Cheney in Command of Nov. 2 ‘Terror Drills’

October 31st, 2004 - by admin

Michael Kane / Emergency Report! – 2004-10-31 13:10:38

Disturbing Washington Rumors

(October 29, 2004) — From senators to congressmen to high officials, people are leaving Washington. There is a persistent and confirmed rumor that a high-level security briefing is causing this to take place, and that the city could be vulnerable to attack at some near date. It isn’t an exodus, not all that many are leaving or closing their offices, but it is also true that nothing like this has happened since 911.
— Sue Supriano: Steppin’ Out of Babylon — Radio Interviews

This report was written in haste due to the critical nature of getting it out immediately. I call all concerned citizens to help. This is a call to intellectual arms!

I recommend ALL reporters and concerned citizens contact the Office of Domestic Preparedness and BOMBARD THEM WITH QUESTIONS about the scenario, below. Call Marc Short at 202-616-8952. He is the ODP Media Contact for the FEMA drill, as described.

This is too critical to let slide; EVERYONE must get involved. Let them know that WE KNOW what is going on. An informed citizenry is an empowered citizenry!

Government Schedules ‘Terror Exercises’ for Election Day

October 29, 2004 — A plan may be afoot to induce a national terror threat on Election Day to lower voter turnout and steal the election for Bush once again, but this time in a different manner.

At least three states have WMD/Terrorism Incident drills scheduled for Tuesday, November 2, 2004 — Election Day.

As of May 8, 2001, Dick Cheney was placed in charge of managing all domestic preparedness related to Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). It is likely that Cheney will be managing all of the Election Day WMD/Terrorism Incident drills across the country. The presidential statement, which gave Cheney this power, also created the Office of National Preparedness.

FEMA’s website makes the national announcement, but omits any dates, saying only that this is a “training course” that takes place over three 8-hour days. The course is headed by the Office of Domestic Preparedness.

The DC Emergency Management Agency has a Public Works WMD/Terrorism Incident training scheduled for November 2, 2004. The location is listed as, “To Be Determined.”,a,1225,q,586022.asp

Senator Dayton recently announced he was closing his DC office due to intelligence reports of possible terrorism in DC. He stated he would not advise anyone to go to the Capitol between now and the election.

Arizona is running a WMD/Terrorism Incident exercise on Election Day. UPI picked this up on their wire and the Washington Times ran the story immediately after Nico Haupt broke the story at

‘Interactive Exercises and Group Scenarios’
The training is designed around “interactive exercises and group scenarios.”
I contacted Marc Short at the Office of Domestic Preparedness who said, “This course is offered by the ODP (Office of Domestic Preparedness) Training Division through the Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX). The target audience for this course is state and local first responders.”

Texas is another state running this WMD/Terror Incident training drill — the same name as Arizona’s drill. The date is omitted and location is listed as “other,” though it is almost certain this exercise will be running on Election Day, as well.

I questioned Mr. Short via email, asking if a real terror incident occurred on Election Day, would those involved in the training scenario be in a position to respond to it? He did not deny that this drill was running on November 2, 2004. He stated:

If an incident occurs, the decision to deploy first responders involved in this training remains with their respective agencies.

Let’s Look at California
No terror drill is definitively listed to be happening in California. However, the California Emergency Medical Services Authority website does list November through December of 2004 to be the time when training scenarios of “Protecting High Risk Buildings” will be run. Date and location is “TBD,” or To Be Determined.

Wayne Madsen has laid out a scenario in which California could be “flipped” in the election to go to Bush. The WMD/Terrorism Incident Drills seem to eerily fit right into Madsen’s prediction: “… [T]he Bush team will begin to implement their plan to announce an imminent terrorist alert for the West Coast for November 2 sometime during the mid afternoon Pacific Standard Time. At 2:00 PST, the polls in Kentucky and Indiana will be one hour from closing (5:00 PM EST – the polls close in Indiana and Kentucky at 6:00 PM EST).

“Exit polls in both states will be known to the Bush people by that time and if Kentucky (not likely Indiana) looks too close to call or leaning to Kerry-Edwards, the California plan will be implemented. A Bush problem in Kentucky at 6:00 PM EST would mean that problems could be expected in neighboring states and that plans to declare a state of emergency in California would begin in earnest at 3:00 PM PST.”

Additionally, there have been reports on that CERT — Citizen Emergency Response Teams — will be holding a “disaster simulation” nationwide on Election Day, November 2, 2004.

Cheney Oversaw Similar Military Drills on 9/11
It has been well documented that on the morning of September 11, 2001, the military was running exercise simulations that eerily mirrored what really happened on 9/11.

Such models included drills simulating hijackings over the continental United States, a plane-into-building scenario at the National Reconnaissance Office, as well as a bio-terror drill in New York City called TriPodd 2 which conveniently ended up becoming the emergency response center for the 9/11 attacks.

Are all of these Election Day WMD/Terrorism Incident Drills running in order to have first responders in place to respond to a “Code Red” terrorism threat during the election itself — to lower voter turnout and let Bush steal the White House again?

Due to the critical nature of this story, any and every news organization is permitted to publish this story in its entirety as long as it remains unchanged and a link is provided back to the original publication of the story here at CLG:

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The Ballot, The Bullet, and the Grand Refusal — by Michael Rectenwald, CLG Founder and Chair “…[A] postponed election, or the playing the fear factor for low voter turnout, are acts of terrorism in themselves. We are already being attacked. This warning is yet another in a series of attacks on our rights, on our democratic system, on our freedom, and on our self-determination.” July 13, 2004

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