ACTION ALERT: US Blocking Nuclear Nonproliferation

May 27th, 2005 - by admin

Banning the Bomb TV – 2005-05-27 08:56:17

The 2005 Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference (RevCon) ends this Friday, the 27th of May. The update below, and the video clips on show how and why we will be in worse shape when this NPT ends than we were when it started.

The US is being belligerent, arrogant and obstructionist at this RevCon. The US talks a great game, but will ultimately be the chief responsible party in destroying the treaties we do have, and demolishing the U.N. altogether. Check out the statements yourself starting with this link and then go to to find out what the US is really doing.


Take Action!!
• Call your Senators and Congressmen/women and complain loudly!

• Write letters to the editors of your local papers, and to national papers.

•Plan a demonstration for Friday, the last day of the conference, wherever you are.

•Make up your own action, or contact your closest Nuclear Abolishionist org. to coordinate with them.

Call the United States Mission to the United Nations:
Hon. Stephen G. Rademaker
United States Mission to the United Nations
140 East 45th St.
N.Y., New York 10017
Let him know that the American public will NOT be the cause of Nuclear Armeggedon. Arrogance, belligerence and obstructionism is not the way to a future for anyone.

• One more thing, (BTB) is the ONLY place you will get this type of up-to-the-minute, comprehensive, honest information on this incredibly important conference.

As of midnight Wed. 5.25.05, BTB has had over 16,000 hits to the site, with a large portion from the UN itself! They ARE watching how and if people react. This resource is time, labor, and cost intensive, so, please, please, please donate what you can to BTB so that they can keep the site up and current.

Peace, Pax, Shalom, to you, and yours,
Kalynda Tilges

Emergency at Nuke Conference: Video Reports Available
DATE: May 25, 2005

There is an emergency at the NPT Review Conference, with the following quote from Rhianna Tyson, WILPF’s Reaching Critical Will associate sums it up:

“This morning some diplomats were practically in tears saying, ‘this means the end of the NPT regime, we cannot say with a straight face that the NPT will be here in five years for the next review conference.’ They were predicting — I heard some diplomats saying over lunch ‘By the next review conference there could be ten more nuclear weapons states’.

“There could be some sort of nuclear terrorism attack, who really knows. And if something happens, if another state acquires nuclear weapons, if terrorists acquire some sort of nuclear device, then that’s going to be the last bit of evidence that anybody needs to say ‘look, the NPT failed and it did not work and it did not save these people from nuclear annihilation. If we thought the NPT was in a crisis before this Review Conference started, it’s in a much greater crisis now.”

Check out for more information and for video reports from the nuclear NPT Review Conference.

We also have clips from Robert McNamara and from numerous other experts and analysts.

And pass the word along immediately as widely as possible!

Stephanie Fraser is Executive Producer of Banning the Bomb.