ACTION ALERT: Protest the Attack on Fallujah

November 13th, 2004 - by admin

United for Peace and Justice – 2004-11-13 00:28:02

PROTEST THE ATTACK ON FALLUJA! United for Peace and Justice

IMMEDIATELY: call local media outlets and members of Congress to denounce the attack

THURSDAY:– SATURDAY: Organize actions outside and inside Congressional offices to demand an end to the assault on Falluja and an end to the occupation (action ideas below)

NEXT TUESDAY, 11/16: Protest in Washington, DC on the day that Congress goes back into session; details to be announced
Leaflet and talking points available online at

The assault on Falluja has started. U.S. warplanes are dropping huge bombs on civilian neighborhoods, and ground troops are beginning to enter the city. One hospital, Nazzal Emergency Hospital, was destroyed in an air strike; another, Falluja General Hospital, has been seized by US forces, making it unlikely that injured civilians will be able to go there for treatment. The estimated 50,000 civilians who remain in Falluja lack running water, electricity, and food.

There will undoubtedly be many civilian injuries and deaths: during the last siege of Falluja in April, at least 600 Iraqis were killed, most of them civilians. In the current assault — contrary to the perception that the US military only employs high-tech, surgical weapons, to minimize civilian casualties — AC-130 gunships are being used, which fire only “dumb” munitions.

The death toll is expected to be high on the US side as well: Marine commanders have warned that deaths among US forces could reach levels not seen since the Vietnam War.

The US assault on Falluja is a catastrophic action that will result in horrific and unnecessary bloodshed, fuel anger and resentment against the US, and swell the ranks of terrorist groups rather than eradicating terrorism. We need to raise our voices in opposition to this attack, insist that the US return to peace negotiations, and call for our troops to be brought home now.


We need to be vocal and visible in our opposition to the assault on Falluja. Organize actions this week outside local Congressional offices, while Congress is in recess, or in a high-profile location in your community.

Be sure to list your actions at
so we can publicize and amplify all of our voices.

Ideas for action include:
• candlelight vigils to mourn the deaths that will be caused by this attack

• creative/visual street protests that use coffins or enlarged images of Iraqi civilian casualties or people dressed as bloodied and bandaged civilians or soldiers

• sit-ins inside Congressional offices

• meetings with members of Congress

• collaborations with Veterans For Peace groups
( on Veterans Day events (Thursday, 11/11), emphasizing the message that in order to support our future veterans, we need to get them out of Falluja and out of Iraq
• holding banners and/or distributing leaflets at busy intersections, shopping districts, or other high-traffic locations (leaflet available at

Flood your local media outlets with messages of opposition to the assault on Falluja, and demand that they talk about the civilians who are being killed and injured. Millions of people listen to talk radio every day: organize people to call the shows in your area and speak out. Write letters to the editor and send in opinion pieces. Ask reporters if they would like to interview an anti-war activist. Talking points for your calls are available at now; a sample letter to the editor will be posted soon.

Call the Congressional switchboard at (202) 225-3121 and ask to be transferred to your Representative or Senator. Talking points for your calls are available at

Plans are being made for a protest in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, 11/16, the day that Congress goes back into session; if you’re not already on the UFPJ action alert list, be sure to subscribe so you’ll receive updates: