Peacemaking: Practicing at the Intersection of Law and Human Conflict

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Peacemaking: Practicing at the Intersection of Law and Human Conflict
Douglas Noll
Foreword by Howard Zehr

In his large and ambitious project, Noll weaves many strands of academic thinking about human conflict into an integrated view of why people fight, how they fight, what they fight over — and how they can instead make peace, whether in the courtroom or beyond. Joining ancient philosophical views with the most modern revelations of the neurosciences, Peacemaking engages the nature of humanity and the conflicts it faces from a broadly multidisciplinary approach. The complexity of conflict is unraveled as each major perspective is analyzed and integrated into a larger scheme.

Imagine being an effective peacemaker in a maelstrom of hatred, escalated feelings. Imagine being able to understand the basis for human conflict and to see its predictability. Imagine being empathic, centered, and balanced even as the waves of anger and emotion crash around you. These skills are achievable, but only with a deep and broad knowledge of human conflict.

Peacemaking is foundational in that it does not talk much of technique, but rather of the deeper whys of conflict and conflict resolution. To plumb these whys, Peacemaking takes on such diverse subjects as philosophy and conflict, religion and conflict, conflict resolution systems, game theory, conflict behaviors, apology and forgiveness, and ethics to build a framework of understanding and knowledge for those interested in pursuing peacemaking.

“A well-thought-out treatise. It answers all of the key questions: Why does mediation work? When does mediation work best? What does one have to do as a participant in the mediation process to facilitate its success?”
— Max Factor III, Lawyer and Mediator

“Oriented toward lawyers, this book never limits itself to the legal profession. Noll in succinct clear synthesis covers everything in the fields of mediation and conflict resolution from philosophy to technique, from game theory to justice. Most useful and provocative are principles of peacemaking he extols lawyers to take seriously which could transform not only legal structures and approaches but social, political, and economic systems as well. A great introductory text that covers much ground with practical ideas.”
— John Paul Lederach, Professor of Peacebuilding, Joan B. Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, University of Notre Dame; Distinguished Scholar, Eastern Mennonite University

“Douglas Noll has written a remarkably ambitious book. From sources as diverse as creation myths, philosophy, neuropsychology, game theory, and religion, he examines conflict behaviors and theories and develops a framework for peacemaking activities. Whether you are a peace-seeker, a peacemaker, or a lawyer looking for respite from the adversarial system, this book will broaden your perspective in important ways.”
— Lela P. Love, Professor of Law, Director of the Kukin Program for Conflict, Resolution, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law

“I highly recommend Peacemaking to any lawyer or law student who seeks to better understand human conflict. Noll provides his readers with a scholarly and comprehensive discussion of peacemaking as an integral process of practicing law in the twenty-first century. The book provides both an excellent historical perspective as well as current theories on dispute resolution techniques.”
— Janine Geske, Distinguished Professor of Law, Marquette University Law School; Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice (1993-1998); Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge (1981-1993)

Market: Practitioners of alternatives to conflict, whether in the legal profession or in any of the many fields where peacemaking instead of battle may bear fruit; students in college, seminary, or graduate settings needing an accessible yet sophisticated and comprehensive resource on peacemaking; attorneys, scholars, pastors, and church leaders.

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Publication date: April 2003. Pages: 480
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