US Plot to Assassinate Venezuelan President

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CARACAS (February 28, 2005) — Speaking from the press lectern at the Miraflores Palace at precisely 02:45 p.m. today, Communications & Information Minister Andres Izarra has reconfirmed the position that the Venezuela government has “incontrovertible proof” that a plot is being hatched to assassinate President Hugo Chavez Frias.

Izarra stated in clear, unequivocal terms, that he will not reveal the source of this intelligence information … but he did say that persons involved in past destabilization attempts in Venezuela are acting in concert with the main assassination coup plotters.

A local journalist pointed out that there had been alarms in the past about a possible assassination attempt on the President’s life, but that the government, then as now, had never offered any proof or given names. Izarra merely answered that the information exists and that for reasons of national security, he could not reveal the source and that the fact he would not reveal it did not mean that such a plot did not exist. can, however, reveal that we have been able to corroborate intelligence details from other reliable sources which show a build-up of subversive activities focusing on a possible date within the next one hundred days.

Activities out of the US Embassy bunker on Colinas de Valle Arriba as well as covert locations outside the capital show the high-level participation of US government agencies in support of violent anti-government groupings intent on the overthrow of President Hugo Chavez Frias’ democratically-elected government.

‘CIA Operatives Are Already in Place…’
The same confidential intelligence sources also formed the basis of our February 3, 2002, World Exclusive in which we revealed the preliminaries to the April 2002 coup d’etat which saw US puppet dictator Pedro Carmona Estanga seize power to dissolve the Constitution, Congress and the Venezuelan judiciary all in one fell swoop.

Now … as then … covert US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) operatives are already in place in Venezuela as the SOA/WHISC prepares for what we can only describe as “a third bite at the cherry.”

A build-up of USAAF and Navy contingents are already assembling at a Southern Command base on the Caribbean island of Aruba (Netherlands Antilles) to provide logistic and material back-up to an invasion force and the Pentagon is also preparing for a US Navy hospital ship to be readied to sail off Venezuela’s northern coastline.

In a further exclusive on February 8 (2002) we quoted unnamed but highly-placed diplomatic and IC sources as telling us of the Washington-initiated plot to assassinate President Hugo Chavez Frias and added that “Spanish-speaking US military operatives are already present in Venezuela lending logistic support to several anti-government terror cells in what’s described as ‘a fail-safe plan’ to dislodge Chavez Frias and to win US control over strategic oil supplies.”

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