Israeli F-16s Approach US Border, Prompting USAF Alert

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By Sorcha Faal, as reported to her Russian Subscribers

(June 19, 2005) — Russian Intelligence Analysts are reporting today of the intercept of a bizarre intercept showing that the United States put its Northern Region Combat Air Force Units on their highest alert level yesterday after an attempt by 4 Israeli F-16 Combat Aircraft to penetrate US Airspace.

Israeli Combat Aircraft are currently stationed in Canada taking part in an exercise called “Maple Leaf‚” and as we can read as reported by the Israeli Haaretz News Service in their article titled “Israel participating in aerial drill in Canada” and which says, “For the first time, the Israel Air Force is participating in a six-week international combat exercise in Canada. Israeli F-16 planes, a Boeing 707 airborne tanker and 150 air and ground crew personnel are taking part in the annual Maple Flag exercise held at Canadian air force base 4, Wing Cold Lake Air Weapons Range, in Alberta. The CLAWR covers 11,600 square kilometers and is the only tactical bombing range in Canada.”

The Canadian Air Force further describes this annual exercise as: “Exercise MAPLE FLAG is a six-week international air combat exercise held annually at 4 Wing Cold Lake, Alberta. The exercise, which will be taking place from May 15 to June 24 2005, provides Canadian and allied aircrew with realistic training in a modern simulated air combat environment, and emphasizes air operations involving large package coalition forces.”

Prior to the arrival of these Israeli F-16 combat aircraft in Canada, the United States had refused permission for their over flight of any United States areas with the speculation being that the reason behind this decision was due to Israel having converted their American built F-16‚s to the carrying of Nuclear Weapons, and as we can read as reported by the Center For Defense Information in their report titled “Current World Nuclear Arsenals” and which states:

“Despite refusals to comment on the issue by the Israeli government, the Israelis clearly have a sizeable nuclear arsenal. There are two interesting loopholes in Israel’s oft-repeated pledge never to be the first to introduce nuclear weapons into the region: The US ‘introduced’ weapons in the region in the 1950’s when nuclear bombs were stored at Dharan, Saudi Arabia and at sea in the Mediterranean Sixth Fleet. Also, it is believed that Israel might not keep her nuclear weapons fully assembled — keeping them “a screw away” from completion. The highly capable and well-equipped Israeli air force would more than suffice in the nuclear weapons delivery role, particularly with US-supplied aircraft such as the F-4E and F-16.”

Of the growing crises and Secret War‚ currently being undertaking between the United States and Israel we have previously reported on, such as our June 15th report titled “Israel Allows Massive Display of Debauchery In Holy Land as Relations With United States Reach Crisis‚ Level and US and Russian Forces Prepare To Prevent All Out War and New American Terrorist Attack” and wherein we had stated:

“Russian Intelligence Analysts are reporting today that Russian and American Special Military Forces specially trained to secure Israel’s Nuclear Weapons and facilities are being pre-positioned‚ for this attack as relations between the United States and Israel deteriorate to what is being described as a ‘crisis.’” and as we can read as reported by the BBC World News Service in their article titled “Israel-US relations ‘in crisis'” and which says:

“Israeli arms sales to China have provoked a ‘crisis’ in relations with the US, according a senior Israeli parliamentary official. Yuval Steinitz, chairman of the parliamentary foreign affairs and defence committee, made the remarks in an interview on Israel radio.”

To the joint training of the Russian and American Special Forces we had previously reported on in our June 6th report titled “US And Russian Military Special Forces Complete Training for Takeover of Israel Nuclear Complex upon Outbreak of Civil War as American Military Prepares For Overthrow of US Government” and wherein we had stated:

“Russian Security Analysts are reporting today that this past week’s joint-training exercise between both United States and Russian Elite Special Forces Units were a great success, and as we can read as reported by the Itar-Tass News Service in their article titled “Russian-US Mil Exercises in Bavaria Successful” and which says:

“The Torgau-2005 Russian-US. exercises were successful and showed that such exercises could be held in the future, both sides said at a press conference on Friday at the south German training ground of Grafenwohr in Bavaria, where the second stage of the training took place.

The relationship and cooperation are wonderful, said General Burwell Bell, commander of the US ground troops in Europe and the US seventh army. The Russian and US military associated with each other, deepened cooperation between the ground troops and found new friends, he said. The Russian ground forces’ Deputy Commander in Chief Vladimir Bulgakov agreed with the view.”

