Fake Terror – The Road To War And Dictatorship

September 1st, 2004 - by admin

Mike Rivero – 2004-09-01 09:23:41


Mike Rivero’s seminal article, “Fake Terror — The Road To War And Dictatorship in 2000, before 9/11,” reviews the many usages of Fake Terror in history where leaders needed an excuse for War and Tyranny. Some of these examples include the following:

• 1941 Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s oil and steel embargoes on Japan were used to provoke an attack on the Pacific fleet positioned as bait at Pearl Harbor, which under the tri-partite argreement gave him the excuse to declare war on Germany, something Americans had strongly opposed.

• 1964 President Lyndon Johnson needed an excuse to escalate the CIA-run conflict in Vietnam, and went on national TeeVee to sucker Americans into supporting the Gulf of Tonkin resolution, based on the the pretence of an attack on the USS Maddox by North Vietnamese gunboats that never actually happened.

• 1991 President George Bush Sr. had suckered Iraq into invading Kuwait and needed public support for counter-invadion with 450,000 US troops, to bolster the price of oil, and to build permanent US bases in the region. The Washington PR firm of Hill and Knowlton concocted a monumental fraud in which the daughter of the Kuwaiti Ambassador to the United States went on TV pretending to be a nurse, and related a horror story in which Iraqi troops looted the incubators from a Kuwaiti hospital, leaving the premature babies on the cold floor to die. The President went on TeeVee and used this lie to drum up support for his invasion.

• 1992, America needed to secure control of the heroin smuggling routes to Albania, and to stop the notoriously independent policies of Yugoslavia, and concocted hoaxes like the world famous press campaign of faked “Concentration Camps” in Serbia to justify its intervention.

• 1993 The FirstWTCBombing where the person that orchestrated the attack, assembled the patsies, supplied the explosives and created the bomb was a paid FBI informant who had been brought into the country on a CIA Visa program, and was removed from the operation before the bombing when he suggested substituting inert powder for the explosives. The bombing was used to introduce Fascist police-state legislation, the AEDPA.

• 1995 The Oklahoma City Bombing, that demolished a day-care center as well as a federal building, could not have been caused by a ANFO bomb as the government claims. Multiple bombs were found in the building, and a number of government groups received advance warning. The bombing was used to pass Fascist police-state legislation, the Aedpa.

To this list of American atrocities we can add:

• 1980 The Bologna Train Station bombing which killed 89 people, the worst “terrorist” attack in Europe up until that time. The government blamed the bombing on left-wing “terrorists” when in fact it was the work of European Fascists and the Italian Shadow Government, the P2 Lodge. The P2 Lodge is an occult secret society that is related to SkullAndBones, and was financed by the CIA as a part of Operation Gladio.

• 1999 When Yeltsin was nearing retirement, a wave of bombings hit appartment buildings in Moscow and another Russian city. FSB/KGB officer Vladamir Putin was raised to the media forefront to deal with the “crisis”, and Muslim “terrorists” in Chechenyna were blamed; Putin was elected President on a law-and-order platform shortly thereafter. But a fourth bomb was found and dismantled before it exploded in Ryazan, and was found to be the work of the FSB/KGB; see RyazanFakeTerror.

• 2004 The Madrid Train Station bombing which killed 250 people, the worst “terrorist” attack in Europe up until this time. The phone number of the Fascist Guardia Civil’s bomb squad was found in the effects of the person arrested for supplying the explosives to the bombers; see MadridKeysToAConspiracy.

Mike Rivero presciently concluded a year before 9/11:

As was the case in Rome and Germany, the government continues to plead with the public for an expansion of its power and authority, to “deal with the crisis”.

However, as Casio watch timers are paraded before the cameras, to the stentorian tones of the talking heads’ constant dire warnings, it is legitimate to question just how real the crises is, and how much is the result of political machinations by our own leaders.

Are the terrorists really a threat, or just hired actors with bombs and Casio watches, paid for by Cicero and given brown shirts to wear by Hitler?

Is terrorism inside the United States really from outside, or is it a stage managed production, designed to cause Americans to believe they have no choice but to surrender the Republic and accept the totalitarian rule of a new emperor, or a new F??ührer?

Once lost, the Romans never got their Republic back. Once lost, the Germans never got their Republic back. In both cases, the nation had to totally collapse before freedom was restored to the people.

Remember that when Crassus tells you that Spartacus approaches.

Remember that when thugs in the streets act in a manner clearly designed to provoke the public fear.

Remember that when the Reichstag burns down.

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