US Ordered Attack on Sgrena

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Joe Vialls / – 2005-03-29 23:29:58

Nicola Calipari was already 220 yards inside Baghdad Airport’s security perimeter when he received an incoming call on his cell phone. Calipari said “Yes?” and instantly recognised the positive ident trap. As Deputy Chief Calipari cursed & threw himself across Giuliana Sgrena to protect her, the kill team from Langley fired more than 300 bullets at their car.

US Ordered Attack on Sgrena and Calipari

“I think it’s absurd to make any such suggestion that our men and women in uniform deliberately targeted innocent civilians. That’s just absurd,” said White House spokesman Scott McClellan.

(March 10, 2005) — If the American Administration wishes to prove that it did not order the CIA to intentionally ambush and then brutally murder Nicola Calipari inside the American security cordon at Baghdad Airport, all it has to do is surrender the bullet-riddled target car to Italian forensic authorities for detailed examination.

As countless television programs have taught us with boring monotony in recent years, forensic scientists will then be able to match the blood spatters from Calipari’s horrific head wound suffered inside the car, with Calipari reference blood samples held in Italy. In addition, they will be able to match the bloo-soaked cloth from the car seat, with blood from badly injured journalist Giuliana Sgrena, currently in hospital.

Perhaps the Americans could fool the Italians by switching the interior furnishings of the target car with another of the same year and make, but with far fewer bullet holes? Unfortunately for New York, this would not work at all. Atomized blood particles from high-velocity wounds like Calipari’s get into every nook and cranny of the vehicle, rendering any car switch obvious to Italian forensic experts.

It was this advance necessity to hide the damning hard evidence of a premeditated ‘saturation’ attack on the car, that dictated the final selection of the killing ground itself: well inside the heavily fortified American defensive perimeter around Baghdad International Airport, and thus out of sight and range of cameras belonging to the Republican Guard and Mehdi Army, nowadays collectively known as “The Resistance”.

All American checkpoints at Baghdad Airport are outside on the the approach road, where they are frequently filmed by Republican Guard soldiers and agents, indirectly proving Italian media claims that Calipari’s car, “had already passed through all the checkpoints when it was attacked without warning”.

If the Italian vehicle had been challenged and attacked at one of these external American checkpoints, the Republican Guard [who had earlier accurately predicted the Americans would try to kill Sgrena and Calipari] would by now have spread pictures of the bullet-riddled car far and wide across al-Jazeera, Uruknet, and others.

Alas, the Republican Guard was unable to do so, thereby giving creative propagandists in New York time to deflect public attention to something markedly more tasteful, and 101% more believable as an ‘accident’.

As Fintan Dunne, Editor of points out:-
“Right-wing bloggers are circulating a photo purportedly showing the car in which Sgrena Guiliani was wounded and her rescuer Nicola Calipari was fatally shot. The photo is being used to discredit Sgrena’s account of the shooting.

“It shows a four-door sedan which has only the driver’s side window broken and no overt bullet damage to the bodywork. That contradicts the ‘hail of bullets’ described by Sgrena and others. And it boosts the US military’s case that the incident was just a ‘mishap’.”

To round this point off nicely, I can predict with 100% confidence that the American Administration will never surrender the target vehicle inside Baghdad Airport to the Italian or any other forensic authority, because the automobile in question has already been torched and run over by a bulldozer several times, to remove even the slightest trace of forensic evidence: All this with the tacit consent of Italian Prime Minister and American Cheerleader Silvio Berlusconi. Case proved.

Two Kinds of Hostages
In order to unravel the reasons why politicians in America and Italy wanted these particular Italian intelligence agents and Italian journalists murdered, you first have to understand that in Iraq there are two distiinctly different forms of “Hostage”.

By far the greatest number of hostages taken, are snatched by either CIA or Mossad ‘black ops’ teams, who then circulate and broadcast sadistic video footage of terrible atrocities they want you to believe were committed by “Evil Muslim Terrorists”. M

ost famous of these ersatz hostage situations is probably the Mossad [allegedly Muslim of course] ‘beheading’ of Nicholas Berg, an unarmed prisoner who had not been sentenced to death by a court.

Though we ‘Judeo-Christians’ in the west arbitrarily murder unarmed and unconvicted men on government orders without fear of serious repercussions [e.g. Panama, Colombia, Serbia, Palestine, Iraq et al ] , it is far different for those operating under even the most basic form of Islamic Law in a secular country like Iraq. If a pack of Muslims really was responsible for the murder of Berg, its members would themselves be ruthlessly hunted down, tried, convicted, and then legally executed by their own authorities.

Deliberate hostage taking is not something the Iraqi Resistance engages in, though from time to time it is circumstantially obliged to take prisoners for limited periods, normally to cover the withdrawal of its own forces from a combat area. Most famous of these is probably Thomas Hamill, a 43-year-old truck driver from Mississippi.

By his own account, Thomas Hamill’s broken arm was properly dressed by his Republican Guard captors, who did not torture, threaten or intimidate him in any way. Hamill was given an equal share of their meagre rations to eat, and later allowed to ‘escape’ in the general direction of an American convoy. The Republican Guard is fighting for the very survival of its sovereign territory, and has no time or food to spare for entertaining American guests.

