Films from Devastated Fallujah: The Truth Revealed

January 11th, 2005 - by admin

Ali Fadhil / GuardianFilms – 2005-01-11 22:00:35

Last November, US military forces, backed by British soldiers from the Black Watch, launched their biggest ever assault on the city of Falluja, Operation Phantom Fury.

Over the last two weeks, Ali Fadhil, an Iraqi doctor turned film-maker for Guardianfilms, has succeeded in making it into the city and the surrounding refugee camps.

He discovered people had been shot in their beds, rabid dogs were feeding on corpses, and there was little to no water, electricity or sewage. A city of over 300,000 people had been destroyed and its inhabitants were homeless.

With just two weeks until the Iraqi elections, not a single voter in Falluja has received a ballot paper. Far from stabilising the region in preparation for the election, it seems the US military’s decision to use the Iraqi National Guard against this Sunni city has fanned the flames of civil war in the entire country.

Guardianfilms now presents an extract from this report, to be broadcast tonight, January 11, at 7pm on Channel 4 News. This film is distributed by Journeyman Pictures.

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Angry Voices from Fallujah’s Streets
‘If Allawi wants us to vote in his elections, then let him come here and see the state we’re living in.’

Ali Fadhil travels to Falluja, meeting Iraqis as they queue for the identification cards neccesary to enter the city, and return to sift through what is left of their homes (RealPlayer, 2min 20s, 344k).
Watch this clip in Quicktime (2m 20s 50, 5042k)

Fallujah: City of Ghosts
What really happened in the siege of Falluja? Ali Fadhil compiles the first independent reports from the devastated city.
Film reveals the true destruction to ghost city of Falluja