The Metal Storm

March 6th, 2005 - by admin

Altay Unaltay / Turkey – 2005-03-06 11:16:59

The book by two young authors: Orkun Ucar and Burak Turna sold more than 70,000 copies so far (in less than one year)! This is a record for a country, where ordinary issues of any book is printed 2-3000 copies once. It is told, that the book is read by circles of police, army and other Turkish security apparatus. The book is much discussed in Turkish media, and it is said, that American authorities are very unhappy with a book in a country, where anti-Americanism shoots up to 87% according to polls carried out by their very agencies themselves!

The Outline of the Book
On 23 May 2007, it all starts with a surprise attack of American forces to Turkish forces in northern Iraq. Pentagon calls it “Operation Metal Storm”. Britain, as always, joins the USA in this operation. But nothing has been announced officially as yet.

The Turkish government first hesitates to declare an all-out war against the aggressor and prefers to send a delegation headed by foreign minister Abdullah Gul to Washington DC. Turkish forces stationed immediately south of the border to face any PKK-Kongra-Gel (the new name of PKK) terrorist infiltration are grossly surprised by the American blitzkrieg.

American plans to invade Turkey is based on a set of assumptions:

• Within the next decade oil will lose its importance as a strategic means of energy

• Turkey has very rich Thorium reserves (a fissile material like Uranium; but it must first be developed in “breeder reactors”) and nearly 80% of all qualified Boron reserves on earth, which is a key element in building 5th generation energy systems in automobiles and other means of transportation, from planes to ships, based on hydrogen.

• Sooner or later, the Turkish government will be forced to open up these rich reserves for the common use of mankind, which means, America may form a diplomatic coalition with France, Germany and Russia to press Turkey.

• But this means, the USA will then get only a certain slice from the cake. What about getting the whole cake? And when Turkey is steadily distancing itself from the EU, when the EU has fierce internal problems and shows signals of disintegrating, when Russia is much burdened with internal problems and problems of the ex-USSR republics, conditions seem to be favouring a surprise attack.

Oil and Evangelicals
George W. Bush, the American President, is mainly backed by a certain Adrian III. Lynam in this crusade. Mr. Lynam is the biggest shareholder of Ornicon, an energy company, which will operate the Turkish reserves, when the military operation is over; as well as, he is the biggest donor for charities of the evangelist church, which George W. Bush himself belongs to. It has been rumoured, that Mr. Lynam promised to build world’s greatest evangelical church in Istanbul, one day after invasion.

“Remember,” he tells Mr. Bush, “we want the territory, not people living in it.” And Mr. Bush follows this guideline throughout all the war.

American military plans prescribe a push from Iraq, over Syria to the whole southern border of Turkey. This is the place, where an organized attack by any foreign power is least expected. Turkish unpreparedness and shock is greatly enhanced by the American refusal to accept the Turkish foreign mission in Washington DC, and the subsequent “arrest” of the whole mission, including foreign minister Abdullah Gul, on grounds, that there will be no negotiations with a “terrorist” country, whose forces attacked American forces without warning. Nevertheless Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says in a press announcement, that this mission is not arrested, but is “guest” of the American government for some time. It is also noteworthy, that Mr. Gul, who is famous with his cold blood and smiling face in most difficult situations, knocked out an American diplomat, when getting arrested.

The Bombing of Ankara
American strategy is based on terror bombing and invasion of three big Turkish cities: Ankara, the capital, Istanbul, and Izmir on the Aegean coast. Once these cities are occupied, it is predicted, that Turkey will disintegrate, and separatists and illegal opposition movements in every corner of Turkey will start making negotiations with the invading power. So there is no need to invade the whole of Turkey, and face the material and human cost of it.

Reports of enemy naval forces en route the Dardanelles cause deep sorrow for Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan, for he remembers the Dardanelles Campaign of 1915, when the Allied forces tried to capture Dardanelles to open up a gateway to Istanbul, the Ottoman capital city, but were defeated by the heroic resistance of the Ottoman army. Myths on this war have been passed on from generation to generation in Turkey. This time, the Turkish government doubts, whether the Dardanelles can be saved from the enemy forces.

