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March 17th, 2005 - by admin

Contributed by True Majority – 2005-03-17 23:34:20

The beginning of the end of the Vietnam War came only when Congress refused to continue funding it. This week, the House of Representatives voted 388-43 in favor of the president’s request for $82 billion to pay for the ongoing military occupation of Iraq. It’s time for the Senate to stand up to the president and his advisors and say that there will be no more money for Iraq without a clear strategy for withdrawal.

The quagmire in Iraq continues even after the capture of Saddam, the transfer of nominal sovereignty, and initial elections for a national assembly. And to make matters worse, the man most likely to be named prime minister is a religious fundamentalist who is beholden to Iran and refuses to shake the hands of women!

Yet Bush continues to refuse to specify when we will exit the country or be clear that America will not establish permanent military bases there. Literally billions of dollars in Bush’s latest request will be used to build permanent bases that will extend the occupation indefinitely.

Since the U.S. invaded Iraq with a preemptive attack on March 19, 2003, over 1500 service members have been killed and more than 11,000 have been wounded in action. The Congressional Budget Office estimates the continuing occupation is costing taxpayers an average of $9 billion per month at a time when the U.S. does not have enough money to provide for basic human needs at home.

Call to Action
Urge your senators to insist on a clear exit strategy before approving the $82 billion supplemental funding bill for the Iraq quagmire.

Sample Letter
The quagmire in Iraq continues and there is no end in sight to the loss of life on all sides. Despite bleak prospects for the future, we continue to fund the occupation at a rate estimated by the Congressional Budget Office of $9 billion a month at a time when the U.S. can’t even afford to take care of basic human needs at here at home.

The president is asking Congress to approve a supplemental funding bill for the Iraq occupation in the amount of $82 billion. Before voting on this request, please seek clarity regarding U.S. intentions in Iraq.

I urge you to predicate future funding of the Iraq occupation on a commitment to a clear exit strategy. To this end we must also insist on keeping permanent U.S. bases out of Iraq. Our troops, as well as the citizens of Iraq, need to know that there will be an end to this war.

Please let me know how you intend to address this life and death issue.


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