War Critic Receives Death Threats

January 20th, 2005 - by admin

Jay Shaft / Coalition for Free Though in Media – 2005-01-20 12:46:16


From: usbulletinaterroristshead@patrioticdefender.com
To: coalitionforfreethoughtinmedia@yahoo.com

Hey Buddy, Guess What — You Are Bullshit!

We’ll shut you down for good or else take you out it’s your choice. Shut up or get silenced. You are now warned so don’t put out anymore interviews. They are bullshit and a pack of liberal John kerry loving lies. You have been warned — now try to put out any more interviews, you won’t live through it again.

The troops will not stand for you to make their dead buddies lives worth nothing. You are not going to get away with that because you ain’t no vet or anything anyway you pusy fuck you never even served in the military. You never put your life on the line for your country so shut the fuck up right now!

Go to iraq and let them kill you instead of one of our brave soldiers who are proud of their duty to thheir country. You would help them kill our soldiers if you were over there you terrorist bastard. You writing helps the Iraqis kill our brothers and sisters in Iraq. You and all the fucking protestors need to go to Iraq. Your not Americans your scum of the earth.

The tropps are dieing for you so you can make up lies and use their death for your glory. You are a fucking terrorist lover and we will kill you if you disgrace them you fucking communist fuck. The troops aredying so commies like you can make them into war criminals and pacificts.

Fuck you! you won’t get ever do this again, i promis. I’ll kill you myself with my bare hands. Shut up or fucking die we mean it. better keep your eyes open fuker becase I am right near you anytime I want to be. I see you every where you go. The bullets coming bitch girly boy.

This is going to over 1.000.000 red blooded American Patriots. You are now NUMBER 1 yeah #1 on the enemy list you faggot cocksucker. We make solutions out of problems boy! You’re gonna get your hippie punk face blown off!

This is to our friends in arms.

I am not kidding Patriots. Take this fucker out if you can find him. Let the hunt begin. One flag that flew on the day of 9/11 will be awarded to the Patriot that snipes this pussy little anarchist. GOOD LUCK!

An American Patriot
For the American Patriotic Defenders of Freedom
Keeping America Clean For All Red Blooded Americans

To: coalitionforfreethoughtinmedia@yahoo.com
Subject: Hey Buddy, Guess What-You Are Bullshit!
From: [address deleted]
Date: Fri, 03 Sep 2004 08:47:33 -0400

Goodluck with your lame interviews of sad people who have lost loved ones in the war to bring terrorism to a halt. Here is ten thousand emails. Have fun.

Jay Shaft Responds
Jay Shaft is the editor of the Coalition for Free Thought in Media

Yeah, right! This is exactly what the bline and dumb “patriotic” Americans will do to stop anything that scares them or goes against their ardent belief that killing soldiers for a useless war is right!

This is the third time a different person has done this 10,000 hate mail massive attack against my e-mail accounts and server system. This is coming from a US Government IP website address. One other person sent me 1000 e-mails from a Pentagon/DOD address.

This article series is not made up or fabricated, because the mainstream media has done some sparse and sporadic coverage of the same families I interviewed. I am the only journalist who has published interviews of the extreme length and detailed exposure of the lack of training and equipment. I do not censor or remove any comments that are made.

These interviews are uncut and untouched. They speak for themselves, and I give the family members as long an interview and time to talk as they desire.

This is the truth behind the death toll of the Iraq war that the right wing is trying to silence.

I had to get this out to everyone in the interest of exposing just how far these people are going.

PS– I stand in truth and defiance of the hate-mongers. This issue will not be silenced or kept from the public, no matter how hard they try!