US “Disaster Simulation” Scheduled for Election Day

October 16th, 2004 - by admin

Mark Erwin / Prison Planet – 2004-10-16 00:08:36

(October 4, 2004) — On Tuesday, September 28th, a new federally-funded, FEMA-directed citizen training program began in my town called CERT. CERT stands for “Community Emergency Response Team.”

A quick internet search reveals that my town isn’t the only one participating. Nearly every town in America has its own CERT program, it would appear. My neighbor’s teenage son attended CERT’s initial orientation meeting and later showed me the equipment and materials he was given.

He received free of charge a backpack containing hundreds of dollars worth of gear, including a hard hat, reflective garb for checkpoint/traffic-control duty, a high beam flashlight, eye guards, etc.

In the near future, he said, he’ll also be given (again, free of charge) a special radio over which he can tap into the county’s emergency communications net.
Then, he showed me his 300-page CERT training manual along with his training schedule for upcoming weeks.

The CERT training program is intensive. It’s scheduled to last for only a little over a month. In the short span of just 35 days, CERT trainees will learn the following:

• 1) Disaster preparedness
• 2) Disaster fire safety
• 3) Disaster medical operations
• 4) Light search and rescue
• 5) CERT Organization
• 6) Disaster psychology

A Little-known Government “Disaster Simulation” Is Set for Election Day
But what really caught my eye were the last two items on CERT’s training schedule: On Tuesday, October 26th, CERT trainees will receive training on “Terrorism and CERT.” Then, exactly one week later, CERT’s training program will conclude with a “Disaster Simulation & Examination”. This final day for the CERT training program, the day when CERT will climax with a “disaster simulation,” is none other than Election Day!

Is this mere coincidence? I can’t believe that it is. CERT is a nationwide FEMA-sponsored citizen training program, after all. I assume, in every town and hamlet, fledgling CERT teams are following this exact same training schedule. And that means a nationwide “disaster simulation” is scheduled for all of them come Election Day!

As 9-11 demonstrated, federal drills and simulations can sometimes be used to provide cover for preparations for what are, in fact, premeditated events timed to coincide exactly with the drills and simulations.

Does the timetable for the CERT program portend something like a second 9-11 come Election Day?

Will the same spooks who staged the 9-11 faux-terror event perpetrate another faux-terror event come November 2nd?

CERT Timetable Parallels Texas State Guard ‘Martial Law’ Claim
The CERT training timetable parallels exactly the training timetable for the Texas State Guard leaked by a brave guardsman to talk radio host Alex Jones. He told Alex that elite units of the Texas State Guard were being intensively trained to be ready for martial-law-style deployments come the first week of November.

Needless to say, in light of this leak to Alex, when I learned that Election Day was scheduled to be the day when FEMA’s CERT training program climaxes with a “disaster simulation,” chills went down my spine.

If, in fact, a second 9-11 does happen come Election Day, there won’t be much doubt about who did it. Like the original, it too will have had to have been an inside job. How else could our next domestic terror event be timed to coincide exactly with the “disaster simulation” set to conclude FEMA’s CERT training timetable?

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