Bilderberg’s Secret Agenda 2005

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(May 8, 2005) — And just like last year George Bush just happens to be ‘loitering around central Europe’ at the same time as the top secret Bilderberg meeting. Sporting a Middle East foreign policy that appears to embody the spirit of the diabolical Austrian occultist, George W. will be in Europe from May 6-10th as part of the celeberation of 50 years since the defeat of Hitler.

Fully booked from 5th to 8th May 2005 – really luxurious next to a lake, which Bilderbergers always like, 60km from Munich’s East side. Ideal place for them as approach roads are easily blocked.

On the eve of a triumphant journey by Mr Bush to the soil of the old continent, preceeded by Mrs Condoleeza Rice’s trip, all indicators show that Europe’s leaders are only pretending in their ‘opposition’ to the US. In Nice (South of France), Mr. Rumsfeld managed to persuade Europeans to train and finance thousands of new Iraqi police.

NATO is now to redeploy in Afghanistan and help the US military rebuild this country. Saudi Arabia has seen its first local elections after the great success of the Iraqi ones. Ukraine was holding its own at the end of last year with the subversive help from some US CIA ‘s backed organizations. A so calling “best US informed man” and former Reagan’s aide named Jack Wheeler (see in who I am referring to…) is seriously suggesting Mr G. W. Bush should receive the Nobel Peace Prize for his eminent role in establishing democracy in these countries.

2005: The Brave New World of Bilderberg
Meanwhile, Bush is referring to the courage and the writings of a former Russian resister, Natan Sharansky. However, some Israelis have demonstrated this cold war hero was in fact a KGB informer. So on this sinister stage where the blind follow the lies in a mirror, we may certainly fear the worst direction from these leaders.

The Power of Democracy — A Quick Look
The first thing to examine when they are speaking of democracy is to see which democracy they (the US administration) are wanting to install. In their mouths democracy is sounding as a real people’s democracy (no real intention from my part to write ‘popular’ democracy which is, as everybody knows, another body).

In fact a quick examination of the guys they are following and helping is showing these guys are attracted by the European model or wanting to evade an external influence. This is really evident in the Ukrainian case, where Yutschenko (married to an American woman) is politically binded to Yulia Timochenko, an Ukrainian billionnaire, whose past was in business in Russian petroleum and gas. We have the oil and we have the democracy now.

But is it really a democracy where the people in the street are having a word to say? Apparently yes, since the orange revolution, but we may not forget the river of money that flowed out of the pockets of Soros ‘s foundations as well as from American foundations (Freedom’s house directed by former CIA director Woosley, New Endowment for democracy known as a CIA relais since its implication in the Venezuelian coup d’état.

Up to now, the structure of Ukrainian power and democracy is based on some ploutocrat looking like a MAFIA mob. The difference with the former is that they are now a Western looking mob. The Georgian revolution funded by Soros ‘s organizations is in difficulties. Georgia is situated south of the Caspian Sea and Putin is showing no sign of abandon in Chétchénia at the opposite (see his declarations in Autschwitz against terrorism mimicing the US).

First minister of Georgia recently died of Carbon Dioxide poisoning when sleeping and he was the right arm of the president of this country. Russians have no intentions of moving from their Georgian base as well from Sebastopol, in Ukrainian Crimea where the Russian South See Navy stands. Naturally, The Caucases are known to have a lot of oil. Democracy in Iraq is going to lead this country (containing petroleum) to have a Shia governement.

Violence is not to ease soon. Difference between Iraq and Georgia has to be found in the localization: Iraq doesn’t belong to the Caucase basin but to the Great MiddleEast where democracy (democracy is liking oil as you noticed it immediately at the first glance). Great Middle East , as well Saudi Arabia where the first local elections were held ( in absence of women…not invited to vote). Next surprise will come out in Lebanon where the UN asked Syria to leave the country. Jumblatt and Aoun in next polling will make the difference, thanks to America. Naturally , Syria is threathened regularly of American intervention. And assassinations will happen. Israel is a big part of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) plan: two countries side by side and the entrance of the two countries in the European union once peace is acquired.

So we may discriminate two policies having the same oil control target.