Volatile Politics in Tel Aviv
So volatile has the situation in Israel become that many of their leaders are calling for the removal of the War Criminal Sharon and his criminal associates, and as we can read as reported by the Australian News Service in their article titled “Call To Dissolve Israel Parliament” and which says:

“The Speaker of the Knesset has called for the Israeli parliament to be dissolved and for fresh elections to be held, after government defeats, public radio reported today.

“Reuven Rivlin launched his appeal after Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon suffered another embarrassing defeat at the hands of parliament yesterday when he was defeated in a special debate called by MPs over corruption. Just hours after deputies had approved three censure motions, they then voted against the Government at the end of the corruption debate despite an impassioned defence by the Prime Minister himself.

The corruption debate was called in the wake of a damning report in May by Israel’s state comptroller who warned that a culture of cronyism and corruption at the heart of government was threatening the very fabric of the state.”

Israeli Spy Scandal in US
As Israel continues to slide into total chaos, United States Military Intelligence agencies are working feverishly to uncover the massive Israeli Spy Ring reaching into their highest Political and Intelligence Agencies, and as we can read as reported by the New York Sun News Service in their article titled “Details of a Plot Unveiled in Case Against Franklin” and which says:

“An analyst for the Pentagon, Lawrence Franklin, conspired to funnel classified information to Israel during a series of meetings with two lobbyists for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and a top diplomat from the Israeli Embassy, according to a grand jury indictment that was unsealed yesterday.

The grand jury’s indictment charges Mr. Franklin, who has served as a desk officer on Iran at the Office of the Secretary of Defense, with six counts, including mishandling classified information, communicating defense information to individuals not authorized to receive it, and, most serious, “a conspiracy to communicate classified information to agent and representative of a foreign government, without specific authorization.”

Not just to their spying against the Americans has so enraged the US President, but also the covert weapons deals Israel has made with Iraqi militants killing US Soldiers and with the Chinese, who America plans on being at war with in the future, and to the extent that American sanctions have been placed on Israel, and as we can read as reported by the Newsday News Service in their article titled “US places sanctions on Israel” and which says;

“The United States has imposed sanctions on Israel in a dispute over Israel’s sale of drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles, to China, according to Israeli news reports. They said the United States suspended co-operation on several development projects and froze delivery of night-vision equipment, among other penalties, because of an Israeli deal to export its Harpy Killer unmanned drones to China.

Israel’s Haaretz newspaper said the United States considered the deal to have been made “behind its back and against its express wishes.” An official at the US Embassy in Tel Aviv would not comment on the reports and said the information on sanctions had come from Israeli, not US, officials. The sanctions have been in place for at least three months, the reports said, and were approved by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.”

Russian Intelligence Analysts have previously reported to President Putin of the massive effort of Israeli spies in Washington DC intelligence agencies, media giants and political organizations to embroil the United States into a much larger Middle Eastern War, even to the drafting into military service American citizens against their will, and as we can read as reported by the Mathaba News Service in their article titled “Bill Kristol and Israel Want to Draft Your Kids” and which says:

“Bill Kristol and the neocons have Saudi Arabia in their gun sights and have for some time now. According to veteran investigative reporter Bob Dreyfuss, the neocons are using al-Qaeda (or what passes for al-Qaeda) as a blunderbuss to buckshot through their anti-Islam, pro-Israel agenda. Before the war in Iraq, a former ambassador to Saudi Arabia, James Akins, told me that by invading Iraq, the Bush administration would accelerate the spread of Al Qaeda-style movements in Saudi Arabia, and it’s happening.

“The country is said to be in a state of incipient civil war, and the royal family is apparently unable to stem the spread of the bin Ladenite poison. Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the United States has called on the kingdom to conduct an all-out war against the terrorists, but it could be too little, too late.

Make no mistake, however: if Saudi Arabia falls to radicals, US forces will occupy that country’s oil fields faster than you can say ‘imperialism.’ And if that happens, it will be Phase 2 of the neocons’ expanded plans for the Middle East: first topple Saddam and flatten Iraq, as another former ambassador to Saudi Arabia described the essence of the neocon Iraq strategy, and then move on to Saudi Arabia.”

