ACTION ALERT: Invest in Peace, Not War on Tax Day

April 7th, 2005 - by admin

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Is the federal budget out of balance with your values?

Are you upset that Congress spent about 42 cents of every income tax dollar last year on current and past wars and preparations for future wars, while spending less than a penny to promote diplomacy, international cooperation, humanitarian and development aid, and efforts to peacefully prevent deadly conflicts?

Most likely, these budget priorities do not reflect your values. What’s more, many in your community probably feel the same way you do.

Tax Day (April 15) is the perfect time to bring your neighbors and friends together in common concern and let your community and legislators know how you feel about these unbalanced budget priorities.

Download the FCNL Tax Day Flyer

FCNL’s new tax day flier “Where do our income tax dollars go?” can help you share your concern about misplaced federal budget priorities with your community, local news media, and members of Congress. Take a look:

Print copies to distribute at local tax day demonstrations or at your local meeting or church. Send copies to local news outlets with the name and number of a local contact for interviews.

In April, the House and Senate will be debating the budget resolution for fiscal year 2006.

Take Action Now
Let your legislators know your concern that Congress is wasting too much on the military and is not investing enough to promote peace and human security at home and abroad.

• FCNL makes it easy to contact your members of Congress. To see a sample letter go to and plug in your zip code. Then write your own email in your own words.

• To read more from FCNL about federal budget priorities go to

• To read FCNL’s statement on conscientious objection to participation in war, go to

• To express your conscientious objection to paying taxes for war and support the “Religious Freedom Peace Tax Fund” bill, go to

• The Next Step for Iraq: Join FCNL’s Iraq Campaign,

• Contact Congress and the Administration:

• Order FCNL publications and “War is Not the Answer” campaign bumper stickers and yard signs:

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