1.Eurasia policy for the north of Europe (following Brzezinsky theories)

2.Great Middle east policy for the South of Europe.

The Bilderberg 2005 Agenda
These policies will be again on the table at next Bilderberg meeting for sure. Europe is in competition about commerce in the Maghreb (Tunisia, Marocco, Lybia. Egypt is fully in the hands of the US interests As well as Jordania and..Israel.) Now, a more difficult task is awaiting Europeans about competitiveness and the Lisbon agenda.

In fact, the entrance of low level cost price countries in 2004 in Europe will displace the benefit of European aid policies towards the East, leading to more economic difficulties in the south (France, Germany, benelux, Italy etc.). NATO and the European Constitution The constitution of Europe to be voted this year in Europe and next year in England is having in its chapter III, a whole commerce code meaning an end of European Social security with Frits Bolkenstein’s directive fleshed out by the text.

This constitution is authorizing legally the NATO to be the only official frame of European’s future defense forces. (First part of the text). In one sentence, Europe’s future is definitively cemented in the wedding with the American direction. This is to be voted “democrately”, but with the respective governments hiding these important facts. As a matter of confirmation of the influence of NATO upon Europe, last December was the inclusion of Turkey inside Europe imposed by America and decided by Europe.

This shameful decision was pushed by the commissioner to “broadening” of Europe, Mr Gunther Verheugen, member of Bilderberg. A contact inside the IFRI told me this was requested with force by the USA above all protestations possible. Where is the “democracy” in all this? In next article we will have a deeper look upon the Iranian question, the consequences of Turkey entrance, Eurasia, China and the weapon debate, Money and the real plutocratic democracy role in a next future. Part II – The Bells of Hell

Raymond Fodsick was a Woodrow Wilson’s friend and the most influencial man of his generation along with Colonel House. In company of one of his pupils, Beardsley Ruml, and the help of John Davison Rockefeller III, they established the “Memorial and the General Education Board” to study the population growth problems. Ruml was in contact since the 1920 ‘s with Graham Wallas, a founder of the Fabian Society.

Together, they established with the help of the Laura Spelman Rockefeller Fund, a rostrum of Social Science in Bloomsbury under control of the Fabian Society. Ruml was too a member of the National Planning Association where were sitting Felix Frankfurter, Eric Johnston , future founder of the Atlantic Institute, Norman Cousins, etc.. all of the CFR. Fodsick was a partisan of “Internationalist “ organizations. To control the government.He obtained from John Davison Rockefeller III the means to strengthen the “Institute of Government Research” which with the help of Robert Brookings a few years later became the “Brookings Institution”.

Fodsick , with Thomas W. Lamont and the infamous Colonel House founded the “ Council on Foreign Relations “ and the “Foreign Policy Association”( in this case in company of Felix Frankfurter and Paul Warburg)

So, we may deduce from this:

The establishment of the CFR was to control the US governement. All Institutes of Fodsick including the work he done on the Brooking Institution and the Foreign Policy Association was leading to this goal. All identical Institutes in foreign countries was leading to this target too including the IRRI in England and other institutions founded abroad. So when in the FAQ on the websites of the Trilateral , CFR we see: “Is the Trilateral a plot?” with the answer :” Not at all” we are frankly authorized to laugh.

This control is intending to guide the US ‘s government actions as well as foreign’s governments actions with respect to the interests of the richest of the American riches dynasties or powerful European and worldwide plutocratic groups .

This is working on a transparent hand. You ‘ll never directly see the hand. You see the CFR’s recommendations and reports and you ‘ll see the congressmen vote. You never see the hand guiding them. This hand is invisible. The same with Bilderberg and Europe. But the Bilderberg’s reports are not available for the public although the names of the members of these caucuses are never quoted.

“In late 1952, Retinger went to America to try the idea out on his American contacts. Among others, he saw such old friends as Averell Harriman, David Rockefeller, and Bedell Smith, then director of the CIA.After Retinger explained his proposal, Smith said “ Why the Hell didn’t you come to me in the first place?”

