Who Killed Margaret Hassan? I Know

November 21st, 2004 - by admin

Sam Hamod / 3rd World News – 2004-11-21 10:38:41

(November 19, 2004) — We condemn the unjust, immoral and brutal killing of Mrs. Margaret Hassan in Iraq. This woman was an angel of mercy, a shining light to those who needed help for decades in Iraq. She stood up to Saddam Hussein and to the US military, she wanted only to help the people of her adopted country.

We also do not believe any Muslims did this. There is an dictum in the Qur’an which forbids the killing of women; also, the killing of hostages. Also, Muslims and Iraqis had nothing to gain by killing this innocent, God-like, saint of a woman.

Just as we learned in Law School at the University of Chicago, one must always look to see who benefits from a crime when you are trying to get to the motive and the perpetrator of the crime. The Iraqi resistance groups had nothing to gain by killing a woman who was trying to help the Iraqi people. Thus, we must look in the direction of those who had the most to gain by making the Iraqi resistance look bestial, cruel and vicious.

Who Had the Motive?
In this case, the Americans, Allawi and the Israelis, all of whom are running rampant through Iraq had the most to gain. By these nefarious deed, they could blame the Iraqi resistance fighters, or that myth that America has created, the famous “Zarqawi” or even a “Bin Laden group.”

Once again, the Iraqis knew the British would not pull out, that there was nothing to gain by holding this non-political person as a prisoner. Then, there is this other point, as most experts have concluded long ago, the Zarqawi pictured is not the real Zarqawi and is an American myth concocted to justify destroying Fallujah and other Iraqi cities and the civilians therein. In this case, even the alleged Zarqawi group called for her release and asked that she be turned over to them.

A US, Allawi or Zionist Plot?
Because it was most likely a zionist, American or Allawi plot, they did not dare come close to real resistance fighters, but kept her apart from them so that they could kill her and blame the Iraqi resistance. Something smells in Denmark, and most of the honest world, the thinking world knows it — except the American media (but I’ll get to that a bit later).

To repeat myself, all the Iraqi resistance groups called for her release and it makes no sense that Iraqi resistance groups or their allies would have killed her. No, it had to be some group that wanted to kill her and use her death to “show the world that the Iraqi resistance fighters are devils,” “that they would kill this angel of mercy shows how cruel and bestial they are.”

But as usual, the American media points it fingers at Iraqi resistance groups, or Muslim groups, neither of would so such a thing to a person who had been aiding them for decades. Even her husband, in an interview broadcast on shortwave radio, but never talked about in the American media, said he was sure it was not Iraqi fighters, but most likely American mercenaries, American dark ops, Allawi’s people or Israelis.

US Media Guilty of Not Asking the Critical Questions
We give our sincere condolences to the family and friends, the many thousands in Iraq and in the world, of the sainted Margaret Hassan, and we condemn to damnation those who did this evil and brutal deed.

We also condemn the American media for not asking hard questions or using one iota of intelligence t figure this murder out.

We are also sick of the “embedded journalists” who are nothing but flacks for lying military commanders, for Allawi and for the Bush propaganda machine — because of their cowardly lies and because of their unwillingness to search for the truth; we see them as guilty of being complicituous in this dreadful execution.

Fie upon such liars as Judith Miller and others at the New York Times, at the Washington Post, at the International Herald Tribune, fie upon the cowardly reporters on CBS, ABC, NBC and Fox who turn a blind eye on the torture, destruction of Fallujah and other Iraqi cities and who don’t have the good moral sense to condemn this American bestiality or to search for the real truth behind the brutal killing of Margaret Hassan.

In the name of God, the almighty, those who did this deed will suffer on the earth and on the Day of Judgement with eternal hellfire and suffering.

Dr. Sam Hamod is the editor of www.todaysalternativenews.com and an expert on the Middle East and Islam; he is also the former Director of The Islamic Center in Washington, DC; also, editor of 3rd World News in DC He may be reached at shamod@cox.net