Iraqis Issue Declaration of Independence

July 5th, 2005 - by admin

Iraqi Committee for Democratic Constitution – 2005-07-05 02:01:18

(June 22, 2005) — More than 1,200 Iraqis have signed the Memorandum issued by the Iraqi Committee for Democratic Constitution two weeks ago, calling for the adoption of a number of principles to write a permanent constitution that provides the basis for setting up a modern democratic state and consolidates national unity in a free unified democratic federal Iraq.

The list of signatories includes Iraqis from all walks of life, including many professionals, academics, doctors, engineers, journalists and media workers, as well as writers, poets, artists and other intellectuals.

The campaign for signing the petition is continuing, and the list can be seen at:

The memorandum, with the list of signatories, has been sent to: Mr Jalal Talabani, the President of the Iraqi Republic; Dr Ibrahim AL-Jaafary, the Iraqi Prime Minister; Mr Hajem Al-Hassani, the President of the National Assembly; and Mr Humam Hamoudi, the head of the Constitution Drafting Committee.

The following is the full text of the petition:

‘We, the undersigned, including Iraqi national and democratic figures, from various tendencies and affiliations, having recognised the great importance of the permanent constitution for Iraq, as a social contract laying the basis for a modern Iraqi state based on the rule of law and institutions, preventing the return of dictatorship and oppression, establishing people’s power and expressing their free will, call upon all those among our people who are genuinely concerned for the cause of democracy and Iraq’s future, to participate actively in writing a democratic constitution that strengthens national unity within a unified democratic federal Iraq.

To achieve this noble aim, that is essential for Iraq’s destiny, national unity and political future for decades to come, we call for adopting the following principles in writing the draft of the permanent constitution:

• Establishing a democratic, pluralistic, parliamentary and federal republic.

• Adherence to the principle of citizenship, and establishing a state of law, institutions and justice, and ensuring political pluralism and peaceful transfer of power.

• Separation between executive, legislative and judicial powers.

• Separation between religion and state; respect for the Islamic identity of the majority of Iraqi people, and ensuring the rights of other religions and sects.

• Adopting the International Declaration of Human Rights, stressing on civil and political freedoms, the freedom of expression, demonstration and organisation (as stipulated in the Transitional Administrative Law — the interim constitution).

• Equality between women and men, and abiding by all international covenants concerning the rights of women and children.

• Prohibiting all forms of discrimination on the basis of belief, race, gender, colour, or ethnic and religious affiliation.

• Ensuring the rights of nationalities, religions and sects.

• Securing federalism for Iraqi Kurdistan, and national and cultural rights for all the constituents of the Iraqi people, including Turkomans, ChaldeoAssyrians, Faili Kurds, Armenians, Azedians, Sabians, Shabak, Christians, Jews. Adopting a decentralized form of administration for the provinces and their relationship with the central government.

• Ensuring social and economic rights for the citizen; the right to education, health and work, and ensuring social security, and complying with relevant international covenants.

• Ensuring cultural freedom and respect for ideological, political and national pluralism in our national culture.

• Subjugating security forces to elected constitutional institutions and their allegiance to the homeland.

• Developing an effective constitutional mechanism for control over the natural resources, especially the oil wealth, to ensure that it is used to serve the interests of the people and development of national economy, and prevent the plunder and manipulation of this wealth. ‘

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