The war is prolonged, because the much expected separatist — antigovernment uprisings fail to occur. Capt. Civan Huxley, an American pilot from Kurdish origin, lifts off from aircraft carrier “George Bush” with orders to bomb Ataturk’s Mausoleum in Ankara. When the aircraft’s weapon systems get locked on target, he starts having visions. “Don’t do this, my son,” his father’s, mother’s and forefathers’ faces appear before him. He steers back to the carrier offshore the Turkish Mediterranean coast and crashes his aircraft in kamikaze flight in the giant carrier.

The Heavenly Horsemen
In the last instant, when huge fireballs rise from the carrier, he sees visions of Turkish horsemen coming from heaven to guide his soul back there. This is an ever repeating scene in the novel. Whenever a Turk gets killed, he/she sees these heavenly horsemen galloping to him/her in heavenly light to rescue his/her soul.

Turkish army and civilian losses mount to tragic dimensions, because of the use of the “Slayer” bomb, a developed version of MOAB, with a weight of 15 metric tons and the size of a bus. American B-52s and modified c-130s drop this bomb en masse. Turkish cities get decimated, but American bombing carefully spares power plants and power transmission, so Turkish people may always watch TV and get targeted by “weapons of mass deception”.

In a country in great chaos, the government has lost control over media to the extent, that some TV channels outright refuse to publish official announcements and addresses of the government. Some of the TVs and newspapers propose an unconditional surrender to the occupier; among them a famous columnist, now living in London. This columnist has always written about wines and wine gourmets (in Turkish jargon all that means, he is too Westernized to be considered a Turk!).

The Turkish case seems to be helpless. There, Gökhan Birdag, a Turkish intelligence officer, who has been living in Europe alias Frank Consal, appears at the scene.

Leaked Memos, Car Bombs and Interrogations
Months ago, a certain Gerard Werchtmann, a senior officer from the Nachrichtendienst, on his own initiative, delivers files of a contract between the US government and US mining companies into the hands of Mr. Birdag. Mr. Birdag is surprised by the fact, that the US government signs a contract on Turkish mines with American companies. He is also surprised by the accuracy of technical data concerning Turkish Thorium and Boron reserves. Gökhan Birdag sees, this can only mean American invasion!

Gökhan’s car is booby-trapped by Mr. Werchtmann’s men, and it explodes. Thinking that he is uncovered, he runs back to Turkey. There he is first interrogated by traitors in the Turkish intelligence. But “Kurt” (code name, means Wolf), his mentor and commander in the intelligence ranks, just appears in time and saves his young friend from getting killed by traitors. Kurt tells Gökhan, that since decades Turkish intelligence is too much infiltrated by Americans to heed to any US threat. The files can only reach the Turkish Prime Minister after the invasion starts.

While Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan is dispatching everywhere diplomatic envoys with copies of the files, trying to convince other powers, that they cannot allow Turkish reserves to fall in American hands; and, that the US will never share these riches with other countries, Gökhan Birdag is in the US now. He could pass the Mexican border illegally and what’s more, he has a very dangerous payload with him: Two atomic bombs in two backpacks. Nobody is listening to Turkish calls, so he will plant the bomb to Washington DC; and he does it!

The American President survives the atomic blast in Washington, because he is in Miami at that time; but Dick Cheney dies. But Mr. Bush doesn’t seem to be much affected by the atomic mushroom over Washington; he orders to “go ahead” with the invasion. Turkey heads to a tragic end.

But on 6 June 2007, one day after the fall of Istanbul in the hands of American forces, Russian President Vladimir Putin sets troops of Russian Army to highest level of alert. Divisions gathering at the border of Armenia are ready to enter Turkish territory to fight American forces. The same day France, Germany, Russia and China calls the UN to gather. There they give their ultimatum to the US representative: American forces should unconditionally withdraw from Turkey.

Finally the files, found by Mr. Birdag and transmitted by Prime Miniter Erdogan to other countries have had their effects. Donald Rumsfeld (he is vice president now, after Dick Cheney’s death), along with other neocons of the administration, forces George W. Bush to a Nixon-style resignation. Gen. Howard Strike, US Chief of Staff, assures the new administration that the military will go along with them.

On 7 June 2007 Prime Minister Erdogan makes a TV announcement: “This has been a hard struggle. A struggle for survival. Turkey, as a whole, underwent a thorough test. What happened, we will learn and tell the details later. But for now, we can say one thing for sure: War is over, and the Turkish Republic prevails!”

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