He quickly referred Retinger to C.D. Jackson, who was about to become Eisenhower ‘s special assistant for the warfare…in may 1954, the first conference was held in the hotel de Bilderberg..” (The chairman, John Mc Cloy, the making of the American Establishmenté by Kai Bird’s as quoted in who’who of the Elite by Robert Gaylon Ross)

Averell Harriman was Skull & Bones and a former associate of Prescott Bush in the Nazi business. Mc Cloy was responsible for the bombing upon Germany during the war as well as a OSS responsible. Asked why Auschwitz was never bombed (or the railroad leading to the camp) he answered: “If we did something in favor of the jews, the Greeks would have asked the same for them”.

In my idea there were not so much Greeks interned in comparison of the Jews and this is an historical fact that factories with US interests were never bombed in Germany, or by accident. The camps were providing the workforce needed for the US interests in Germany at a real low cost for the American auctionnaries and there is no question to contest that money has no smell. Harriman became the European responsible for the George Marshall‘s plan in Europe, while Mc Cloy was director honorary for the CFR, president of the Ford Foundation, director at the Chase Manhattan Bank, member of Bilderberg etc…and a member of the Warren Commission about the murder of President Kennedy. (curiously he and Allen Dulles were members of the Permindex company quoted by Garrison, in company of general Walker and the landlord Byrd of the Texas depository…)

Revolution upon European Democracy
In his book The Great Chessboard, Zbigniew Brzezinski is telling us: “Europe is the geostrategical fundamental stronghold position for America. The Atlantic Alliance is authorizing America to have a political influence and a military weight upon the continent… If Europe was increasing , this will directly benefit to American influence…”

Brzezinski goes on “Western Europe is staying in a large measure an American Protectorate and his states are remembering us what were the vassals and tribut payers of the old empires”

“Europe has to solve the problem caused by his social redistribution sytem which is too heavy and preventing European capacity of initiatives”

Thus for Brzezinski, the social net in Europe is paralyzing the capacity of Europe to expand and find a common sense in European patriotism. Naturally, America is impatient to have more power and influence upon the continent. So pression is increasing through Bilderberg to develop and increase Europe.

This is explaining all trough Europe these initiatives having as target to dismantle the whole social security system under the one of other economical or social pretext. Valery Giscard d’ Estaing ( Trilateral and Bilderberg) is the so called “father” of the European Constitution and is a real friend of Kissinger. His constitutional will write in the marble, if accepted, the NATO heart of Europe as well that the social regression in the whole Europe. Brzezinski is not even thinking to the social troubles or revolutions his initiative might lead to… My inside source in the IFRI told me that the Bolkenstein directive will find full force on July 15, 2005 as well as the Investment Agreement. You know what is AMI. (Mutual Agreement on the Investments). Everybody was thinking this social monstruosity was definitively put on the side. Error, the beast is coming back.

In the same vein, the integration of Turkey in Europe will permit the US imperialism to have a strong hand upon the south of the Caspian see, as well as having an influence upon the states of the east side of the Mediterranean basin. This will achieve the US “democratic” move on this region while the western part will be submitted to the action of NGO’s towards more democracy as a last year article from the German Marshall Fund in the paper “ Le Monde” was instructively showing us.

In Short, the most subversive tempest is to blow upon Europe and its suburbs in the next years with politics and social consequences not yet studied by these morning’s magicians.

Bilderberg 2005 treat of these social “enhancements”.

Iran, Russia and China
What about Iran? The point is that Iran is a regional power, able to work with Russia and China together and turning it to a valid opposition to the American Hegemonism on Eurasia. If we remember well, the Paalavi’s dynasty was thrown out of power in Iran in the year 1979 when America decided that his willingness to make of Iran a regional power equipped with atomic weapons was not supported by American regional intentions.

So, they preferred to work with the backward minds of Ayatollah Khomeyni, but Khomeyni was not intending to work with the friends of Israël. So, America pushed the Saddam ‘s Iraq to engage a terrible war against its neighbour.Saddam was then the objective friend of America, although he was not practizing “democracy”.

And now, 25 years later, the same state is having the same objectives that the Shah in Shah. A big mistake having been done, Iran is again in the feet of America with no intentions at all to let America dominate Eurasia. As Russia and China have the same goals, they all three powers have the possibility to block the American expansion.

