Keep Space for Peace Week:

September 30th, 2004 - by admin

Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space – 2004-09-30 23:37:30

No Election Time Deployment of “Missile Defense”!
No Weapons in Space!
No Nuclear Rocket!
End the War in Iraq!
Convert the War Machine!
Keep Space for Peace!
Fund Human Needs!

Local Actions (List in formation):

1) Albuquerque, NM (Sept 18 Peace Camp at Kirtland AFB)

2) Albuquerque, NM (Oct 1-2 Conference on „Resisting the Empire: New Mexico‚s Role in the Global War Machine‰)

3) Amherst, MA (Sept 29 Arsenal of Hypocrisy video showing at UMass Campus Center)

4) Asheville, NC (Arsenal of Hypocrisy video showing planned)

5) Amherst, MA (Arsenal of Hypocrisy video showing at Univ. of Mass. during the week)

6) Bath Ironworks, Maine (Oct 2 Vigil & potluck gathering)

7) Bismarck, ND (Oct. 8-9, annual Peace Congress on “Americans Deserve Democracy, Too!”)

8) Boston, MA (Sept 28 Vigil at Copley Square)

9) Boston, MA (Oct 2 Vigil & Leaflet at Park St/Tremont)

10) Brookline, MA (Oct 2 Vigil & Leaflet at Coolidge Corner)

11) Bucharest, Romania (Sept 25 Space presentation at war & globalization meeting)

12) Burbank, CA (Oct 12 A Space 4 Peace video showing) (818) 842-5055

13) Calgary, AB, Canada (Oct 2 Human Security not Missile Defense Rally at City Hall) 403-283-6480

14) Cambridge, MA (Sept 26 Vigil & Leaflet at Mass Ave/Garden St)

15) Cape Cod, MA (Oct 2 Demo at PAVE PAWS radar)

16) Castlegar, BC, Canada (Oct 2 Rally at MP‚s office)

17) Chicago, IL (Sept 26 Arsenal of Hypocrisy video showing at Healing Earth Resources)

18) Colorado (October 2 The 2nd annual Adopt-a-Silo day will have a presence at 49 Air Force Space Command’s nuclear missile silos in Colorado)

19) Columbus, OH (Sept 25 Conference „Nuclear Dollars vs The Common Good‰ with space workshop)

20) Croughton RAF/USAF base, UK (Oct 2 Rally)

21) Darmstadt, Germany (Sept. 18 Information table & leafletting at European Space Operation Center’s “space night”)

22) Des Moines, Iowa (Oct 3 A Space 4 Peace video showing)

23) Detroit, MI (Oct 2 A Space 4 Peace video showing) 313-882-1596

24) Eagan, MN (Sept 29 Vigil at Lockheed Martin)

25) Edina, MN (Sept 29 Vigil at Alliant Tech Systems)

26) Edwards AFB, CA (Oct 2 Demo)

27) Florence, OR (Sept 25 Forum/demo on cost of war in space)

28) Florence, OR (Oct 2 Forum/demo on human cost of war)

29) Ft Greely, Alaska (Sept 24-26 Peace Camp at NMD deployment site)

30) Fylingdales, UK (Sept 25 Demo at Star Wars radar)

31) Graham, FL (Oct 2 Peace Pickin Music Festival)

32) Grandforks, BC, Canada (Oct 2 Funeral procession from Lois Hagan Park)

33) Halifax, NS, Canada (Oct 1 Star Wars film night at Dalhousie University)

34) Halifax, NS, Canada (Oct 2 Demo to show connection between wall in Palestine and missile defense)

35) Hartford, CT (Oct 9 Conference entitled „Nuclear Weapons & The American Empire‰)

36) Hiroshima, Japan (Translation of Keep Space for Peace poster into Japanese and distribution nationally by Satomi Oba)

37) Hirohima, Japan (Sept 11 Street Action at Atomic Dome)

38) Isahaya City, Japan (Oct 2 Raging Grannie Protest to keep space for peace)

39) Kennedy Space Center, FL (Oct 9 Demo) (321) 632-5977

40) Laconia, NH (Sept 30 Arsenal of Hypocrisy video showing)