Though much of this information may come as a surprise to many readers, it is no news at all to the Central Intelligence Agency and the Mossad. Because these two agencies control all of the propaganda ‘false flag’ hostage-taking situations, and because they know very well that the Iraqis do not take hostages at all, the ‘kidnapping’ of Giuliana Sgrena threw them into a spin. Clearly neither the CIA or Mossad had taken her, yet there she was on television pleading for Italian forces to be removed from Iraq.

Naturally enough, coalition partner Italy knew how the CIA/Mossad false flag ‘hostage’ situations worked, and had actively helped the American propaganda along on two occasions in the past.

The first was the joint freeing of Simona Pari and Simona Torretta, two Italian NGO workers kidnapped by the Mossad in September 2004, and the second involved four Italian security operatives kidnapped by the CIA. Lots of excited screams and flash bangs, and massive psychological reinforcement of the myth that all Muslims are “Evil Terrorists”.

But the ‘kidnapping’ of Giuliana Sgrena was entirely different. It did not take long for American snouts to discover that the Italian Intelligence Service was heavily involved in this unique third-party ‘hostage-taking’ situation, but there had been no consultation with coalition partner America. This was decidedly ominous, because the last time communication ceased between ‘partners’ in a foreign land, was when America invaded Somalia, and we all know what happened to American forces in Somalia after that.

Sgrena Detained to Document Fallujah Atrocities
Finally coming to their senses, the Americans realised that Italian Intelligence had managed to engineer the very gentle ‘kidnapping’ of Giuliana Sgrena by none other than the Republican Guard, who were filling her head, her notebook, and her camera with hard proof of American war crimes in Iraq (especially in Fallujah), while Nicola Calipari liaised unseen in the background. It is most unlikely that Sgrena knew the true identity of her ‘captors’, but she must have realised that she was being used as a credible conduit to the outside world.

Viewed through American eyes, Nicola Calipari was not only a spy and a traitor, but had seemingly also recruited one of the most dangerous journalists in Europe. Though Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi personally owns and controls the biggest media empire in Italy, he certainly does not own or control the Communist daily newspaper Il Manifesto, for whom Giuliana Sgrena works.

There seems little doubt that Giuliana Sgrena was cynically using Nicola Calipari, and he was equally cynically using her, in what might best be described as a makeshift marriage of convenience, where each apparently remembered the old adage, “My enemy’s enemy is my friend.”

Giuliana was in Iraq essentially on behalf of the more than ninety-percent of Italian citizens who want their 3,000 troops removed from Iraq for humanitarian reasons, and Nicola was in Iraq on behalf of powerful “Old European” and other bureaucrats who also want those 3,000 troops sent home, though for slightly different reasons.

Since both groups desired the same end result, it is not surprising that the micro Calipari-Sgrena coalition was formed.

Most European intelligence agencies have powerful factions that want their own sovereign troops removed from Iraq immediately, and Italy is no different fom any other.

Thus before his death, Nicola Calipari, Deputy Director of anti-Mafia operations for Italian external intelligence, headed one of the most powerful factions of all. To him fell the direct task of getting 3,000 Italian soldiers home alive to their families, against the express orders of his ‘democratically elected’ Prime Minister and media mogul Silvio Berlusconi.

Sgrena Used by Italian Intelligence to Sabotage Berlosconi
By deliberately inserting Giuliana Sgrena into the Republican Guard, Calipari was doing the only thing dynamic enough to drive Italians out onto the streets again to demand the return of their troops. Nicola Calipari knew very well that the Italian Intelligence Service could never go public and demand the return of the soldiers, because ordinary Italians would immediately smell a trap, though in reality there was none.

Giuliana Sgrena was an entirely different matter. She was well known, respected, and had unquestioned credibility — especially after she returned home with accurate and terrifying details of American war crimes against the women and children of sovereign Iraq.

There were the awesome cluster bombs that had laid waste entire villages; giant AC130 gunships which rained death through the open windows of civilian houses, and lauging soldiers who burst into private homes to strip-search or machine gun the occupants. All of this and more in the sacred name of ‘democracy’ — New York style.

Once more, driven on by the vivid images painted by Giuliana Sgrena, furious Italians would stalk the streets of Rome, demanding that ‘New York Toady’ Silvio Berlusconi bring the soldiers home from Iraq, and this time around, Berlusconi might be forced to comply. Nicola Calipari had made an inspired choice, but word had leaked out to both Bush and Berlusconi. The two elderly war criminals decided that the only way out of the mess, would be to kill both Sgrena and Calipari before they could actually leave Iraq.

How Calipari’s Vehicle Was Targeted
George W. Bush did not actually sigh a “kill order” of course, but got on the hot line to Langley, Virginia, where there are plenty of two-bit murderers who know exactly what to do, and how to do it. In fact, the answer turned out to be quite easy.

