ACTION ALERT: Release the CIA Analysis of Iraq

September 23rd, 2004 - by admin

Working Assets – 2004-09-23 23:17:20

It is apparent to all but a few that the occupation of Iraq is going badly. American casualties are up dramatically. Much of the country is off limits to US soldiers, and the appointed Iraqi leadership spends all of its time behind walls protected by American troops.

Great Britain is about to pull out a third of its troops, and the United Nations says it will not conduct national elections unless the security situation dramatically improves.

At a time when many Iraqis blame the occupation for lack of clean water and electricity, the administration is asking to shift billions from reconstruction to training an Iraqi army.

Unfortunately, Mr. Bush is one of the few who continues to assert that he has a plan, that Iraq is on its way to democracy, and that progress is being made.

The CIA, in a classified report produced in July, says just the opposite, according to press reports. This new National Intelligence Estimate is reported to indicate that the best scenario is a continuation of the current instability and the worst dissolution into civil war. In no case is progress being made.

At a time when Al Qaeda is rebuilt and gaining strength, the Taliban is resurgent in Afghanistan, and both North Korea and Iran are on the path to combining nuclear weapons and missiles, the American people must know the truth about Iraq.

A growing number of leaders are calling on the President to share the CIA’s National Intelligence Estimate with the public.

Call to Action
Urge your senator to join Senators McCain and Graham in demanding that the President release the new Iraq National Intelligence Estimate immediately.
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