41) Linz, Austria (Oct 1-2 Space presentation at anti-nuclear conference)

42) London, ON, Canada (Oct 2 Rally & March at Victoria Park)

43) Lyndon State College, VT (Sept 27 Arsenal of Hypocrisy video showing and music by Tom Neilson)

44) Mankato, MN (Sept 29 Arsenal of Hypocrisy video showing at MSU)

45) Mankato, MN (Sept 29 Vigil for peace in space at post office)

46) Menwith Hill, UK (Oct 2 Demo at NSA/USAF spy base)

47) Mid-Hudson Valley, NY (Sept 18 Militarization of space workshop at regional People‚s Assembly)

48) Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN (Sept 29 Twin Cities Peace Campaign Peace Bridge Vigil with a space theme)

49) Midland, ON, Canada (Oct 2 Rally & March at King St. library)

50) Milwaukee, WI (Sept 25 Demo at 8th & Wells)

51) Molesworth Joint Analysis Centre, UK (Sept 26 Schubert‚s Quartet „Death and the Maiden‰ Concert at base main gate)

52) Naples, FL (Oct 2 Arsenal of Hypocrisy video & luncheon)

53) New London, CT (Oct 1 Vigil at General Dynamics Electric Boat factory)


54) Newton, MA (Sept 30 Vigil at Newton Center)

55) Olympia, WA (Sept 28 Vigil at Sylvester Park)

56) Olympia, WA (Oct 1 Vigil at Percival Landing)

57) Olympia, WA (Oct 1 Poems & Songs of peace on Earth and space at Plenty, 4th & Columbia St)

58) Ottawa, ON, Canada (Oct 1 Nat‚l Press Club forum „Canada & Missile Defense: Rogue Policy-Rogue Science)

59) Ottawa, ON, Canada (Oct 2 Circus & Parade at McNabb Park)

60) Peterborough, ON, Canada (Oct 2 Public meeting at Grass Roots Cafe) 743-0241

61) Pittsburgh, PA (A Space 4 Peace video showing in coffee houses during the week)

62) Portland, OR (Sept 25 Space videos public showing at Multnomah Friends Meeting)

63) Portland, OR ( Sept 29 Vigil & leaflet at noontime at Pioneer Square)

64) Portland, OR (Oct 3 Keep Space for Peace contingent in anti-war march)

65) Saintes, France (Oct 29-31 Rally for Int‚l Disarmament)

66) San Francisco, CA (Oct 2 Public meeting on space issues) (415) 929-0487

67) Saugerties, NY (Sept 29 Arsenal of Hypocrisy video showing)

68) Springfield, IL (A Space 4 Peace video showing during the week)

69) Stennis Space Center, Mississippi (Oct 1 vigil)

70) St Louis MO (Sept 27 Public talk with Helen Caldicott) (314) 862-5735

71) Stockholm, Sweden (Oct 1-3 Conference entitled „Nuclear weapons in space? NPT and the Nordic countries role in US space plans‰)

72) Stuttgart, Germany (Oct 2 Rally at EUCOM)

73) Toledo, OH (Sept 25 ˆ Oct 2 Tabling at Kabuki Sculpture in Levis Square)

74) Toronto, Canada (Oct 2 Make Space for Peace Rally & March at U.S. consulate)

75) Traverse City, MI (Oct 12 Arsenal of Hypocrisy video showing at UU Church)

76) Tucson, AZ (Sept 27 Community Forums at University of Arizona & Unitarian Church)

77) Tucson, AZ (Sept 28 Vigil at Raytheon)

78) Valley Forge, PA (Sept 25 Vigil at Lockheed Martin)

79) Vandenberg AFB, CA (Sept 25 Demo at NMD deployment site)

80) Washington DC (Oct 2 Nat‚l Memorial Procession to White House)

81) Windsor, ON, Canada (Oct 2 Demo in park at Goyeau & Wyandotte St)

82) Winnipeg, MB, Canada (Rally at Manitoba Legislature) 204-775-8178 ext. 2

83) Yokohama City, Japan (Oct 9 Protest at Int‚l Aerospace Exhibition)


• Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space

• Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom