March 19 Global Day of Action against War

March 9th, 2005 - by admin

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Quote of the Week: In his March 5 Radio Address, George Bush insisted: “that Lebanon’s sovereignty be respected and that all foreign forces be withdrawn, and that free and fair elections be conducted without foreign influence.”

Using Alice-in-Wonderland propaganda, George W. Bush is complaining of Syrian troops in Lebanon as a pretext for widening the US war drive in the Middle East. Bush never mentions that Israel in its US-backed war in 1967 seized and continues to occupy Syrian territory.

Meanwhile the Iraqi people are demanding that the 150,000 US troops that occupy their country leave immediately. It is urgent that the people of the United States continue to take action against the Administration that has pledged “endless war.”

Following up on the Counter-Inaguaral Protests
Seven weeks ago tens of thousands of people demonstrated on the very first day of Bush’s second term of office. The Counter Inaugural protests in Washington DC, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle and other cities sent a strong message that the people of the United States would stand against the Empire in its pursuit of endless war.

As evidenced at the January 20 protests, thousands of new people have come into the progressive movement in the last six months. For many of those in attendance it was their very first demonstration. Less known was that high school and college students held January 20 walk-outs in many schools around the country.

With ever growing numbers opposed to the war in Iraq as well as Bush’s attempt to dismantle Social Security and other social programs, it is clear that Bush’s claim to a “mandate” is just one more lie. The dynamic growth of this movement has been the greatest hope and the only source of genuine opposition to Bush’s criminal conduct.

A Global Mass Action on March 19
Now we are all preparing for the next step. Over 2,500 endorsers have signed on to the A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition’s Call to Action issued last October to mobilize for the March 19/20 Global Day of mass action the second anniversary of Bush’s criminal aggression against the people of Iraq. member will be participating in the hundreds of local and some regional demonstrations will be taking place throughout the United States. There will be rallies, marches, CD actions, and student walkouts all over the country. For more information, click here.

Tens of thousands will be marching on the west coast in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle and elsewhere. Throughout western and midwestern states there will be local actions with a major action planned in Chicago. Thousands from throughout the south are organizing to go to Fayetteville, North Carolina for a major demonstration near Fort Bragg. Buses for this demonstration are being organized from cities up and down the East Coast.

Protest Marches Scheduled across US
On the 19th there will be a march from Marcus Garvey Park in Harlem to a rally in the East Meadow of Central Park in New York City. In the Mid-Hudson Valley people are coming together for a large regional action in New Paltz. There will be demonstrations in Baltimore on March 19 and a major action in Boston on March 20. This list is just a tip of the iceberg.

Students and youth have called for walkouts and other anti-war actions at campuses and high schools between March 14-18. The Global Resistance Network and the Youth & Student A.N.S.W.E.R. have issued this call for student and youth actions.

The March 19 demonstrations couldn’t come at a more important time. Every day that the US military occupies Iraq represents one more day of colonial-style occupation. Now Bush is threatening Syria and Iran. Having engaged in a brutal war against the Palestinian people, Bush and Sharon are now aggressively attempting to liquidate the national aspirations of the Palestinian people.

The US government is also embarked on a full-court press of tightening economic sanctions, blockades, subversion and military threats against North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela and other governments that have been targeted for destruction. In Haiti, the U.S. established a puppet regime after kidnapping the democratically elected President one year ago.

An ‘Endless War’ on Democracy and Social Justice
While Bush pursues and escalates the strategy of “endless war” in pursuit of empire, the costs of this strategy must be borne by working people in the United States. Looting Social Security, public education funding, veterans benefits, and social programs designed to curb hunger, homelessness — constitutes the “economics” of the endless war strategy.

• Funds are Urgently Needed organizers and affiliates are busy organizing local actions on March 19 all over the country. Funds are urgently needed to help the anti-war movement continue to get stronger.

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