The 9/11 Inconsistencies
As everyone in the world knows, with the exception of the American citizens who are not allowed to know these things, is that for Israel to survive it must include the United States in a larger Middle Eastern War. What remains to be seen however is if the American President and his Military Commanders are able to subvert Israel’s plans for the United States prior to another September 11, 2001 event occurring, and which Russian Intelligence Analysts have previously stated are nearing their completion by a band of renegade Israeli Mossad Agents in America.

The seemingly abrupt shift in the United States against Israel is also being noted in Israel itself, and as we can read as reported by Israel’s Arutz Sheva News Service in their article titled “Iran Off the Hook; Israel On” and which says:

“In this situation, in which the US seems unable to act against its own real enemies, it finds itself being more and more ‘testy’ and demanding of Israel. Whatever one might think of the whole quarrel over Israeli arms sales to China (and here it must be admitted that the US has a serious concern), the US demand that Israel fire high officials in the Israeli Defense Department is without question arrogant and unreasonable behavior, the behavior of a suzerain to a vassal, and not of a senior ally to a junior one.”

The Odd Response to the Incursion of Israeli Jets
But to who exactly are the real enemies of the United States is the main question being asked in Russia today, especially after yesterdays incident where it was only the local US Air Force Base Commanders who prevented the penetration of their air space by the Israeli F-16 Combat Fighters, and not the US National Command authority, who are supposed to issue these types of alerts.

Russian Military Analysts who have viewed the satellite and radio data from this incident state that the flight paths of these Israeli Combat Aircraft were most similar to a strategic bombing run, with 2 of the Israeli Combat Fighters heading towards the West Coast Regions of the United States and the other two towards the American Middle Western Region.

Upon detection by United States Air Force Fighter aircraft sent to intercept them the Israeli Combat Fighters returned towards their Canadian base of operations, but many questions about this bizarre incident remain to be answered, including as to why the Israelis would have a need to be testing the defense capabilities of the their United States ally and why the National Command Authority of the United States did not provide advance warning to their local base commanders….

Being kept form the American people themselves is the speculation among many of the world’s Intelligence Agencies that the United States attack upon Iraq was not for the purpose of defeating the Muslim world, but instead was designed to put a massive amount of US military assets next to Israel, as they have been the American’s ultimate target in their War on Terrorism since the events of September 11, 2001….

9/11 Used as a Pretext for the Long-planned Invasion of Iraq
[A] small but vociferous minority of 9/11 skeptics believes that the primary purpose of such vigorous attacks was to defame the Muslims in the mind of the American public and enable the Western war machine to increase its aggression against the Persian Gulf states making sure there won’t be any political opposition what so ever.

Half the plan seems to have worked. Very few Americans initially questioned the official version of 9/11 and rallied round the flag, but now, as the fake reasons behind the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq have been uncovered throughout the world, even some of the most narrow-minded Americans are beginning to suspect their government’s dishonest behavior, even in regard to 9/11.

The death of US soldiers, sexual abuses and torture in Abu Ghraib prison, and the scandals involving misappropriated funds by major American corporations have emerged into mainstream discussion throughout America, causing not only shame but a reconsideration of the public lies used to launch these wars in the first place. However, all these scandals and set backs seems to have had no tempering impact on the behavior of the US military. In both the cases of the 9/11 tragedy and the Iraq war, the great unspoken influence continues to be Israel….

Among the various groups in the American 9/11 skeptics movement, one dividing line is the validity of the hijacker thesis. The FBI published a list of names of suspected hijackers just hours after the disaster, eight of which turned out to belong to people reportedly alive and well and living in various countries. Yet the FBI continued to stand firm by its list, and never thought of changing it.

Moreover, there is no legitimate security camera videotape showing the hijackers ever got on the fateful planes, nor any record of their purchasing tickets. And their names were not mentioned in the passenger lists recording the names of the dead….

AHowever, the most convincing evidence for a 9/11 cover-up, has always been the American top officials’ deceitful statements made right after the attacks. We all heard Cheney, Rice, and military chief Richard Myers saying same day that they had no idea attacks like this could ever happen, on the other hand the FBI blew their cover by releasing the names of hijackers they said they had been tracking for six months. Even 9/11 Commission Report never attempted to fix blame on any perpetrators.”

What the full meaning of yesterday’s event mean we are yet to know, but what is known is that the fate of the world truly hangs in the balance while this Secret War between the United States and Israel continues and appears likely to break out in open warfare between them and their various factions within both Israel and the United States itself.

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