Embedded Code Broken; Next 9/11 on 9/27/2004

September 7th, 2004 - by admin

Captain Eric May / Ghost Troop – 2004-09-07 23:58:12


(September 5, 2004) — The email extract below was written by Army Intelligence officer, Captain Eric H. May, on a mission of conscience, in obedience to his oath to defend the US Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. The recipients are expert members or associates of Ghost Troop, a group of former military and concerned citizens who have been successfully picking apart flaws in the cover-up of 911 and the Middle Eastern War since April 5, 2003.

Indeed, before founding Ghost Troop, Capt. May began working on the prospect of an attack on the Houston Petrochemical area six months before the FBI put out its summer, 2003 warnings, by publishing an op-ed analysis of the attack scenario in the Houston Chronicle, Feb. 23, 2003. (It is one of five Houston Chronicle war essays by Capt. May at http://www.geocities.com/onlythecaptain/pub.htm).

Since his initial analysis of the prospects of a Houston/Pasadena strike, Capt. May has worked extensively in many areas of military intelligence and media analysis, but Ghost Troop only returned to Houston/Pasadena target analysis after the Madrid bombings of 3/11/2004.

A Numeric Connection?
They were very interested in the numeric oddity that there were 911 days between 9/11/2001 and 3/11/2004 — and that the media were not reporting it. It was at this point that Capt. May changed his view of the 911 event, which he had previously believed to be a foreign terror event, and came to believe that it was a staged event, under orders by the Bush White House, intended to start the war in Iraq (and the Middle East at large).

This was, after all, the goal that Bush and the Neocons had the day they came to office — but simply had no excuse to enact. For confirmation of this view, refer to the same site of his five war essays, and read his July 8, 2003 op-ed, in which he quotes General Wesley Clark’s comments, who expressed the same view on CNN Crossfire, June 25, 2003. For an example of the US Government’s willingness to do this in the past (1962, vs. Cuba), refer to the ABC News report on Operation Northwoods (http://abcnews.go.com/sections/us/DailyNews/jointchiefs_010501.html)

Using basic numerological ciphering techniques, Capt. May and his associates, Ghost Troop (you can find them under the search phrase, Ghost Troop) alerted the FBI, Homeland Security Agency and many Houston-area police departments that there would be a terror event against a Houston-area petrochemical target on 3/31/2004.

Successful Prediction & Threats from the FBI
After four conversations with three FBI agents, Ghost Troop was threatened with prosecution if it did not desist from its predictions. In response, Capt. May called several Houston-area media outlets, most importantly news radio station KTRH, which in turn called the National FBI. At this point, the FBI issued a warning, carried in national media, on 3/25/2004 (http://www.command-post.org/nk/2_archives/011140.html). They changed the Ghost Troop prediction by saying that there were “unspecified, uncorroborated, foreign reports” that Al-Qaeda was intending a refinery strike to interrupt the US elections, just as they had done in Madrid on 311.

The strike, contrived by the Bush White House, occurred in Texas City (30 miles from Houston) on 3/30/2004; the Capt. May/Ghost Troop prediction had been accurate to within one day. Although the FBI assured worried Americans that the event was not intentional, the world oil markets believed Capt. May and Ghost Troop, and gasoline futures reached their highest level in history the next day.

The news of a terror strike (and its prediction) became a major point of anxiety in the annual OPEC conference, according to Forbes Magazine(http://www.forbes.com/newswire/2004/03/31/rtr1318047.html).

The international markets clearly thought the FBI story was a lie — and it was. In an August 16 email, Capt. May explains to Ghost Troop why they were off-date by 24 hours in the email extract below, and makes a frightening prediction that the next 911 will occur on 9/27/2004 — the 1111th day after 911, and completely in keeping with the methodology of the time-schedule of the makers of 911 itself, and 311 in Madrid.

Please forward this email, with its analysis of the embedded code and its prediction of a 9/27 staged terror event, to all friends and family, and to all local police agencies and fire departments. The more people who are aware of the methodology of the faked terror events there are, the less able the Bush White House will be to carry them out.

Capt. Eric May can be reached at: captainmay@prodigy.net