve to fight while giving aid and encouragement to our avowed enemies during a time of war!


To US Attorney General John Ashcroft:
(with copies to House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist and Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert as well as my Congressmen)

The definition of treason includes betrayal of the United States of America by consciously and purposely acting to aid our nation’s enemies during war. As a signer of this petition, I demand a formal charge of treason be brought forward against movie director Michael Moore.

We are a nation at war with a barbaric enemy, an enemy who purposely targets the women and children as well as the innocent. We can no longer allow treasonous speech and action to be confused with free speech, which is only protected so far as it does not place the lives of others in danger.

Michael Moore’s recently released film, Fahrenheit 9/11, seeks to undermine our nation’s morale during this current struggle and thus places all of us, as well as our brave soldiers, in harm’s way. Michael Moore provides aid and comfort to our enemy by falsely portraying our government in a negative light, as liars and manipulators, as well as our troops as baby killers and torturers.

Director Michael Moore’s film can only be seen as irresponsible, dangerous and thus a threat to our national security. How many more American captives will be executed as a result of Michael Moore’s actions?

Michael Moore’s anti-American propaganda, with its creative editing and blatant disregard for the truth, places the lives of our soldiers in harm’s way by giving the false expectation to our enemy that America will no longer support the war on terror. Nothing could be further from the truth. American resolve in this war is steadfast.

Any weakness displayed by our country will only lead to a renewed vigor in the spirit of this barbaric enemy we seek to defeat. The American public will not allow Michael Moore and our domestic enemies to weaken the war effort. Nor will we allow these traitorous foes to bring our troops home under the dark cloud of shame and dishonor, as we allowed them to do during the Vietnam War.

Please, bring formal charges against Michael Moore. He has clearly stated it is his objective to bring down the Bush Presidency. His conspiracy theories, while debunked by his critics here at home, will be seen as factual and correct by our enemies abroad. We ask you do the right thing. All of our necks are on the line.


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