Did John Kerry Get Gore’d in Ohio?

January 2nd, 2005 - by admin

Steve Bhaerman – 2005-01-02 13:41:58


Maybe It’s Time for America to Discover Columbus

(December 29, 2004) — About ten days ago, I attended a community event featuring former Congressman Dan Hamburg (D-California), who recently returned from Columbus, Ohio where he and his wife got arrested — yes, arrested — for trying to get a petition to Ohio’s Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell.

Although you wouldn’t know it from the mainstream press (if Will Rogers were alive today, he’d be saying “All I know is what I don’t read in the papers”), Ohio is the Florida of the 2004 election. In the orgy of self-blame that Democrats indulged in following the election, they faulted themselves for being too liberal, too out-of-touch, too strident. Most wouldn’t go near the fraudulent vote issue afraid of being called “sore losers.”

Meanwhile, a few brave souls like the Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb and Libertarian candidate Michael Badnarik raised the money to petition for a recount.

They were soon joined by Michigan Congressman John Conyers and Jesse Jackson — and now by John Kerry himself. Finally, Democrats are stirring from their comfortable bed of victimhood and awakening to the possibility that maybe they aren’t sore losers after all — maybe they’re sore winners.

As for the particulars of the electile dysfunction, they are truly unbelievable.

Amazing True Facts About Electile Dysfunction!

Next Level in Voting Machine Technology: A Voting Machine That Can Cast a Vote Without Voter’s Help!

Election observers have testified under oath that more than a dozen voting machines in Mahoning County regularly switched Kerry votes to Bush votes while voters watched in amazement.

What’s even more amazing is that not one of these voting machines came out for Kerry, and why should they? Their manufacturers are all Republicans.

Next Level Beyond the Rule of Law: The Overrule of Law
On December 21, notice of depositions were sent to President George Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, Karl Rove and Ohio Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell to appear and give testimony regarding the legal challenge of Ohio’s elections results in the case Moss v Bush et al. But Republican Blackwell’s attorney at the Secretary of State’s office told the attorneys issuing the notice of deposition and subpoena that Blackwell will not testify under oath.

The Republican-controlled Attorney General’s office has labeled any attempt to put Blackwell under oath, ‘harassment.’ Blackwell supervised the November 2 vote in Ohio at the same time he served as co-chair of the state’s Bush-Cheney campaign.

Apparently, Blackwell has heeded the advice of his team of illegal advisors. Hmm. Maybe he needs to be put under oaf instead.

Election Machinery Broken, Voting Machines Fixed
Sworn testimony from election observers in Greene County indicated that ballots had been left loose on tables in an unlocked, unguarded building, open to manipulation and theft, prior to a recount. And in Lucas County and Hocking County, it was revealed that technicians from the Diebold and Triad companies had inexplicably taken control of voting machines and dismantled them, rendering verifiable recounts impossible.

Next Generation Secret Ballot is So Secret, It Has to Be Counted in Secrecy!

Faith-Based Vote Counting Touted By the President
In Warren County, where election officers declared a homeland security emergency on Election Day, and barred reporters and others from watching the vote count, it now has been revealed that county employees were told the previous Thursday they should prepare for the Election Day lockdown.

That disclosure suggests the lockdown was a political decision, not a true security risk. Moreover, statements also describe how ballots were left unguarded and unprotected in a warehouse on Election Day, and they were hastily moved after county officials received complaints.

Ohio Awash in Texas Crude

Strike force team uses energy — what the Chinese call ‘”ch’i” to take unfair advantage … ch’i ting, it is called
In Franklin County, a worker at the Holiday Inn observed a team of 25 people who called themselves the “Texas Strike Force” using payphones to make intimidating calls to likely voters, targeting people recently in the prison system.

The “Texas Strike Force” members paid their way to Ohio, but their hotel accommodations were paid for by the Ohio Republican Party, whose headquarters is across the street. The hotel worker heard one caller threaten a likely voter with being reported to the FBI and returning to jail if he voted. Another hotel worker called the police, who came but did nothing.

250-Million-to-One Shot Comes In, and It Doesn’t Make the Sports Pages!
According to University of Pennsylvania statistician Dr. Steven Freeman, the odds of a mismatch between the exit polls (used in countries like Germany with unfaulted accuracy to predict the winners while they take the time to hand count the ballots) and the voting results were 250 million to one.

In one exit poll affidavit, Jonathan David Simon, an expert witness, notes that at 12:53 a.m. the exit polls altered the projected winner – even though the same number of votes had been cast. “Although each update reports the same number of respondents (872), the reported results differ significantly, with the latter (12:53 a.m.) exit poll results apparently having been brought into congruence with the tabulated vote results.” In other words, the exit polls were made to conform to a political decision to declare Bush the victor.

The Awesome Opportunity behind the Awful Truth

So there we have the awful truth. But for every awful truth, there is an awesome opportunity. And that’s where we the people come in. On January 6th when the election is to be certified by Congress, the results can be challenged if just one U.S. Senator speaks up.

One of the people at the Dan Hamburg meeting had personally asked Sen. Barbara Boxer to be that one Senator, and she said in effect, “show me the numbers.” In other words, if we want higher level officials to stick their necks out we have to provide “cover” in the form of millions and millions of us challenging the legitimacy of the government.

What if Barbara Boxer and other key Senators and media folks literally got a million letters — not just emails, but snailmail letters? What if there were three million emails? Yes, it’s holiday season. But lies and stonewalling don’t seem to be taking a holiday.

We have a small window of time between now and the time the election is made “official.” We need to do whatever we can to let the world know that we will not legitimize an illegitimate government. There are plenty of courageous people out there who realize that when a game is fixed, the only way win is by exposing the game.

So as you take some time off for rest and reflection this week, find the time to exercise some political muscle as well. Invite friends over for a letter writing party. Circulate this email to all of your email lists, and send emails to the Senators and officials listed below. The body politic is now stirring from a deep slumber, but as Swami says, “If we want a transparent government, we have to awaken from our apparent trance.”

The following Senators are most likely to respond to this call. Please call them immediately, and urge them to object to the certification of the vote on January 6.


• Senator Barbara Boxer, (202) 224-3553,
• Senator Robert Byrd, (202) 224-3954,
• Senator Dick Durbin, (202) 224-2152,
• Senator Russ Feingold, (202) 224-5323, http://www.russ_feingold@feingold.senate.gov
• Senator Tom Harkin, (202) 224-3254, http://www.tom_harkin@harkin.senate.gov
• Senator Jim Jeffords, (202) 224-5141,
• Senator Edward Kennedy, 202/224-4543, http://www.senator@kennedy.senate.gov
• Senator Patrick Leahy, (202) 224-4242, http://www.senator_leahy@leahy.senate.gov

Click here to sign and send the online petition.

And remember … now is the time to act.
Why? Because it is too late to do it sooner!

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