Nicola Calipari would be able to transport Giuliana Sgrena alone from a Republican Guard safe house just west of the “Green Zone” in Baghdad, but would then be vulnerable as he transited the American-controlled Baghdad airport on the way to a waiting Italian helicopter. There lay the critical window of opportunity, and the CIA rapidly assembled a kill team.

In her own way and in her own words, Giuliana Sgrena has personally verified that her hosts were Republican Guard rather than “Terrorists” or “Insurgents”, though at the time she might not have realised the implications of what she was saying, after arriving home wounded and dazed in Italy.

Italy’s La Stampa daily newspaper reported that Sgrena confirmed on Sunday she had been voluntarily released by her kidnappers. “They (the kidnappers) never treated me badly but I wish things had gone better last night [at the airport ] ,” the exhausted journalist told colleagues of left-wing daily Il Manifesto who greeted her inside the plane.

Most crucial of all was the statement that Giuliana, “had been warned by her captors that the Americans didn’t want her to get out of Iraq.” Apart from the Americans themselves, the only people in Iraq who could possibly have received intercepted electronic fragments of the plan to kill her, would be the Republican Guard via its active contacts at Russian GRU Sigint (Signals Intelligence). At present, only the Russians can crack American codes.

Despite the overwhelming publicity after her return to Italy, Giuliana Sgrena is not yet out of danger. One of the Italian Prime Minister’s privately owned media outlets put it rather coyly like this: “An Italian Cabinet member urged Sgrena, who writes for a communist newspaper that routinely opposes US policy in Iraq, to be cautious in her accounts and said the shooting would not affect Italy’s support for the Bush administration.”

The statement was factually correct, but the media outlet discreetly forgot to mention the name of the “Cabinet member” who warned Sgrena, which, when you come to think about it, is a very strange omissiion. So, why make the omission at all?

Perhaps the omission was made because the Cabinet member involved was Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi himself, who also happens to own the media outlet, and thus controls all staff jobs and pensions.

Berlusconi is a bully who has no time at all for truth in reporting, and his employees swiftly learn that their job is to broadcast only what he tells them to broadcast.

Asking why George W. Bush felt entitled to order the deaths of Nicola Calipari and Giuliana Sgrena is pretty much a waste of time. At his morning prayer meetings in the White House, George frequently hints that his Talmudic God has given him permission to kill whoever he likes whenever he likes, in an ongoing ‘holy crusade’ to bring ‘democracy’ (Wall Street hegemony and slavery) to the ‘autocratic’ and ‘dictatorial’ people of the Middle East.

By any reasonable psychological standard, George W. Bush is barking mad — the sad product of basic intellectual weakness, an inability to fly Air National Guard jets, premature ejaculation, and creeping but unstoppable megalomania. He is surrounded by obsequious fools including that “brilliant mind” Condoleeza Rice (New York Times), who by her criminal incompetence as National Security Advisor, has brought America to its economic knees. If this is brilliance, how much more of it can America afford?

Though European politicians like Blair of Britain and Berlusconi of Italy are adoring fans of George and his ‘religious enlighenment’, increasing numbers of hard-headed European bureaucrats are not. Their intelligence officers in particular have seen the unspeakable level of American savagery in Iraq, and in turn have increasing worries about long term security in Europe and the Middle East.

The Europeans are no strangers to war crimes, and comitted thousands of their own during the colonial era, but the problem here is one of scale. Chopping a few hundred colonial natives for disobedience was bad enough, but not in the same class as murdering more than 45,000 Iraqi women and children with custom-designed fragmentation bomblets, and laying waste the entire City of Mosques (Fallujah) with every heavy weapon known to man. Joe Stalin would have been proud, but the European intelligence agencies are not amused.

Calipari’s Real Mission
Though it took a long time, the European agencies finally came to realize what the Russians already knew before the first American soldier crossed the Crusader ‘start line’ in Kuwait: Iraq was a heavily baited trap designed to utterly destroy America and the Jewish State, and the only hope for the future of Europe and the Middle East together, was direct dialogue between European agents and the legitimate Government of Iraq, in this case represented by the commanders of the Republican Guard.

This was what Nicola Calipari’s mission was all about. First re-establish a dialogue and working relationship with the Republican Guard, and then find a way of getting Italy’s troops home to their families by bringing intolerable public pressure to bear on Berlusconi. Though it is sadly posthumous, Calipari’s mission can be justifiably claimed a success.

Nor is Calipari the only European agent who has talked to the Republican Guard. By mid-2005, all of the Europeans will be out of Iraq, and the only people stupid enough to send more sacrificial troops into the killing fields for America, are dim-witted obsequious Australian politicians in Canberra.

The Europeans have only just acted in time. George is now in crusader overdrive, blindly ordering Syria to pull its troops out of Lebanon, supported only by a thousand flag-waving Maronite Christians in Beirut, each paid $50.00 per day by the frightened Jewish State to attend this phony demonstration for ‘democracy’. Bush then completely ignores the counter demonstration by 250,000 unpaid Lebanese, all telling him in no uncertain terms to “F… Off”, and “Stay out of our country….”

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