The real goal being not to prevent Iran to have the atomic weapon but well to prevent Iran to be a regional power in any case, the USA are intended to dismantle Iran from the inside, having not enough military forces to invade and submit Teheran. This country is having oil, naturally And that is helping America to try to convert these muslims to he virtues of the American democratic way of life.

The interests of China are going towards the oil of central Asia, in the same time the interests of Turkey and Iran are pointing in the same direction. The Alliance of Iran and China in petroleum’s matters are preventing USA to have the control of the oil tab on the Chinese oil. Naturally an alliance between Iran, China and Russia would exclude America out of the Kazakhstan oil fields and will not tolerate the presence of pipeline leading to the Mediterranean region as is wanting Washington.

So to the insistence of the US threaths, Iran will answer with more Agressiveness in the central Asian oil fields States.

Limitations to Chinese Ambitions
As specially defined by the Brzezinski doctrine, no country or groups of country will be allowed to challenge the hyperpower stature of the USA.

America has implicitly allowed China to dump its money since the years 1980 against a limited place of this country in the New World Order. Now, China want to take its natural place in the South Asiatic Region. Economically, China is a success story and the end of the quotas on textile is permitting China to invade the European markets. This is weakening the European textile industries and weakening the European money changes positions.

Logically , sales of European weapons are to counter balance these trade deficits and to permit to China to have the adequate military forces equal to his actual power status. But this is meaning too that the policy of China will be no more in the hands of Washington, and that in a near future, Taiwan may be invaded. And Japan forced to acquire atomic weapons too in order to defend itself.

Condoleeza Rice as well as George W. Bush will try to limit theses European sales. With some disgust they did not appreciate the recent position of mr Blair on this question. Mr Blair is no more the dog of mr Bush. Probably, China is going to know some restrictions on vital matters as oil, steel , strategic materials and obliged to accept to reconsider its yuan value or to be considered as a former member of international WTO etc.

Naturally, America is a net borrower and will be obliged to stop to borrow. Not to sink before a flow of Chinese paper coming back for immediate refund, USA would be obliged to devaluate its money from one day to the other, even if America is showing good signs of activity. This would mean ruin for all Asia and America. But America is able to turn towards its European allies and a few years later, it would be repaired.

In short, to limit the Asiatic risks, China will be forced to cold its activities and certainly through the channel of the yuan revaluation. This will be in a more harder way presented to China by the Allies.

Bilderberg 2005 will speak about it.

China and Russia
Naturally, after the Ukrainian affair, Russia and China are tempted to work together and working with Iran to counterbalance the American penetration of Eurasia. They already are penetrating the south American markets to “free” South America from the non democratic Monroe’s doctrine. His is “de bonne guerre” and exasperating Washington. Common maneuvers are scheduled and everything is showing that with or without the European weapons, China will be able to repel the American interests in its strategic sphere.

And Iran? War or No WAr?
It will be a matter of provocation. A country that is not America could be tempted of doing the job by its own means. The day after, here will be no more nuclear forces in Iran but a climate of war with a direct implication in Irak of Teheran’s interests or occidental interests leading a formidable propaganda to push Europe to a war against this country in collaboration with Turkey and the USA.

And a secret hope that this country would fall as a cabin as the first European forces are entering the country with the “United Nation” benediction. This would happen in any case after the Iranian elections. Iran would then cease to the obstacle to the American domination of Eurasia.

First Conclusions
Bilderberg 2005 will be a decisive conference. The way Europeans will vote to the Constitutionnal treaty is vital to our future. Spain is not considering seriously the importance of this vote, and the official propaganda is favoring the “Yes” vote. The “no” vote would oblige them to negociate in saying the truth about what this polling is really representing.

They may in this case organize some spectacular incident showing they are not representing democracy but the interests of plutocracy. As America is fighting for more and more democracy outside its borders, there is less and less freedoms and liberties inside their own borders. ( Patriot law I & II).

What is called democracy is effectively representing the force and influence of a little class of American, European, Turkish, Asiatic elite. This force is helped by a hyper bourgeoisie force working as the waiters of this elite or knowing carefully what not to do and say to unpleased their masters.

I have presented what should be the master lines of this year ‘s conference, but I may have forgotten some or exaggerated the importance of others. Any way you will be the judges of the validity of this text a bit later.


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